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The Best Dewalt Power Tools (Review) in 2021

Best Choice Dewalt 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Driver Kit Dewalt Compact Drill Driver Kit
Premium Pick DEWALT 18-Volt Cordless 16 Gauge 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer Kit DEWALT Degree Angled Finish Nailer Kit
Best Value DEWALT Power Inverter 140W Car Converter DEWALT Power Inverter Car Converter

The DeWalt brand is a power house when it comes to all things tool-related. The company started in 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt and these humble beginnings soon grew rapidly into the incredible power tool brand that we know and love today. Known for the top-notch quality, epic durability, user-ease, and easy-to-spot yellow and black exterior, DeWalt know how to create the best when it comes to power tools. Whether you’re looking for a cordless drill, a portable power station, or a lithium driver, DeWalt certainly have the perfect pick for you. As DeWalt promise, their tools “are made to live on the jobsite.” They are ready and waiting to handle those worksite conditions as that is where their quality and abilities are tested. Whatever job needs doing, DeWalt have the perfect power tool for you!

Power tools are actuated by an outside power source and they are used in a myriad of industries from construction, to landscaping.  They can be stationary or portable and thus, offer users extra mobility if needed. Power tools often get the job done more swiftly, and offer extra precision and accuracy. Some power tools can also do jobs that normal tools cannot. For example, Lathes are able to cut perfectly round shapes. In its earliest form the hand-held Lathe is known to have been utilized by the Ancient Egyptians. Thus, power tools have a long-standing history and in the past were even manoeuvred by water wheels, windmills, and steam. Thanks to advances in technology and constant mechanical progression, they are now run by electricity, or battery-power.

The following list boasts some of their best picks and certainly won’t disappoint professional builders and avid DIY’ers alike.  Whatever the job, DeWalt have the tool for you.

The Best Dewalt Power Tool

The DeWalt Max Cordless Lithium Compact Drill is the perfect power tool for those working in small, or hard-to-reach spaces. It is super lightweight and compact and thus can be utilized for long periods of time without having to worry about arm ache. Thanks to high speed transmissions this awesome power tool delivers two speed variations and allows the user to choose the performance level dependent on their task.  Users have commended this fantastic pick for its incredible quality, and many have noted that it really is ‘the best tool on the market.’ It also comes with two long-lasting batteries and thus won’t run out of power on the job. The awesome pick also comes with an LED light to help you if you’re working in a dark space. It really is the perfect cordless drill for any work space and combines amazing quality, with great value.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and compact design for added mobility
  • High performance motor can deliver 300 watts of power
  • Ergonomic handle for added control and comfort
  • High speed transmission
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DCD771C2
  • Weight 3.64 pounds

The next pick on our list is the DeWalt Cordless Two-Position Screwdriver. This fantastic cordless screwdriver is ‘fast, efficient, and versatile’ and allows you to fasten screws in those difficult to reach places in a flash.  This awesome deal comes with a charger, two batteries, and a great kit-box for easy storage and portability. The variable speed feature means that you can tailor this tool to each job specifically and the reversing trigger switch offers an easy way to glide through wood, light-metal, and plastic.  Since DeWalt are all about user-ease, the adjustable handle offers an easier-to-handle grip and thus wherever the job is, you’ll be able to work there easily. Whether you need to operate this model as an in-line tool, or with an angle grip for more compact spaces, it certainly won’t let you down.  As usual, DeWalt believe in their epic quality and this pick offers a 3-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. However, we have a feeling that you’ll love it!

