Kelly Tires Review

For vehicles to adequately perform in all times and seasons, the tire being used is an important factor to consider. … Continued

For vehicles to adequately perform in all times and seasons, the tire being used is an important factor to consider. Hence, finding the right tire with the most suitable functionalities for your driving needs is a great line of action to make. This further pushes the introduction of Kelly Tires — a renowned car manufacturer that seeks to give its customers the best quality products with an advantage of affordability. They have incredibly stance in the line of tire manufacturing with numerous years in the business. This ascertains that their products are indeed outstanding. This kelly tires review centers on the best selling kelly tires, suitable for every driving occasion.

Best Selling Kelly Tires

The Kelly Edge AT All-Season Radial is an impeccable tire listed for trucks. It was just recently added as one of the Kelly Tires’s latest tires for trucks. This truck tire has all-terrain features, meaning it has the capacity to tread effortlessly and more efficiently on wild terrain surfaces. What’s more, the Kelly Edge AT All-Season Radial tire comprises of features that are resistant to chipping and wearing, which makes it a suitable tire, as the name implies, for all seasons. Its capacity to tread effortlessly was perfectly crafted to give this tire maximum grip on smoother roads as well as off-road grounds as well.

Furthermore, the Kelly Edge hp has been constructed in a way that easily disperses any form of obstruction on the ground that will hinder the tread from gripping properly, such as dirt, mud, snow and all others. This technique is what gives it an advantage when riding and certifies its all-terrain abilities. It has a very detailed construction, carefully crafted and put together in the tread block pattern to ensure maximum functionality. No doubt, Kelly Tires are known for sticking to details and ensuring effective quality and that is exactly what this tire provides.

  • Brand Kelly
  • Model Edge AT
  • Weight 28 pounds

Next up is our Kelly edge a/s review. For another quality product in the Kelly family, the Kelly Edge A/S (356681030) is a great option for taking your driving experience to another level. It has been specially crafted out of the deep waters of the Kelly Tires Company, to suit the long drives for all seasons. It’s a perfect fit for the minivans and the little SUVs and many other vehicles of the same tenacity. This is because this tire has been packed with functionalities to suit its all-season name. It also goes by the identity of being an economical tire that delivers outstanding results and has a tread block feature that makes these tires capable of outstanding grips.

For both the wet and slippery surfaces, this tire performs excellently well, treading on surfaces just the way it was crafted to perform. What’s more, it gives your vehicle extreme braking advantages with its extreme grip features. This poses a sense of security with your purchase as you are guaranteed to have mind-blowing hold features even on rainy days. Additionally, it is known for its wide groove range situated around the tread which serves as a factor that aids in the extensive hold capacity of the tire. For its economical identity, it surely lives up to its purpose by being pocket-friendly and delivers value and quality, as well as comfortability when it comes to purchasing it.

  • Brand Kelly
  • Model Kelly
  • Weight 24.1 pounds

This is an adequate choice for a more efficient off-road performance. It delivers outrageous tread capabilities unlike any other tire and lives up to its expectations of being a tire for all seasons. When it comes to the price associated with this tire, it may seem well above others, but the performance level is indeed worth its cost. It also has a powerful grip and treading capacity in extreme weather conditions – one of such is in the winter seasons which perfectly grips and accommodates snow like a pro and has been designed to tread on it adequately.

Even when it comes to the icy roads which pose a threat to other terrain tires, the Kelly Wrangler Duratrac 255/55R20 Tire – All season, has the capacity to adequately grip and maintain a solid hold on the ground. Its tread blocks are what makes this tire an excellent win because they have been suitably designed to suit the needs of the drivers in need of such a tire. They have intense depth in order to absorb terrain obstacles and maintain a firm stance on the ground.

  • Brand Kelly
  • Model Wrangler Duratrac
  • Weight 48 pounds

Kelly Tires Buying Guide & FAQ

Who Makes Kelly Tires?

In 1894, this legendary tire company was created by Edwin Kelly and Arthur Grant. It was founded in Springfield, in the state of Ohio, USA which is what emanated the name, The Kelly-Springfield Tires. According to Edwin Kelly, he initially declared that the tires be called The Rubber Tire Wheels Company. This is due to the construction and design of the tires which had rubbers staying effortlessly around the wheels, and were of outstanding value and quality.

