I’ve found myself recommending the Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris a lot lately. Harris is a skilled interviewer, his humor is pretty much always on-point, and the selection of guests he’s had on since its inception is great.

I’m not trying to blow smoke up any orifices, it’s a great listen! If you’re after something new to listen to, enjoy some in-depth discussion about motorsports and the trials and tribulations of auto journalists, this one’s solid.

There are a lot of car podcasts out now but they’re not all great. Or good, even. Sometimes a friend will recommend a podcast as a whole, but when I go to start listening, the episode I start with might not cover content that I’m terribly interested in. Or, the humor might not vibe with me – that’s especially crucial for me. If you’ve got a regular podcast regimen, I’m sure you’ve experienced this before as well.

Chris Harris has been in the game a long time. An avowed car nut from an early age, he’s worked for UK publications Autocar and Evo, had a brief stint with Driver Republic, as well as been a part of establishing The Drive brand. He’s got at least one Jalopnik column, too.

Currently, he’s one of the BBC Top Gear hosts. He’s enjoying that role behind the wheel of some fancy Volkswagen variant in the picture we found of him and posted above. His humor and wit is often top notch, and he certainly knows how to wheel anything around a racetrack.

My top recommendation for people to start with Collecting Cars, is his interview with Richard Porter of Top Gear, Grand Tour, Evo, Sniff Petrol, and Smith and Sniff fame. In this episode, Harris and co-host Edward Lovett sit down with Porter to discuss quite a lot. His Sniff Petrol satirical background, professional background in general, discussing the history and current state of auto journalism, sharing some hilarious stories from over the years – it’s all there. It’s especially great for anyone who aspires to make a lifelong career out of auto writing… I’m sure you can see why I get a kick out of this one.

Collecting Cars (the podcast) is a product of Collecting Cars (the auction site) but, uh, there’s no supercar purchase necessary to listen.

The chat is absolutely hilarious at times thanks to three brilliant senses of humor being in the same room together. Be ready to alter volume levels to counteract some very hearty laughter. Luckily, like what seems all podcasts do these days, it’s up on YouTube! Check it out: