This car would look really mean in flat black, and it could pull off shiny wheels or bold stripes just as easily. But the burly fastback body sprayed in this sophisticated shade of Vintage Burgundy Metallic, combined with the aggressive stance and simple wheels, gives it a distinctive look that’s intense without being completely in your face. I love it.

Car: 1969 Ford Mustang Sportsroof
Location: Marina Del Rey, CA
Photog: Andrew P. Collins
Camera: iPhone XR

This was a pretty modest 1969 Mustang when it was first sold, with a 302 V8 and an automatic transmission. It got the guise you see it in here, as sort of a Boss 429 tribute with a four-speed manual, just a couple of years ago – which I know because the vehicle recently sold on Bring-a-Trailer where you can find its whole mod list and a big batch of photos if you’re so inclined.

Now it’s packing a big-block V8, Holley carb, Bilstein shocks, Traction-Lok diff, Thrush mufflers, and a simple Nardi steering wheel to class it up.

I peeked at while it was being stored at The Motoring Club, quietly contributing to the clubhouse ambiance. I’m not even particularly into Mustangs, but the look of this car is just perfect and I’m jealous of whoever just scooped it up. Speaking of scoops, birds beware, that nostril on the hood looks like it could consume anything smaller than a crow.

Here’s one more bonus picture to brighten up your day:

I Really Love the Subtle Rage of This 1969 Burgundy Mustang
Image: Andrew P. Collins