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The Best Folding Electric Bikes (Review) in 2021

Best Choice Swagtron Folding Electric Bike Swagtron Folding Electric Bike
Premium Pick E-JOE Bike Sport Edition Electric Bicycle E-JOE Bike Sport Edition Electric Bicycle
Best Value Ancheer Folding Electric Bicycle Ancheer Folding Electric Bicycle

Folding electric bikes are also called folding E-bikes. They are fitted with gears and electric motors to facilitate propulsion. They come in a collapsible form to aid easy storage and transportation. The folding format, folding ease, gearing system, tires, speed, longevity, price and warranty differ from one E-bike to another. In this list of the best folding electric bikes, you will get to see electric bicycles that can be employed on personal, recreational and competitive sporting events.

The Best Folding Electric Bike

If you think you have seen all there are to electric bicycles, then you are in for a shock. The Swagtron SwagCycle is here to thrill you and comes fortified with aluminum alloys. Enhance your daily commute with this bike – whether it is taking a spin around the neighborhood or cruising around the city, the Swagtron is your go-to bike. It sports a rechargeable Li-ion battery that takes only about five hours to be fully charged and the battery mode can take you to a distance of 16 miles, before you can even think of pedaling. Regulate the internal combustion engine and race at an impressive speed of 15mph without breaking a sweat.

With the Swagtron, fitness exercise just got pimped up. If you are always on the move, then this lightweight electric bike won’t be a hassle as it weighs slightly above 15kg. In addition, the multiple folding system makes it even more portable to fit into small garage spaces, trunks and boxes. The patented Autoguard system ensures the electric bike swiftly comes to a halt when the brakes are applied. That way, rider-induced accidents are avoided. What’s more, the e-bike is very easy to maintain and the power system can be seamlessly disconnected for a quick overhaul to be carried out.

Key Features
  • Fortified aluminum 15kg lightweight bike
  • Proprietary Autoguard System
  • 1 year warranty
  • Adjustable saddle and hand grips
  • Brand Swagtron
  • Model 25608-2
  • Weight 37 Pounds

Suitable for adults and children


Very safe


No water kit

Not fast enough

Not for mou

Meet the Ancheer AN-EB005 Dolphin Electric Bike. This masterpiece of a ride has a dolphin-shaped structure. It offers a unique outdoor experience with a youthful design and trendy feel. With its folding stem and hand grips, it can be carried or placed in the trunk of your car and its net weight of 12kg/26.5lbs makes it even extra-portable. What’s even more breathtaking about this bike is that it doesn’t have pedals but rather an adjustable LCD meter system for cruise control at your desired speed. And with an optimal speed of 25kph, it can cover a distance of 16 miles in a single charge.

For the safety-conscious folks, no worries as it is well equipped with front and rear mechanical disc brakes that prevent the bike from skidding off track, even in a very slippery terrain. Even though it’s an e-bike, you need not worry about torrential downpour, as it has an IPX5 waterproof technology that protects it from water. With only a 3-hour charge, you can enjoy smooth rides, thanks to the 36V 350W Lithium battery that powers it.

Key Features
  • IPX5 waterproof technology
  • Foldable and adjustable for easy transport
  • LCD meter system for cruise control and powerful 6AH Lithium-Ion battery
  • One-year money-back warranty
  • Brand ANCHEER
  • Model AMA005183–1





Suitable only for flat roads

Lasts only about an hour after charge

Cannot carry heavy loads

Bid farewell to overcrowded buses, forget the days of being stuck in traffic, protect the environment, travel at your own pace and cruise around the city, with the new Ecotric Folding Electric Bike. This is a bicycle that runs on fuel and electricity. It sports a 500 Watts gearing system with 20 inches dual tires that can adapt to snow, mud and extremely rough terrains. What’s more, the valves are even capped for longevity.

