At the risk of getting shamed for not knowing what the hell an Alpine A610 is, all I could think about when I first saw this thing is that it looks like something Nissan would have come up with if it had wanted to make its own version of the first BMW 8 Series… if that makes any sense.

  • Car: 1993 Alpine A610
  • Location: Angeles Crest, California 
  • Photog: Jonathan Harper for Collecting Cars (IGs are @jbh1126 and @collectingcars respectively)
  • Camera: Sony

These pictures came into my inbox from the auction house Collecting Cars, which is on a marketing blitz right now as it’s trying to expand in the U.S. Full disclosure — the same people that shot these pictures and videos interviewed me for my take on old 4x4s which you might see soon.

Anyway, what you’re looking at here is an obscure French sports car. Apparently, there were only 818 made, and less than three in the United States. Whoa! It’s truly bizarre and interesting-looking. With 247 claimed horsepower, pretty impressive for 1993, it’s probably no slouch either.

If you happen to see this post before August 16, 2021, you can bid on it at (I gotta let them have their plug since they sent such a nice little photo roll). I have to admit, I have absolutely zero clues as to what a good price would be for this car — I’d believe any number between $10,000 and $100,000, so if you were looking for shopping tips, maybe check the comment section at the auction! Meanwhile, here’s a whole video the team shot of the car and its soon-to-be-former owner Corbin Goodwin.