Your car needs to stay clean and tidy at all times. This is not untrue to say that sometimes you might be in uncanny circumstances where you have no control over what happens in your car. However, you should be well prepared for any accidents that might occur and damage the interior of your car and one of the most common incidents that happen in cars is children throwing up. Cleaning vomit from your car is a daunting process but in this article, you can get some basic tips and tricks that will make your life easy.

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How to Properly Clean Vomit From Your Car

The very first thing you need to do is get gloves and a face mask. Numerous folks cannot stand the smell of vomit, so when they enter a dirty car there is a high chance of them fainting. Gloves and a face mask will make the whole process of cleaning bearable and you can also perfume the face mask with a good smell.

The second item you need is a car upholstery cleaner as these cleaners are chemically combined to get rid of any liquid mess that soaks in the seats. You can buy them at any workshop or local store that sells cleaning chemicals and you should also check what kind of seats and covers are installed in your car. If you have leather you need to buy a good leather conditioner.

A leather conditioner is a bit expensive than the normal cleaning products but it does the job perfectly; your leather seats are saved and there is no stain or smell left in them once the work is done. One of the main parts of the car that is often overlooked by people when they are cleaning it is the car carpet. The car carpet is your most useful interior and if it gets dirty, the car will never be truly clean, so to remove vomit from the car carpet, get a car carpet cleaner.

This is a special product, which dries up very quickly. You cannot remove the fixed car carpet from your car so you need something that does not need a lot of air. There are different companies producing car carpet cleaners depending on the overall color of your car interior, you can get various carpet cleaners that retain the original color and do not let the stain remain visible. Once you have these necessary products, you can get to work.

The solid matter of the vomit should be cleaned up without using any chemicals. Take a few shopping bags and keep them in one of your hands and in the other hand, get a spatula or any other tool, which can pick up the solid matter. Swoop the solid pieces of the vomit into the spatula and dump them in the plastic bag. Do this at least three to four times so you can get rid of as much material as you can until the plastic bags get full and after that close them from the top and throw them into the dustbin.

Most of the vomit will be gone by now but the smell and stain still remain. Before you go on to using any chemicals, make sure you have not damaged the area by the tools you were using to pick the vomit. It is advisable to use plastic tools and not metal equipment because metal can tear the material and hence when you pour the cleaning chemical, it can erode the inside.

The next step is to get an absorbent piece of cloth and press it on the area where the vomit is lying. You have to put in enough pressure so the vomit is soaked by the cloth but not too much that the moisture gets pushed inside the material of the car; the push should be balanced and even. Make sure the cloth you are using is clean and does not contain any dirt, it is even better to get a new and dry cloth, which has not been used previously. You should also get a big sized cloth so that no part of the dirty area is left and the whole stain should be covered.

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The next step is the easiest and will get rid of the horrid smell. Get a pack of baking soda and put a thick amount on the dirty area, leave this for about thirty minutes because you want the whole smell to be gone and the area to dry up completely. Baking soda is a natural substance that absorbs smells as it does not leave any mess when you clean it up and it is easily available at very reasonable rates. Depending on the interior of your car you can either mix the baking soda with warm water or with vinegar to get a liquid chemical as well; both of these will work well inside the car.

After the thirty minutes are up, get a damp cloth and rub the dirty area properly, this requires some physical effort and you may feel your arms ache a little but this is a necessary step. Once you are done with this, your main work is finished and now you just have to rinse the area with clean water. Do not throw a whole bucket of water in your car and wet the car seats unnecessarily, just use a small bowl that will clean the specific area properly.


Once you follow all these steps mentioned above, your job is done. Ventilate your car properly after you have cleaned it, let it dry, keep all the car doors open and let the car stand in an airy or sunny place. The smell, stain, and any reminder of vomit will be seeped out quickly. We know that cleaning vomit from your car is not an easy task and requires a strong mind and a lot of will and effort. Accidents happen all the time and as humans, we are bound to face these natural incidents but you should spend time and money on your car for keeping it tidy.


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