Sometimes heavily modified cars need to take a little nap, I guess.

Car: BMW E46
Location: Long Beach, CA
Photog: Andrew P. Collins
Camera: iPhone XR

I’m not entirely sure if this old 3-Series sedan would be considered “stance,” or “slammed,” or just “bagged” but this position is pretty novel to see. Some modders do drive around with their cars nearly this low — it’s quite a sacrifice of convenience to make in the name of fashion — but usually, a car that’s this dumped will ride on airbags that can be deflated for parking and re-inflated for driving so that the car can clear pebbles on the pavement.

Air suspension is a thing in factory-spec cars and trucks, too – you might have air shocks in a truck so that you can adjust the ride height to compensate for sag caused by a heavy load. Some luxury SUVs have it so that the vehicle body can be lowered for passenger ingress and egress or raised for adding ground clearance off-road. An aftermarket setup, like what this Bimmer would have, is of course purely for style.

I spotted this at an All Makes Welcome meet in May, 2021. As I mentioned the last time I shared a picture from there, that month’s event had quite a few Porsches and BMWs but I spotted a handful of Mercs, Nissans, Minis, Hondas, and Toyotas as well. None of them were sleeping on the asphalt quite this dramatically, though.