Denver’s a rust-free old truck paradise, and while I was there on a used-car search, this old Ford F-series in front of an antique shop caught my eye. Not a lick of corrosion, period-correct paint, I had to take a picture.

  • Car: Mid-to-late ’70s Ford F-series
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Photog: me (Kevin Williams)
  • Camera: Canon EOS M50

Denver is pretty, but the climate might be a bit more inhospitable. The city, literally a mile above sea level, is the most populated thing in Colorado. Cosmopolitan and interesting, the next nearest somewhat major city, is the comparatively desolate capital city of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Denver’s climate is pretty gnarly, which I’d imagine is the reason why every other vehicle seems to be a four-wheel-drive truck.

Yet, Denver is also a very dry climate, too. I was there for nine days, and I spent a not-insignificant time staving off nosebleeds and chapped lips. This dryness (and the lack of salt used to clean roads) means that Denver’s cars just don’t really rust. Like the California-area 4Runners, I have never seen one of these Ford trucks without rust. Growing up in the ’90s, most of these trucks looked like this crusty Tundra by the time I was a tiny tot. 

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