Check Out The Moonlight On This Secret Council Of S2000s

Somewhere, on a desert night, convertible Hondas gathered.

We here at Car Bibles are huge fans of the Honda S2000. It’s even better when there’s an entire group of canyon and track lunatic S2000 owners willing to cane their cars across a dry lake bed. Wish it was me!

This shot was taken by my talented friend Kate (Instagram: go follow her!) somewhere in the desert north of Los Angeles. Specifically, an off-road park called El Mirage where there are technically no speed limits and technically drifting is allowed, though sometimes the park rangers will calmly approach you and persuade you to stop with a pat on the holster to, er, cut that shit out.

If you hang around long enough, however, and wait darkness to settle over the Joshua Tree strewn high desert, you can do whatever you like. That, is how this fabulous shot came to exist.

As big as we could get it:

Check Out The Moonlight On This Secret Council Of S2000s
Chris Rosales

Chris RosalesChris has owned 12 cars of questionable quality, is an experienced motorsports photographer, and a good all-around wrench. When he isn’t tinkering with his car in his home garage, you can catch Chris in the canyons around SoCal. He also hopelessly hankers for Euros, but he honestly knows he should get something Japanese, eventually. Contact the author here.