The Best Extension Cord Covers

Ever tripped over a cable? At best, it’s unpleasant. At worst, it’s a serious safety concern. Plus, with everything being electrical nowadays, wires are just about everywhere. When indoors, extension cords are easy to spot, but it doesn’t stop kids and pets from getting tangled. That’s why extension cord covers are so popular. They go over the cord itself, creating a smooth barrier for stepping. It prevents tripping while also keeping damage from chewing and scratches at bay. Naturally, you want a durable, quality cover (since it’s designed to be stepped on). It also helps if it subtly fits into your home’s decor. To help you walk easier, we’ve curated a list of the best extension cord covers on the market. Let’s check out the leading selections.

When you finally get your extension cord setup, you want to keep it safe. The Cordinate 43003 Cable Protector Cover helps you achieve this with ease. It comes in either black, gray, or beige. The color selections let you camouflage it against the surroundings, preventing visual unpleasantries. The thick PVC material is an excellent material for protecting wires. It is heat and flame resistant and won’t get damaged by impact. Basically, you can step on and bump the protector endlessly without damaging the cord. The cover is six-feet long (though there are larger selections). For smaller needs, you can cut it to size. It attaches to all types of surfaces with included double-sided tape. Given the sturdy yet flexible design, this cable protector is a great solution overall.

The Wiremold Floor Cord Management Kit offers cost-cutting benefits on multiple levels. It is available at a low price-point, offering you savings right away. Secondly, this cable protector also lets you keep your extension cords safe, meaning you won’t have to invest in replacements. It’s made out of rubber, making it flexible yet sturdy. As an added benefit, rubber is a non-conductive material. This means that, in the event of a fray, there is no electrical risk. The cover is easy to set up, particularly since it comes with its own adhesive. Simply clean and dry the surface, run the cord and place the cover overtop. It holds tightly in place, preventing the risk of trips and falls. Low-cost and durable, this is a valuable cover for all types of extension cords.

Want a way to protect your important electrical tools? The ProTech Heavy-Duty Cable Protector is a versatile selection that works both inside and outdoors. It comes in a six-foot setup, though can easily be cut to the proper size. With a flexible structure, it protects your extension cord and prevents it from damage. The outside of the protector is flat enough to prevent tripping while featuring a textured, slip-resistant design to stop wires from moving. It’s made out of PVC material which is easy to maneuver while remaining heavy-duty. By incorporating a yellow strip, you can always spot where the protector is. Since the wire’s compartments come sealed, you get full control over how you place the extension cord. User-friendly and secure, this protector is a premium selection.

If you’ve ever tripped over a cable, you know it can damage the electrical connection. The D-Line Floor Cord Cover helps circumvent these issues. It comes in three color choices, letting you either blend it in or contrast it against your surroundings. All the selections are made out of high-grade PVC material. Though it comes coiled, once opened the cover falls flat easily. With an open base that has a slip-proof design, you can quickly install the cover. Just run your wire through the base, and place it back down. For added protection, you can use double-sided tape to keep it firmly on the floor.  When it’s in position, you can safely step on the cover without risking damage to the cord. Considering its clever design and ease of use, this cover deserves an honorable mention.

The Willbond Cable Floor Strip Cover touts an innovative design meant to work on indoor surfaces. This package comes with two rolls, each with ten feet of cord cover. The black material is three inches widened meant to cover extension cords like a blanket. You place the cord in the center and velcro the cover to the carpet. This prevents the cord from slipping out of position. It also means that, since the cord is no longer exposed, there is limited risk for trips and falls. You can get it in three colors, so it better blends into your carpet. Once in place, it holds steady and creates lasting protection for your cord. Though it only works on carpets, it is very effective at this purpose. With a unique ability to cover cords inside the home, this honorable mention is well-deserved.