As a big fan of Nissan Zs and sci-fi, I nearly dropped my phone into the toilet with a shiver of excitement when I scrolled by this work of beauty on Instagram.

March 19, 2021 Car Bibles Feature Photo Details

  • Car(s): 1991 Nissan 300ZX TT (white), 1986 Nissan 300ZX Turbo (red)
  • Location: Secret alien landing site (just kidding, it’s Burbank)
  • Photog: Salvador Mendoza
  • Camera: Canon Rebel 100D, 1.4 35mm lens

I messaged the account (thanks again for getting back to me @z31_Sal) and asked if I could share this snap as one of our Feature Photos, and here we are!

The photographer was also kind enough to provide some details on the cars along with better-than-Instagram resolution images via email:

“[The] Z32 belongs to @z32damian, it’s a 1991 twin turbo 300ZX with Stillen upgrades such as exhaust intakes and intercoolers lowered on Tein Flex coilovers. Wheels are HRE 540R. [The] Z31 belongs to @z31_Sal. It’s 1986 Turbo 300ZX lowered on Stance coilovers with Epsilon’s lock-in-center wheels.”

The alien-themed electronics store those cars are parked in front of is something of a known landmark at 2311 N Hollywood Way in Burbank, CA. (At least, I don’t think there are any other Fry’s designed quite like that.) Roadside America wrote a blog about it if you’re curious about what the strange store looked like inside.

Unfortunately that’s the only way you’ll get to see it now; the whole Fry’s chain went out of business just last month. I never even went inside one, which I sincerely regret now!

Here’s that picture again in the largest size I can share it:

Image: Salvador Mendoza

And a bonus one the photog sent me as well:

Image: Salvador Mendoza

Man, I miss going into stores.


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