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Key Features
  • Two-position model
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a charger, two batteries, and a kit box
  • Variable speed feature
  • Adjustable handle
  • Offers 80 pounds of torque output
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DW920K-2
  • Weight 3.5 pounds

The third pick on our list of best DeWalt power tools is their super powerful Lithium Grinder. This epic model is perfect for a wide range of construction jobs. This hand-held tool is used for abrasive cutting and polishing and allow you to remove excess material with ease. This is the perfect tool for anyone in metal work or construction and will allow you to get the job done with epic power and user-ease.  Fans of this Lithium Grinder have commended the awesome battery life and its epic versatility. The quick-change wheel release feature allows for quick wheel changes and this device also comes with a two-finger trigger switch and a lock-off button. The two-position side handle offers better control, ease, and comfort and allows you to get multiple jobs done. This grinder certainly won’t disappoint and is one of DeWalt’s most brilliant buys.

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Key Features
  • 8000 RMP motor
  • Quick change wheel release
  • Two-finger trigger switch with a lock off button
  • Maximum initial battery voltage is 20 volts
  • 2-position side handle for added comfort and control
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DCG412B
  • Weight 5.1 pounds

The next powerful pick on our list is Dewalt’s Max Li-lon Circular Saw. The 5250 RPM motor delivers epic power and speed and can tackle even the most challenging of cuts with absolute precision and ease.  This awesome model combines maximum power with its lightweight ease and thus it is easy to use but can conquer even the most difficult of jobs. This tool truly offers awesome durability and quality on the jobsite. Users have praised this power tool for its professional quality and silky-smooth motor. Whether you’re doing repairs around your home, or working hard on site, this tool will enable you to cut smoothly and precisely every single time.

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Key Features
  • Super powerful 460 MWO, 5250 motor
  • Strong, but lightweight magnesium shoe for durability and cutting accuracy
  • Optimized rubber overmolded comfort grip
  • 6.5-inch carbide-tipped blade for cutting materials and 90 and 45 degrees
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DCS391B
  • Weight 7.1 pounds

Up next is the DeWalt Lithium Drill/Driver Combo Kit. This is an amazing choice for avid home-improvers and professionals alike and offers top quality and user-ease. The design is super compact and will enable you to work in even the smallest of spaces and the added LED light feature ensures you can work in even the darkest of corners. This device offers a high-performance motor that is able to deliver 300 watts of power ability. This allows users a huge range of applications and ensures that there is no job left undone. This is the perfect addition to any toolkit and users have commended the long-lasting batteries, user-ease, and great power. This is a drill and driver combo pick that certainly won’t let you down.

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Key Features
  • Drill and driver combo kit
  • Lightweight
  • High-performance motor that delivers 300 watts of power ability
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DCK240C2
  • Weight 8.91 pounds

Up next is the awesome DeWalt Pancake Compressor, these nifty air compressors are great for small to medium jobs and will enable you to easily repair flat tires. The high flow regulator maximizes this awesome tool’s performance and the oil-free pump allows for a maintenance free operation. While great for the jobsite, this device also comes with a noise level setting and thus is perfect to use around the home too. A specialized console cover protects the various controls but can also be quickly removed when needed.  Users have noted that this is easy to manoeuvre and light enough in weight to move around the house. They have also commended its user-ease and fabulous value.

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Key Features
  • High flow regulator for maximum performance
  • 165 max PSI 6.0-gallon tank (22.7 L) and 2.6 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI pump
  • Low noise level perfect for at home use
  • Light weight and easy to move around the home
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DWFP55126
  • Weight 32.2 pounds

Lucky number seven is the DeWalt Max LED Flashlight and this is certainly a brilliant addition to any tool box, or for any avid night owl. This bright LED light has an output of 110 Lumens for brighter visibility and a pivoting head to maximize its hands-free abilities. This is a perfect pick for any jobsite, garage, or work area and will enable you to get into all those har to see places with absolute ease. Despite its compact and ergonomic design, this fantastic model does not compromise on its quality and power and truly will illuminate your work area Whether you’re working at night, or embarking on epic camping trips, this flashlight is a top pick and definitely a must-have for you!