This exquisite machine is powered by a 36 Volts/12 ampere-hour retrievable battery with a Shimano 7-speed braking technology that provides the needed safety for your trip. It also has a pedal-assisted speed control and the frames of the Ecotric bikes are fabricated with aluminum alloys. The foldable system allows it to be effortlessly transported from one destination to another and it can easily fit into your trunk, garage or closet. The 20mph speed will keep you on the go while others are stuck in traffic. Once fully charged for about 7 to 8 hours, it can cover a distance of 17 to 24 miles.

Key Features
  • Durable 36 Volts/12 ampere-hour retrievable battery
  • 20 inches dual tires for any topography
  • Fitted with Shimano 8-speed gearing system
  • 17 to 24 miles at a speed of 20mph
  • Brand ECOTRIC
  • Model FAT20810-MBBL
  • Weight 57.3 Pounds

Long lasting battery

Great tires



Quite heavy and large

No water kit

Not for climbing hills

The newly introduced FIIDO Electric Bike prides itself with the latest cutting-edge technology in cycling. This portable electric bike is travel-friendly, customizable and very practical. It is powered by a non-removable 36 Volts/7.9 Ampere-hour battery and can be fully charged within 5 to 6 hours, and run a distance of 20 – 50km. It boasts of a 250W high-performance motor with 16 inches rubber tires that are filled with air to make them rigid. It can carry a maximum load of 125kg, which is quite impressive for a bicycle. What’s more, the positions of the dual brakes at the front and back tires are adjustable with an equally adjustable saddle to put you in the most comfortable posture. The Shock-absorbing, ergonomically designed grips helps you to navigate with style and ease.

The combined forces of the elements have nothing on the FIIDO folding electric bike. It is completely waterproof and wind-resistant with its proprietary IP54 technology. Not to mention that this collapsible electric bike is also very portable and travel-friendly. The FIIDO fold up electric bike has a triple riding feature: electric-only, pedal-assisted and combination mode. It also has a USB panel for charging while on the road. The LED display headlight and tail light come in handy at night an dits battery level can be checked on the small console located at the handlebars. When folded, the dimension of the FIIDO bike is 29.5 x 13.7 x 25.6 inches with a weight slightly above 19kg.

Key Features
  • IP54 waterproof technology
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Long lasting non-removable 36 Volts/7.9 Ampere-hour battery
  • Brand FIIDO
  • Model FD001


Lightweight and travel-friendly

16 inches rigid tires


Only one color available

Non-removable battery

No fuel alternative

Ancheer has been in the market for some years now. They are a pacesetter in the production of  sophisticated electric bikes for outdoor events, whether it is for mountain  cycling, personal transportation or competitive sport. Not to mention, the price do not break the bank. The most prized product, the Ancheer Folding Electric Bike has a total length of 58 inches and can cover a distance of over 30 miles. It is built with a 36V 8Ah eco-friendly removable Lithium-Ion battery that takes just about 5 to 6 hours to be fully charged. The battery can be boosted on or off the bike, depending on whichever one is convenient for you.

Bumpy and rough topography won’t stand in your way with the 7-speed gear system. What’s more, the bike has a 3-way foldable feature that allows it to be very travel-friendly and its 20 inches anti-skid and wear-resistant tires are the largest available in the market. These tires are specially constructed for threading different terrains. 

Key Features
  • 7-speed gear system with super-fast 250W transmission motor
  • Maximum distance of 30 miles
  • 20 inches anti-skid and wear resistant tires
  • 36V 8Ah eco-friendly removable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Brand ANCHEER
  • Model AM001908
  • Weight 50.7 Pounds

Rigid tires

High-performance motor

Easily charged


Few color options


No fuel alternative

If you have a knack for cycling, then the Nakto Electric Bike is for you – it is even better when you hit the road with your friends. With this bike, workouts get to be fun-filled and you don’t have to worry about how to transit between one engagement and the other within a short time. Nakto is well-known for churning out high-quality products that supercede the expectations of customers. It can be as fast as 23 mph and is recommended for those between 4’9” and 6’6” in height and can sustain a maximum load capacity of 245 – 300 pounds. It comes with an iron, carbon steel and aluminum frame which is collapsible for increased portability and mobility which means it can easily fit into the trunk of any vehicle.

