This one is for all you fellow freaks who get all the joy in the world out of washing a very, very dirty car. There’s no better experience than blasting away pounds and pounds of debris with a pressure washer, as Edd China demonstrates in the latest installment of his Range Rover project.

Ever since Edd parted ways with ‘Wheeler Dealers‘ a few years back, he’s been doing his own thing over at his own YouTube channel, making lengthy, detail-intensive wrenching videos on all kinds of enthusiast favorites.

Quite recently, he’s been slowly restoring a Range Rover Classic that had been sitting for something like twelve years. Last time it ran, it was apparently driven off-road and put away wet… literally. There’s more moss-looking material stuck on it than you’d find in an old graveyard.

Edd’s series is a great primer for anyone making something run that’s sat for a long time. Of course, it’s especially interesting for my fellow Land/Range Rover fans.

What’s more: he finds out that a transmission service ought to be done before he takes to the Rover to get inspected. By inspected, I mean what’s referred to in the UK as “MOT’d” or, reviewed by the Ministry of Transport. It’s a yearly safety and emissions check that ensures people are rolling around on decently sound wheels. I kind of wish we had that here in California.

What was supposed to be an easy, straightforward service, turns into a several-hours-long saga. The ATF is in a state of Hershey chocolate, rather than dark pink. Then, the filter turns out to be a bear to remove. All it took was two rounded-out Torx bolts to rain on his parade.

Luckily, he comes up with a solid method of removing these bolts. He makes certain not to do anything that would get fine-grain particles up into the complex web of tubes that is the automatic transmission, and everything goes smoothly.

It’s a great example that proves: nothing always goes to plan, and the simplest jobs can become much lengthier with old, poorly-looked-after project cars. I’ve certainly experienced this so far with my own Land Rover Discovery.