The crew at Hoonigan has created quite possibly the raddest Polaris RZR video ever. The Hoonigans recently published a clip of the new Polaris RZR Pro R ripping through the streets of Long Beach, Calif., doing some insane jumps, rolling up on two wheels, and wheeling around with reckless abandon. In a controlled environment, of course.

With five-time off-road-racing champion and stunt driver RJ Anderson at the helm, there’s a ton of precision driving to feast your eyes on. Adding to it is a fun appearance by stunt driver, pro racer, and pro drifter Tanner Foust, who drifts around RJ in circles while RJ slowly drives the RZR on two wheels down a parking garage ramp.

It’s very much like a mini Ken Block Gymkhana video, which makes sense. Hoonigan gonna Hoonigan — they’ve certainly proven that they’re professionals at making fun, action-packed videos with several series of complex stunts. It’s also mini in more ways than one, as it’s cool to see a UTV ripping around, presumably in a spec that wouldn’t be hard for anyone to buy from their local dealership. These things have gotten quite popular in recent years due to their compact size, super long suspension travel, and power. These machines generally have the same potency as much bigger, purpose-built off-roaders, and for a lot less money.

It’s also cool that the city of Long Beach allowed all this to happen on its streets, sidewalks, beaches, and more. It’s rad to see this fine city (and my hometown) used as a big ol’ urban playground with the help of some gnarly ramps. I used to go for a run past the final scene when the RZR races a few other vehicles across the sand.

It’s a fun eight minutes and nine seconds that’s definitely worth your time!