I’ve written quite a bit about the various hot hatchbacks I wish we got here in the America, some of which never had a chance of landing in U.S. dealerships. A few of my favorites are a couple of years away from import eligibility, but others are major what-ifs in my mind.

  • Car: 2011 Opel Corsa OPC Nürburgring Edition
  • Location: Unknown, possibly the Nürburgring?
  • Photog: Unknown (used with permission from Opel)
  • Camera: Unknown

Although the U.S. market was never as crazy for these little bubbles of fun as other places like Europe, there have been some hits on our shores. The Ford Fiesta ST is the best example of a small, fun car that sold reasonably well here, but I think GM should’ve also brought over the Opel Corsa OPC Nürburgring Edition. And what if they did?

This miniature Opel debuted in 2011. Since 2011 was after Saturn’s demise, GM couldn’t pull a Saturn-Opel homologation, kind of like it did with the brilliant and underrated Saturn Astra and Aura. GM was also still licking its financial wounds post-financial crisis, so it probably wasn’t keen on making such moves again any time soon.

But whatever, it should have used a portion of those TARP funds to bring over the Corsa OPC Nürburgring Edition. It was a limited-production car, but who cares, just boost those figures for the U.S. market. Call it the Chevrolet Corsa SS Grattan Raceway Edition, or something. Sell a slightly cheaper and less-equipped non-Grattan Raceway Edition, too. Grattan is a tight, flowing racetrack that’s perfect fun for small cars, and I bet the Corsa would be a riot there with its 210 horsepower, 169 pound-feet of torque, 6-speed gearbox, and 2778-pound curb weight.

Seriously, that’s essentially the same weight as the Fiesta ST, yet with around 15 more horsepower. What the hell, GM? Who doesn’t love an angry-looking b segment hatchback?