The braking system is another high point of the Nakto Electric bike. It sports a premium quality front and rear brakes to give an iron-clad guarantee to your safety and if you are the night type, the headlamps and back lights will shine through the dark. And when not in use, the bike can be charged in 3-4 hours, whether on or off the frame. A packaged content should contain: Nakto City Electric Bike, retrievable battery, power cable, user’s guide, tool kit,  and warranty pamphlet. The one-year warranty covers the following components: braking systems, battery and transmission motor.

Key Features
  • Fortified carbon steel foldable frame for easy storage and movement.
  • High-performance front and back braking systems.
  • Powered by a retrievable 36 Volts 10 Ampere-hour Lithium-Ion cell.
  • Recommended for those between 4’9” and 6’6” in height
  • Brand NAKTO
  • Weight 30 pounds

Strong battery

Great delivery system

Exceptional customer service


Not suitable for steeped topography.


If an environmentally friendly product is what you are after, the HighWing Aluminum Folding EBike. It is regarded as the most eco-friendly, economical and health-improving electric bike out there and boasts of an exquisite yet simple design. You no longer have to struggle for limited parking space when you are at work or any function. Its handles, as well as compact build, are made from aluminum alloys and the wheels dimension of 12 x 1.76 inches, make it very fast. Depending on the nature of the ground, it can travel at a speed of 13 to 30kph. In fact, a 2-hour power boosting will suffice for a 30 to 60 kilometer journey.

Additional features of this bike include a Pro-E40P chain wear resistant technology that is patented by HighWing as well as its 41.5 pounds net weight that can carry a maximum load of 265 pounds. And with the 3 LED lights, you are guaranteed a clear vision of the road when out at night.

Key Features
  • Wheels dimension of 12 x 1.76 inches
  • 8.8 Ampere-hour Sanyo Lithium-Ion battery requires a 36 Volt power to charge
  • Economical, eco-friendly and exquisite
  • 41.5 pounds net weight
  • Brand HighWing
  • Model 12F39


Economical, easy to use, and eco-friendly

Quick charge


Non-detachable battery

Not for professional climbing

Not customizable

Volador uses the industry’s best graded 6061 Aluminum frame and fork for its newly built Qualisports Folding Electric bike. Riders of any gender and age weighing up to 250 pounds will feel comfortable and secure on it. Not to mention, it is collapsible to a compact size for easy storage and transportation. This quality product is a must-have, as it also sports an impressive 350W super speed motor which can safely climb through an 18 degrees steeped surface. What’s more, the Lithium-Ion 36V 7Ah battery is strategically-placed at the within the saddle area to enhanced performance and power. The battery will be fully charged within 3 hours, and can be used for over 700 – 800 times.  Overall, the Qualisports bike can cover a 30 mile distance at a rate of 20 mph and the speed is affected by atmospheric and road conditions.

We can’t forget to add that it is a pedal-assisted machine fully equipped with a LCD system. What’s more, it has a proprietary Field Oriented Control that helps it operates optimally – improved efficiency, less noise and heat pollution, and in harmony with the Pedal-assisted System. It beats every other electric bike by offering four riding modes: Normal bicycle, Pedal-assisted, Cruise Control and Throttle style. Its inbuilt sensors will seamlessly transit from one mode to another at the click of a button. The saddle and hand grips can be repositioned to get the best sitting posture and the 20 inches tires will never slide out of control even when you are on a bumpy road.

