Who doesn’t love a classic American road trip? It’s item one on many peoples’ car ownership bucket list, especially if it takes you on a long, circuitous route through our picturesque continent and stops at the endless cool spots all along the way. The folks at Hemmings recently debuted a video series dubbed Road to Improvement that takes this basic concept and puts a cool spin on it. Mike Musto and Elana Scherr, both experienced motoring journalists, are making a journey across the country with an early ’80s US Forest Service-spec Chevy Suburban, except with a really cool twist.

Their plan is so cool: Take an iconic Suburban, drive it all over the country to various shops and companies, and upgrade it along the way. In the first episode above, they stop by a shop in Lansing, Michigan, a hop and skip away from its original location in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Of note is how the Suburban is outfitted. Because the SUV is government-spec, it seems like the most basic, devoid-of-any-options Chevrolet ever made and it lacks even a headliner.

The concept is sort of anti-restomod. By that, I mean it doesn’t follow the same type of cliché TV talk from cliché characters with cliché ideas you might see from other hyped-up shows. No wallet chains, flame-emblazoned bowling shirts, and cringey scripted drama here. Instead, Hemmings significantly changes up the script with Road to Improvement, and I can’t wait to see where the road literally and figuratively takes them. So far, Musto and Scherr are an awesome duo on screen, with natural chemistry and true automotive knowledge to share. Plus, the truck going up for auction at SEMA this year for charity, great stuff all around!

As of this writing, Episode 2 just posted. Check it out: