Here’s a Good Memory of Random Canyon Road Encounters

March 29 Feature Photo: Sometimes, you make friends in the most random places.

The California canyons hold many secrets, some within oneself and some on the roads themselves. A certain kind of spirit hangs around the canyons late at night, and you never know when you’ll meet a kindred one during your normal driving exercise. This random night in 2018 was the time I met someone pretty cool by chance.

March 29, 2021 Car Bibles Feature Photo Details

  • Car(s): 2009 Honda Civic Si (mine), AE88 (U.S. Spec don’t shoot me) Toyota Corolla GT-S a.k.a AE86
  • Location: Godde Hill Road, Palmdale, CA
  • Photog: Chris Rosales (IG + Twit @Chrishasacamera)
  • Camera: Canon 5D Mark III w/ Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART

I have my favorite local loop that tests every single one of my cars on a regular basis. The local Sierra Pelona mountains are certainly the most spooky canyons SoCal has to offer, where I’ve had many a strange 2 a.m. experience. Something about how “in the boonies” it is, and the deep, bloody history of the canyons before there were roads, gives me mild heebeejeebies if I think about it. Luckily, I’m focused on mobbing most of the time.

Sometimes you encounter a car on the road that is damn cool and you want to chat with the owner a bit about it. I was coming home on the last leg of one of many canyon journeys I’ve had with my old Civic Si, and I caught up to an AE86, which is automatic “hell yes” from me. I stuck behind him for a minute, and he showed some skill. Most importantly, he stayed on his side of the road.

When he signaled to pull over, we introduced ourselves and bullshitted for a few hours. I managed to snap a few frames of the moment, and enjoy some good conversation with a fellow canyon lunatic. Good times.

As big as we could get it:

Here’s a Good Memory of Random Canyon Road Encounters
Chris Rosales
Chris Rosales

Chris has owned 12 cars of questionable quality, is an experienced motorsports photographer, and a good all-around wrench. When he isn’t tinkering with his car in his home garage, you can catch Chris in the canyons around SoCal. He also hopelessly hankers for Euros, but he honestly knows he should get something Japanese, eventually. Contact the author here.