Key Features
  • 2 years warranty for the battery, as well as 1-year for other components
  • 7-speed Shimano gearing system
  • Lithium-Ion 36V 7Ah battery which can be used 700 – 800 times
  • Pedal-assisted machine fully equipped with a LCD system
  • Brand Qualisports
  • Model QSEB02

Fast charging

Suitable for steep surfaces

Fully pre-assembled


Speed is affected by weather conditions


Non-detachable battery

Here another great electric bike – the E-Joe 2018 Sport Edition Electric Bicycle.  The 48V 500W brushless gear motor of this product beats other conventional electric folding bikes hands down. The product arrives at your doorsteps almost fully assembled and won’t take more than 30 minutes to complete the process.  When unfolded, the measurement is 65 x 27 x 46 inches and can cruise through flat to mildly steeped terrains with its 7-speed Shimano Tourney gearing system. The front wheel has a plastic protector to shield the 52 tooth sprockets and the product comes fitted with a hybrid Kenda puncture resistant tires, with a measurement of 20 x 1.75 inches. The machine can carry a load of over 300 pounds and boasts of 5 level pedaling and throttling modes at the hand grips. It can go as high as 20 mph on throttle alone, within a few seconds. The pedal-assisted mode is even faster than the throttle and can go as fast as 30mph based on the condition of the road and rider’s weight. What’s more, its LCD indicator shows the On/Off power, battery level, speedometer, and PAS level. The 49 Volts 10. 5 Ampere-hour LG 18650-Cells Lithium-Ion takes about 4 hours to be fully recharged.

Because people naturally gravitate toward anything that gives them comfort, the e-Joe was fitted with the Selle Royal Hertz seat – no doubt, the brand also holds your safety concerns in high regards, hence, the Tektro front and rear brakes was installed.

Key Features
  • 48V 500W brushless gear motor
  • Selle Royal Hertz seat and hybrid Kenda puncture resistant tires
  • 7-speed Shimano Tourney gearing system
  • 5 level pedaling mode
  • Brand E-JOE Bike
  • Model 2018 E-JOE EPIK SE

Reliable battery

Sturdy tires

Impressive pedal-assisted modes


Contrary to advertised claims, it is not exactly suitable for a load capacity above 200 pounds

Heavy 50 pounds weight

Not recommended for rough and very steeped roads

Just when we thought we have seen all there is to electric folding bikes, then EmioCycles swoops in with this shocker. The EmioCycles Dual Power E-bike is an eco-friendly 36V/5.8 Ah Lithium LG battery would take you to a 25-20 miles journey in a single charge. It is designed with speed sensor and brakes to give you total control over flat roads and the motor is highly efficient, fast and experiences no drag or lag when ridden without electricity.  The complete package weighs 48 pounds, and can carry a load of over 240 pounds.

Additionally, it would also interest you to know that this bike requires only a little amount of assembling, so you don’t have to worry about fiddling with bolts and nuts. What’s more, the bike’s features can be personalized for adults or children and the saddle and hand grips can be adjusted to get the most comfortable position before you go for a ride.

Key Features
  • Maximum distance of 25-20 miles
  • Eco-friendly 36V/5.8 Ah Lithium LG battery
  • Highest load capacity of 240 pounds
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Brand EmioCycles
  • Model 11690-1
  • Weight 48 Pounds

For personal transport


Sleek design


Not for steeped topography

The seat cannot be adjusted

No headlights or back lights

Best Folding Electric Bikes Buying Guides and FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying a Folding Electric Bike

  • Gear

This is a key factor to consider when buying shopping for a folding electric bike. As you may already know by now, there are several types of gear transmissions: 3-speed, 5-speed, 7-speed, 8-speed, chainring derailleur, 14-speed and 18-speed. Some bikes have a single gear while others have multiple. The rate of pedaling (or the cadence) is calculated in crank per minute. A highly functional folding bike should have a cadence between 80 – 120.

Bikers should opt for a customizable gearing system to fit their riding expertise, road topography and general use. Also consider the gear regulating system in any bike. They are either derailleur or gear hubs. Both have their pros and cons over each other.

  • Pedals

Folding electric bicycles should not just have normal pedals, but also pedal-assisted modes. A little monitor usually located at the handlebars helps to facilitate the process of pedaling. Regulate the level from low to very high, depending on your preference.