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Key Features
  • Bright LED output of 110 Lumens
  • Hands free use
  • 120-degree head rotation
  • Low heat output for longer use
  • 11-25 hours of running time
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DCL040
  • Weight 10.1 ounces

The awesome DeWalt 2-inch Brad Nailer is a brilliant pick and amalgamates the ‘precision of hand nailing’ with the epic speed of pneumatic nailing.  This lightweight and portable tool is perfect for any jobsite and enables you to rapidly drive brads from 5-8 inches as swiftly as five per second. This nifty model is powered by an 18-volt rechargeable battery and depending on the job at hand you can opt for one of two operation modes: Sequential if you want to nail one-by-one, or high-speed bump firing for super quick production. Fans of this fantastic nailer have commended it for not lagging between firing shots, it’s amazing value, and its awesome power. From the jobsite, to your DIY projects, this power tool certainly won’t let you down.

Key Features
  • Two operating modes (sequential or high-speed)
  • Rapidly drives 5-8-inch brads as quickly as five per second
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy access to nosepiece for removal of jammed nails
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DC608K
  • Weight 7.4 pounds

Up next on our spectacular list is the DeWalt Cordless 20 Degreed Angled Finish Nailer Kit. This pick is designed to work super fast and offers the user consistent nail penetration into both the soft and hard joints. It has a sequential operation mode to allow for perfect placement of nails and ultimate precision. You can also easily access the nosepiece if nails get jammed and thus this model boasts absolute user-ease and practicality. LED light integration adds to further durability and a longer lifespan and offers you ultimate comfort with various operation modes. It is also super lightweight and compact at only 8.5 pounds and is thus the perfect tool for those on-the-go jobs. However, despite its compact nature, it is a powerful tool and that nails the job every single time! This epic box also includes a battery charger, reversible belt hook, no-mar tip, and safety glasses.

Key Features
  • Kit includes nailer, 1-hour charger, reversible belt-hook, no-mar tip, and specialized safety glasses
  • Consistent nail penetration into hard and soft joints
  • LED lights
  • One battery and one-hour charge
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DC618K
  • Weight 8.5 pounds

If you are on the jobsite and not close to an electrical power source, then this is certainly the perfect choice for you. The DeWalt Portable Power Station is a must-have for anyone who needs cordless power and the freedom to be on the move. This 1800-watt power station and battery charger offer portable power all day long and allows for AC power when you’re on the road. This portable power station is able to run ‘most corded tools’ and at its peak runs at 3600 watts for maximum performance. This epic pick can also simultaneously run four DeWalt 20 Volt Max batteries and thus, has multitasking down. Users have noted that they are pleased with this model’s performance, noting that it is the perfect aid for emergency power shortages, or those on-the-road tasks.

Key Features
  • Runs at 1800 watts, 3600 during peak performance
  • Has a 4-port parallel charger system
  • Can run most variable speed power tools
  • Battery and extension cord sold separately
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DCB1800
  • Weight 18 pounds

This Square Drive Impact Wrench is a heavy-duty model that guarantees durability and epic strength. It is able to efficiently release stubborn or stuck fasteners so that you can get the job done super quickly. The twin power mechanism enables super high fastening power and this model also boasts a forward and reverse switch for simple directional changes. Shock resistant bumpers allow for protection of housing and limited scuffing so that you can administer neat and precise jobs every time. Users have praised this awesome power tool for its lack of noise and exceptional power. DeWalt are certainly mechanical wizards when it comes to all things tool related, and as usual this one won’t let you down.

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Key Features
  • Maximum Torque 650 ft-lb that helps to break free fasteners
  • 7500 RPM for high power fastening
  • Specialized twin hammer mechanism
  • An adjustable power regulator
  • One-hand Operation-Forward/Reverse Switch
  • Shock Resistant Housing Bumpers
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DWMT70773L
  • Weight 5.86 pounds

Up next is the DeWalt Power Inverter. This brilliant power tool distributes 140 watts of transportable household power to all those on the road jobs. This product is super easy to use and simply requires you to plug the inverter into your car’s cigarette lighter (DC plug) and then plug your various devices into the inverter. The fan-free, silent running design means that this inverter won’t bug you while you drive and since it is low-voltage it won’t drain your car’s battery. When your car battery is running low however the power inverter will shut off to preserve power and thus you will never be stranded.  This awesome pick includes a specialized mounting model for easy use and convenience and installation hardware.

