Here’s an SE3P RX-8 That’s Really Done Right

The loved and hated RX-8 really is a pretty cool car, when it works.

As an avid defender of, and yearner for, a clean RX-8, this is such an ideal example.

Car: SE3P Mazda RX-8
Location: GridLife Midwest Festival, Gingerman Raceway, Michigan June 2017
Photog: Peter Nelson (Instagram + Twitter: @16vPete)
Camera: iPhone7

We here at Car Bibles have a soft spot for the loved-yet-maligned Mazda RX-8 (I wrote a Car Bible about it)!

I saw this one while attending GridLife’s Midwest Festival back in June of 2017 – it’s set up exactly how I’d build one, too. The front splitter, presumably functional rear wing, nice wheels, obvious suspension work, and interesting color to tie it all together. Though, I do enjoy a modest silver RX-8, too. And I did notice that the tires on this example don’t look like anything special. It’s got a sunroof too, so it isn’t the absolute lightest spec. But overall it looks so good with just a couple of minor modifications done to it.

This one is probably so much fun on track, and I assume from its clean paint that it’s been well taken care of. As you can tell, it’s got Michigan tags; keeping Mazdas rust-free and this clean is no easy feat in the Midwest.

That’s it, I’m off to Craigslist.

Peter Nelson

Peter NelsonPeter Nelson has been wrenching on and playing with cars since he started driving them quickly between the cones at Chicagoland autocross events in his late teens. Nowadays, he can be found wringing out his Mazda2 at tracks all over California. His writing background includes Winding Road, Donut Media, and He's also an avid cyclist and '80s/'90s action film connoisseur. Contact the author here.