Dodge Challengers are cars people love to hate. These high-selling muscle cars stoke the flames of the horsepower-over-everything battles, they’re typically honed only for straight lines, and they often attract a certain type of know-it-all dudebro. Youtuber Rica Rockettt bucks those stereotypes with a fresh approach. She has a six-speed tuned Challenger that’s covered in hot pink paint, and she loves to take it drifting.

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Stationed in Atlanta, Rica takes us on her car enthusiasm and sliding journey on both Youtube and Tiktok. With pink hair and glamorous outfits like her bodycon catsuit, Rica often thrills and terrifies her passengers as she gets sideways.

Rica’s videos are explicitly black and offer a look into black car culture in Georgia. Within that scene, her tuned Challenger is at home with other tuned Chrysler LX cars, Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros, and other big, fast American cars. A stray Nissan 350Z or an E90/E92 BMW might show up in her videos, but the black ATL car scene skews toward the domestic side of things.

From where I’m sitting, much of car media suggests that every car enthusiast is a straight, hypermasculine white man. Whenever I hear a black woman mentioned in car enthusiasm, she’s simply a prop, a video vixen posed up against a car, clueless as to how cars work or drive. That’s a damn shame, because there are plenty of black women out there who love and appreciate cars, we just never talk about them. Rica Rockett is legitimately into cars, and her charm and enthusiasm make themselves known in every video she publishes.

I just want to see more of us surrounding other identities than the straight white man, okay? Different people from all sorts of backgrounds have all sorts of outlooks on cars, why listen to the same two white guys repeat the same opinions ad infinitum? Go on ahead and give Rica Rockett a follow.

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