Key Features
  • Distributes 140 watts of transportable power
  • Easy to use, simply plug into the DC plug
  • Shuts off when car battery is low
  • Low-voltage
  • Specialized mounting model included
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DXAEPI140
  • Weight 1 pound

The final pick on our list of DeWalt’s best power tools is their truly splendid Cordless Cable Stripper. This is the perfect tool for stripping the protective coating of electrical wires in order to repair or replace wires. This awesome DeWalt power tool can strip cables up to 4-inches consistently and the variable speed trigger with reverse gives you extra support and speed control. If jamming occurs the E-clutch system helps users to sustain control. This nifty model combines awesome value with brilliant quality and truly is a perfect addition for any tool box. It can be utilized by electricians and avid DIY’ers alike.  It is also super light and compact and thus very easy to transport for one-the-go jobs.

Key Features
  • Depth gauge strips cables up to 4 inches consistently
  • Variable speed trigger with reverse supports for speed control
  • E-clutch system helps user sustain control if jamming occurs
  • Quick release bushings allow you to quickly change bushings for each cable size
  • Battery and charger sold separately
  • Brand DeWalt
  • Model DCE151B
  • Weight 2.93 pounds

Best DeWalt Power Tools Buying Guide

DeWalt Company Overview

DeWalt have been around for almost 100 years and thus their brand has truly stood the test of time. Their humble beginnings began in 1923 and soon skyrocketed into the power house that we know and value to this day.  This American brand are well known for the hand-tools and power-tools and are well utilized in a myriad of industries from woodwork to construction.

They are a valued and well-known brand when it comes to tools and their quality and style is utilized from the jobsite, to the home. Whatever job you need doing, DeWalt are a brand who won’t disappoint.

Dewalt DCG412B

Why DeWalt Power Tools?

DeWalt know how to create the best when it comes to hand tools and power tools. Whether you’re looking for a cordless drill, a portable power station, or a lithium driver, DeWalt certainly have the perfect pick for you. Their products are thoroughly reviewed, tested on the jobsite, and widely accredited for being a power house when it comes to tools. They also have an amazing warranty policy and thus, if you are unhappy you can get your money back or get your product professionally repaired at one of their service stations.

Pros & Cons

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DeWalt truly believe in the awesome value and quality of their products and aren’t afraid to put their money where their mouths are. All their tools come with a three-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee if you aren’t totally satisfied with your power tool.  Some models come with a once-off free service. This is seriously a brand who care and one who believe in the strength of their products.

Warranties are offered for up to 3 years from the date of purchase if the product is used in a professional environment. However, this guarantee does not include failures that result from abuse, accidental damage, or when repairs have been administered by someone other than DeWalt.  Successful warranties either result in an exchange, or a free repair at a DeWalt service centre.

NB: To ensure that you can get you DeWalt tool professionally serviced, or replaced if it is damaged within a professional environment it is super important that you:



Our Top Pick

While we absolutely adore all the items on our best DeWalt power tool’s list, we have opted for their cordless lithium compact drill as our number one pick. This is the perfect power tool for those working in small, or hard-to-reach spaces and it is super lightweight and compact. This awesome power tool delivers two speed variations and allows the user to choose the performance level dependent on their task.  Users have praised this fabulous drill for its incredible quality, It also comes with two long-lasting batteries and thus won’t run out of power on the job. The awesome tool even also comes with an LED light to help you if you’re working in a dark space. It really is the perfect cordless drill for any work space and combines amazing quality, with great value.  It can be used for a wide-range of jobs and is definitely an excellent choice for any winning toolbox.


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