What were you doing in September 2015? Who can remember? Especially after a torturously-long 2020. I’m of course slightly joking; 2015 wasn’t that long ago, though somehow it also feels like it was a lifetime ago. One piece of historic content that hit the internet airwaves during this month, which has gotten a truckload of views since, created some rousing discussion on Reddit (kind of), and got shared on a bunch of car culture/blogging sites was The Smoking Tire’s One Take of VF Engineering’s supercharged Lamborghini Huracan.

The video starts out so gloriously: over 800 horsepower transmitted to all four of the Lambo’s wheels, creating a four-wheel burnout, maniacal acceleration, and a truly out-of-this-world engine tone. Those V10s already sound so freaking good as they are, throwing a 2.3-liter supercharger on top makes one sound even better.

Matt’s solid presenting chops take over and what follows is a solid video. But then, the pupil-dilating experience gets jammed up… by a big ol’ log.

As he makes his way up Spunky Canyon Road near Santa Clarita, CA, a path of dirt and debris appears, looking awfully suspect. This path continues on for a few more yards, until meeting someone dragging a massive log behind their old Ford Explorer. Matt is forced to slam on the brakes, and then be instantly filled with confusion. Luckily, modern Lambos tend to brake as well as they accelerate.

Wait, What?

That’s right folks, a log being pulled by a long chain behind an old Ford Explorer, with no way to control it.

What in God’s name possessed the driver to do this? Was it some crimepunk who was too anti-establishment to have any consideration for public safety? Did they spend their morning throwing back shot after shot of Early Times, getting ripped, blasting Eyehategod, and then needed some kind of weird, cheap thrill? This all sounds like a scene out of Gummo, by the way.

What if Matt had been coming the opposite direction, and the log started to swing out into his path?

It should be noted that the poor decision-making Explorer driver did destroy a county sign in the video. Judging by the hubris displayed by lugging a big, un-controllable log down a twisty road, this probably wasn’t the first time this ne’er-do-well has destroyed public property. And if Johnny Law hasn’t thrown them behind bars since, it wasn’t the last.

Anyway, check it out if you’ve never seen it… it’s a hell of a situation and a testament to Farah’s quick reaction time. The car rules, too; anyone with the scratch to buy their very own supercharged Lambo really oughta do so.