The Best Circuit Testers

If you’re going to perform any sort of electrical work on your vehicle, you’re going to need a circuit tester. Sure, you can go on working without one. A multimeter can get you by just fine. However, the level of convenience a circuit tester brings to the table is something we simply can’t ignore. In many cases, you may still need to lean on a multimeter, but a circuit tester lets you quickly tell whether or not power is present in a particular area. This can help your troubleshooting process in several ways. These little devices are so handy that they’ve got their own market. Within it are a variety of different options. We’re here today to fill you in on some of the very best circuit testers available.

Our overall favorite model is the Jastind Digital LCD Circuit Tester. Most products on the market are either as basic as possible or feature many functions that you simply don’t need. This particular circuit tester lands right in the middle. It is designed to function just as any circuit tester should. A cable is hooked to either a ground or positive circuit, and the probe will light up when making contact. This will help you perform general troubleshooting in any vehicle’s electrical system. It does take things a step further with its LCD. This display is used to indicate precisely how much power is present in a circuit. This eliminates the need to rely on a multimeter for further testing. Despite this feature, its price is reasonable, making it a worthy addition to anyone’s tool box.

The IIT Professional Circuit Tester is our pick for the best value due to its low price point. This model lists for half the price of many other comparable models but functions just the same. This tester functions as nothing more than an indicator light. Many may find this to be a limitation, but it’s all that’s needed in many cases. Not every person will find it justifiable to invest their hard-earned money in better-equipped options. Operation is effortless, you hook the alligator clamp to either positive or ground, and then you’re ready to begin probing circuits. It will prove useful for finding ground wires and live circuits, testing fuses, and for troubleshooting electrical issues. This model is safe for both 6-volt and 12-volt applications.

For those who need an all-in-one tool, we suggest the Kzyee Power Circuit Probe. This is our premium pick because we consider it the best possible option for professionals who regularly perform this work. It can be used for a variety of tasks such as testing continuity, checking grounds, detecting circuit failures, and more. It does come at a much higher price point than other circuit testers, but it’s well worth the expense because of the professional level of quality it delivers. We consider this to be so due to its ability to almost eliminate the need for multimeters. It also features a 20-foot extension cable. This ensures you can connect the lead directly to the battery and perform tests on any part of your vehicle.

The Katzco Continuity And Current Tester is yet another circuit tester we think consumers need to consider. This model might be basic in its design, but this has its advantages. The function is simple: the lead is hooked to power or ground, and the probe makes contact to illuminate the bulb in its handle. This is very useful for performing a number of troubleshooting tasks. What many will appreciate is the 54-inch cable that the lead clamp is connected to. This makes it very easy for you to test any number of circuits on the vehicle with a connection to a reliable source. It’s especially handy for tight spaces. It also features a very sharp point that makes it easy to perform tests on very small areas, such as contact points on fuses. This model is safe for use with 6-volt, 12-volt, and 24-volt AC applications.

The Winamoo Premium Digital Circuit Tester is an excellent option. In fact, it’s slightly more affordable than many competing products, which can be one of its best features. It functions exactly as any other standard circuit tester should. The use of an indicator light makes it easy to trace power and ground sources. However, the inclusion of the LCD makes it capable of reading exactly how much power is present. This is especially handy for troubleshooting, as it eliminates the need for a multimeter to perform the same function. This model is also paired with a 96-inch spring wire that connects it to the alligator clip. This makes it very easy to test circuits that are far from a reliable source. It also springs back to a manageable size for those that are not.

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