What do you think, is this Smart car parked, or has it been dropped off on the blacktop to be taken away by the Flood Brothers with the rest of the garbage? With any other car, the answer would be obvious, but considering some people won’t even drive Smart cars on the highway, it’s not as crystal (I kid, I kid).

  • Car: Smart ForTwo
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Photog: Tony Markovich (Instagram + Twitter: @T_Marko)
  • Camera: iPhone 13 Pro

This parking job is a perfect example of exactly what the smart car was designed for. It can fit anywhere without bothering anybody. I see this exact car parked in randomly tiny spots all the time during my frequent neighborhood walks, but this had to be the funniest yet. It almost has the feel of a kid hiding behind a fence thinking we can’t see through it.

It’s hard to put into words just how short of a width that fence is, so we’ll just go straight to the specs: A smart car is about 106 inches in length. That’s only about 30 inches wider than my wingspan. Let’s hope the dumpster divers out there didn’t see this and put it in the back of their beat-up ’80s pickup.