Car chases and synthwave go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or a white Lamborghini Countach and cocaine.

I’ve blogged about these kinds of YouTube videos before, and they just never get old. I whipped up the first of its kind covering the cult classic “The Hidden”. Then, a few months later, the Charlie Sheen-starring crime thriller “No Man’s Land”.

This next one has the same brilliant ’80s movie formula: weird and cool cars from the era, at least one not-as-well-known actor at the time, at least one car chase, and the city of Los Angeles: “Black Moon Rising”. Combine one action scene (in this case, a short car chase) with a more modern synthwave song, and boom all the radness:

I can proudly report that I’ve seen this film once before, a few months back, and recently full-on bought it on YouTube. In standard definition, and for five of my hard-earned American dollars. It’s not like the last time I bought an underrated flick on YouTube for cheap, and later questioned my decision. Nah I’m kidding that was money well-spent… barely.

Though “Black Moon Rising” was a solid decision indeed, because it has all of the key ingredients of a brilliant-yet-slightly-terrible ’80s action film. There’s actually a lot to unpack about it in general that pertains to automotive content; look forward to a full review coming soon here at Car Bibles.

The Hardware

Anyway! In this scene, Tommy Lee Jones is chasing Linda Hamilton throughout downtown Los Angeles. He’s at the helm of a Dodge Shelby Daytona (remember those?) and she’s wheeling a bizarre, alternative fuels prototype dubbed the Black Moon. This role was played by the 1980 Wingho Concordia II, a wild concept car that was one-of-one.

According to, “There was only ever one Concordia II made, though duplicate shells were assembled for interior shots and a rather barebones version made for stunt driving. It bears a more than passing resemblance to the 1970 Ferrari Modulo, but for the most part this car was an original creation by Bernard Beaujardins and Clyde Kwok of Wingho Auto Classique, based in Montreal.”

Oh yeah, the semblance to the Ferrari Modulo is definitely apparent, but I’m going to add that I’m getting notes of Lancia Stratos Zero HF as well. Talk about all the primers for all the weird concept car research. Also: my God the Italians had some wild ideas in the ’70s.

It’s a cool little video for sure for it’s ultra-’80s vibes. Check it out above!