There are plenty of automotive digital wallpapers online already, but I was having a hard time finding goodies that really cropped nicely to my iPhone and Samsung tablet. So I decided to make some. Help yourself to a free download here, and enjoy a sweet car scene every time you unlock your device.

Clicking on any of the pictures below should take you to a full 900 x 1600 pixel image, which you can then download and/or send to your phone or tablet. Those dimensions should make these image viable for just about any mobile device. But as you’ll see if you hook one of these up, the pictures aren’t just sized right. They’re also intentionally aesthetically optimized for handheld devices and the watermark’s positioned to be minimally intrusive. In fact, it disappears altogether behind buttons on many displays.

Use these for your personal devices all you want! Tweet at us if there are some more cars you’d like see photographed in this very vertical style. We’ll plan to keep adding new ones every month at least.

New Supra

2019 Toyota Supra Mobile Wallpaper

BMW-based or not, the new-for-’19 Supra looks great in red. This early press loaner car is pictured here parked in Beverly Hills, just north of the main drag on Rodeo. If you look carefully you can see an LAPD airship photobombing the shot. I love having this picture on my Android tablet; it actually looks good in landscape mode too.

Type R Trim

Civic Type R Mobile Wallpaper

This is a detail shot from the front door of a 2018 Honda Civic Type R. This makes a great wallpaper for an iPhone in the “(Product) Red” color, as the red trim piece across the middle kind of matches.

The Prindel

Shift Knob Mobile Wallpaper

Automatic shift knobs are kind of inherently unsexy but this felt like an exception. This is an aftermarket custom knob as installed on a Chevy automatic trans that, in this instance, was bolted up to an LS V8 in a resto-modded International Scout rebuilt by a SoCal outfit called Bulletproof Restorations.

African Horizon

Toyota Land Cruiser Overland Mobile Wallpaper

This was taken from the driver’s seat of a ZA-spec Toyota 79-Series Land Cruiser somewhere in the northeastern corner of South Africa. Dirt roads are cool, and imagining an elephant might be posting up to pop out from behind the bushes made this route even more fun. There were many megafauna sightings on this trip, by the way!

240Z Delivery

Grab a Cool Car-Themed Wallpaper for Your Phone or Tablet

This is the picture that convinced me I needed to turn some non-original photos into wallpapers. I mean, come on, how cool is this. I haven’t been able to find the original photographer but the picture popped up on the Reddit’s r/carporn and it just fit my phone too perfectly not to include in this mix.

Staff + Superfan Spec

Grab a Cool Car-Themed Wallpaper for Your Phone or Tablet

Grab a Cool Car-Themed Wallpaper for Your Phone or Tablet

The official Car Bibles mobile device skin set. The design intention is for the “Car Bibles” text one to be used on a lock screen while the flag pattern is set as the home screen background. It creates a cool transitional effect. Of course, you could just run one or the other on both screens if you’re so inclined.

How set one of these as your Android or iOS wallpaper:

On Android (Samsung, HTC, Pixel, Motorola…)

  • Download the image you want (long-press, hit the “download image” option that pops up)
  • Go back to your home screen
  • Long-press a blank spot until you get the “wallpaper” button in the bottom-left
  • Your newly downloaded wallpaper should be selectable

On iOS (iPhone, iPad…)

  • Download the image you want (long-press, hit the “save image” option that pops up)
  • Go to the “Settings” app
  • Scroll down to “Wallpaper”
  • Hit “Choose a New Wallpaper”
  • Your newly downloaded wallpaper should be selectable

We’ll be adding new images like this from time to time, so check back once in a while for fresh high-quality car wallpapers for your various mobile devices.