As you probably have noticed from past blogs, we love the Mazda RX-8 over here at Car Bibles. Well, most of us who work here do. Fun, loud, rear-wheel drive, great suspension, and cheap… well, at least until they break. One of my favorite ways to appreciate this polarizing car is Matt Huffman’s YouTube channel. This gentleman has tracked the hell out of his S1 RX-8 up and down the Eastern Seaboard and has the content to prove it.

This isn’t just any RX-8 track content, he gets a ton of seat time racing in NASA Time Trial. Time Trial is essentially the same as time attack; no wheel-to-wheel, first-across-the-finish stuff, this is all based on lap times. Because of this, he’s on track with a pretty eclectic variety of cars. Some have a ton more horsepower than him, but since he’s got all the momentum in his RX-8, he gives high-power track monsters a real run for their money. It’s really entertaining.

Multi-Faceted High Performance Driving

It’s especially entertaining for anyone who’s familiar with East Coast tracks. Or, if you’re like me, where you find East Coast tracks to be a whole other world, full of unfamiliarity, and walls instead of desert run-off. Or Central Valley dirt, but I’ll avoid digressing.

Even if you’re not as keen on the RX-8, Matt’s a great driver and demonstrates a solid knowledge of skill behind the wheel. He also has some videos that dive more into driver technique and know-how. He doesn’t limit himself to tracking an RX-8, either. There are videos of him doing off-road, hill climb events, rallycross, autocross, karting, and more. Being well-rounded in one’s driving is always a solid way to hone skills and get faster.

The cherry on top of his videos is a fun one that’s a compilation of just exhaust flames, set to Hot Version music. Yes, please!

Check his videos over at his channel, including that fun one I embedded above.

I Found The Best YouTube Channel for RX-8 Track Hijinks