The Kelly-Springfield Tire Company, upholding the status of the oldest tire company with tires being produced on the American soil, was later purchased by The Goodyear Tire Company, in 1935. This purchase made the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company relocate to Akron, Ohio.

As for The Goodyear Tire Company, they are still upholding the status of being one of the oldest and most effective tire companies operating via the shores of the United States. They have managed to outstandingly stamp a great legacy for themselves as one of the earliest companies to effectively create and forge groundbreaking rubber tires that were used for carriages and all other cars of that age.

The Kelly-Springfield Tire Company, in the year 1994, rejoiced for exactly a century of excellence. As of now, Kelly Tires make and produce tires for up to 54 brands. These tires are currently distributed for multiple types of vehicles being operated in the United States, and around the world. Kelly-Springfield has become one of the most renowned makers of car tires all over the country and even the globe, making its products highly essential and in high demand.

Kelly Tires are still making it big in the market because they are very keen on providing the absolute best. They know what their customers need and they stick to providing the functionalities that suit those purposes guaranteeing maximum satisfaction. With over a century in the business, they have gained solid knowledge and experience and have constantly developed on their manufacturing growth to provide what people refer to as, an evolution in tires.

Mechanic with car wheel in repair shop

Why Choose Kelly Tires?

Want only the best tires out there? Our kelly edge tires review will further explain why you should choose Kelly tires.

  • Price

It is rather rare for a brand that is very renowned in any area of business to have affordable prices. However, they are quite remarkable in this aspect. Not only do they ascertain greatness by ensuring outstanding results on every other aspect, on the area of affordability, they mightily stand out from the rest. Kelly Tires are for those seeking to have the best but also looking to have a budget-friendly package. One thing that makes them still the most recommended tires for vehicles is because one of their sole aim is to reach every market and they are doing so, by providing affordable prices as an advantage.

  • Quality

The company always seek to provide superior quality with their products, and that is why since the onset of manufacturing, they quickly began to solidify their stance as the leading tires used by vehicles. Their tires were claimed to have been the most used tires by vehicles in the country, and the most used farm truck tires around the globe. This occurred due to the quality of tires being manufactured and given out for purchases. The high quality of the tires is what makes it a unique catch.

  • Company Longevity

When it comes to how long this brand has been in the business, it’s of a surety you can depend on Kelly Tires anytime, any day. They have gained grounds that cannot be eluded when it comes to experience. They have outstandingly marked over a century in the tire business and have not fallen short, meaning they have been doing something right from the onset. They are consecutively leaving trademarks everywhere and it’s certain they have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

  • Value

Kelly Tires offer incredible value for your money as well as sustainability. This is one reason why they are a manufacturer for up to 54 car brands because it is certain that these tires live up to expectations. These aren’t just regular tires, they are impeccably worthy tires, strong enough to stand the tests imposed on it. This is also one reason why it’s quite worth it to choose these tires as your go-to source.

  • Popular Choice

Incorporating everything that has been said about Kelly Tires, it’s obvious that it has become a regular sought-after tire by car owners, car dealers, vehicle brands, and all other users alike. This is because they offer uniqueness in delivery. This uniqueness spurs from bringing value to the table, having affordable prices, and making their products of supreme quality. This has now led Kelly Tires to be a popular choice amongst those seeking all-round confidence, within the country and even around the world. This is yet another reason why Kelly Tires is an excellent choice.

Tires on the garage

Design Features

  • Maximum Tread Capacity

Kelly Tires are created with a unique style of tread blocks that aid in the treading capacity of this tire. The tread blocks help the tire to push away the obstructions on all surfaces and help to maintain a solid stance.

  • Sufficient Traction

Kelly Tires have been designed in such a way to accommodate traction in the most extreme circumstances. The edges around the tires are created in diverse ways to accommodate unlikely surfaces and still perform to perfection.

  • Enhanced Tread Life

The tires have unique placement of their steel belts which guarantee long tread life. They ensure that these tires are guaranteed for usage for thousands of miles without wearing out and this offers an adequate worth for your purchase.

  • Durable Quality

Kelly Tires offer delivery with the most supreme quality products which is why they have been able to survive in the market for over a century. They ensure that their tires live up to expectations by delivering adequate performance in every circumstance.

  • Tremendous Grip

Kelly Tires have tremendous grip functionalities when it comes to different terrain surfaces and different seasons as well. This is one major advantage that has captivated the hearts of regular users of Kelly Tires, and has made it a great pick all the time.