By extension, if the level is reduced, the torque and motor speed will be automatically reduced as well. However, if the pedaling rate is increased, the reverse will be the case. But if it is raised above the recommended rate, the power will die out and you will have to go manual.

Typically there are about 3 to 6 pedal assist levels on a foldable electric bike, depending on the brand, model and price.

  • Speed

Usually, the first question that comes to mind when buying a folding electric bicycle is “how far and fast can it go?” The answer is not as simple as many presume. A number of factors affect the speed of a bike – terrain, weather conditions, rider’s experience, the weight of the rider (and maybe additional loads), pedaling rate and many more.

Generally, folding electric bikes can go between 20 to 100 kilometers in a one-time charge, depending on the brand and sophistication.

To increase the speed, there are some general rules to have in mind:

  • Avoid intermittent movements
  • Start pedaling off from the start
  • Choose the appropriate gear
  • Pump the tires
  • Clean and lubricate the chains

Folding e-bike in metro

  • Warranty clause

Product warranties are often sought by buyers to give them that extra assurance that their hard-earned money is not going down the drain. It is an iron-clad guarantee to the authenticity of any goods and services.

In light of the above, folding electric bike manufacturers often attach a warranty clause for all or parts of their products. The warranty can span for between one to over three years. The warranty usually cover the batteries, motors, frames and gears.

Benefits of Folding Electric Bicycles

  • Rechargeable

Electric bikes usually come with the option of recharging if the battery is low or completely flat. This feature makes them a lot more expensive than the traditional bikes. To be fully charged, the bike will be plugged in for over 2 to 5 hours. Some newer versions have the detachable batteries which can be charged independent of the bike.

  • Distance

The range of an electric bicycle is another big advantage. Typically, they can cover a distance between 20 to 100 miles, depending on the brand and model.

  • Assisted cycling

Electric bicycles have assisted biking modes that allow the riders to cruise through rough routes and steeped terrains without breaking a sweat. Hence, anyone can effortlessly ride them.

Folding Electric Bikes vs Regular Folding Bike

Even though both bikes are foldable and sometimes come in similar sizes, they have some differences. The most obvious being the use of electricity and rechargeable batteries to power a folding electric bike. However, in comparison, the regular folding bikes are a lot lighter in weight. Because of their weights, these bikes tend to be more stable than the regular ones. Furthermore, the former usually has a pedal-assisted feature to relieve the stress from pedaling with the legs. This gives the rider confidence to go on lengthy journeys. However, the latter is usually faster. Folding electric bicycles have better load capacity than regular folding bicycles.

Best Folding Electric Bikes FAQ:

Q: Should I buy a folding E-bike with a mid-drive motor or hub motor?

A: The choice of which is better is based on several situations. The motor of a mid-drive E-bike is placed in-between the pedals, so there is little or no additional weight to the bicycle. This is something riders would get to appreciate when it comes to long distance cycling.

On the other hand, hub motor is what propels the wheels of a bicycle. On a steep road, the hub motor will be very driving slow and if the rider tries to increase it, the result may be catastrophic. In summary, the motor that would serve you better is largely determined by you.

Q: Can I ride my folding E-bike in the rain?

A: This is also hinged on the nature of the bike. While some bikes are waterproofed and are built to withstand rain and wind conditions, others are not.

Q: What is the range I can get from a single charge?

A: This is dependent on the quality of the folding electric bike. It is usually between 20 to 100 miles.

Folding Electric Bike

Our Top Pick

Recall we started this article showering encomium on the Swagtron SwagCycle EB-5 Pro folding electric bike. Let us give you a quick recap of some of its outstanding features.

This aluminum alloyed bike will make your daily commute and exercise more fun-filled. The patented Autoguard system ensures the electric bike swiftly comes to a halt when the brakes are applied. It is also pre-assembled, so you don’t have to worry about fiddling with bolts and nuts. What’s more, internal combustion engine can be regulated and the bike can race at an impressive speed of 15mph with the effortless pedaling.


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