When you’re going to embark on an RV adventure, there are many factors to consider. For most people, what comes to mind first is the rental cost. However, that is not the only expense you’ll have on the road trip, and if you’re not careful, you could end up spending more money on food and gas than what the RV rental costs you.

Some things you should think about before planning an RV vacation are how many people you are traveling with, where you plan to go, and what activities you want to do. Also, you should be familiar with the types of RVs you can find in the marketplace. There are seven types of RVs: Class A, Class B, Class C, fifth wheels, travel trailers, pop-ups, and truck campers.

In this article, we’ll provide a list of RV rental companies where you can find good offers and deals. We’ll also offer some advice on how to save money during your RV experience so you don’t exceed your budget.

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Where to Find Cheap RV Rentals

These are some of the most renowned companies for rental RVs in the U.S. All of these companies offer 24/7 roadside assistance. Some of them have a network that reaches the whole country, while others are limited to certain areas of the country but offer great prices. Another factor to consider before choosing an RV rental is that some companies have limited miles, which could be a turnoff for some. The truth of the matter is you have to pick the right one for your needs.


This company is taking the rental vehicle business to a new level. Here, you can rent any type of vehicle for very cheap prices and sometimes almost for free. Transfercar helps rental companies relocate their vehicles, so instead of spending crazy amounts of money to send their vehicles on trucks, they let travelers do it. The company is not only in the U.S.,, but also in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Namibia.

Anyone can drive as long as they have a legal license, and are over 18-21 years old, depending on the location. You can find great opportunities for your RV adventures. However, the downside is that you have to adhere to what routes are available at the time.


This peer-to-peer rental company is one of the largest in the country and has a large range of RVs to pick from. With them, you can find anything from travel trailers to luxurious RVs. RVshare has a trust and safety policy to make sure all the parties involved are secure. The company has countless five-star ratings from many satisfied customers. RVshare is in the U.S. only, but its network reaches the entire country.

They use user verification for both the renters and the RV owners and secure payments with a worry-free rental warranty. Also, they partner with a very trusted insurance company to offer their customers a liability coverage of $1 million and comprehensive coverage of up to $200,000. They also offer an affiliate program, which allows you to earn commissions no matter if you’re a renter or an RV owner. Owners earn a 5 percent commission for every stay that is completed and $7 for every new RV listed.

Prices range from $50 per night to more than $600 per night for the most luxurious RVs. A downside is that, being a peer-to-peer company, sometimes you can find owners who don’t take great care of their vehicle or, conversely, are very picky. One way to avoid this is to check all the reviews of the owner before renting anything.


Outdoorsy is next on the list for peer-to-peer RV rental companies. The company is in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. In contrast to RVshare, Outdoorsy is only for individual owners to rent out their RVs. They have another platform for renting companies called Wheel Base. They also take good care of their customers, offering them a secure payment process and liability insurance of $1 million.

Outdoorsy offers an affiliate program with either the CJ affiliate or the AvantLink network.  Also, they have dedicated customer support for the owners. They have 93 percent five-star reviews from their customers. You can find RVs all over the country from $15 per night up to $800 per night.

Cruise America

Cruise America is a rental firm that offers RVs in 33 U.S. states and five provinces in Canada. Here you are dealing directly with a company and they guarantee you excellent service with rentals in great condition. Their vehicles are designed specifically for them and their market.

The company offers factory-direct rentals from manufactures for a clean experience. They also offer one-way rentals for people who don’t want the hassle of returning to the same place. They also offer long-term rentals.

Cruise America offers great rental deals to save money on your trip or receive free benefits. These are some of the most attractive deals:

  • New vehicle relocation: For the new rental units that have to be distributed around the U.S., the company offers low prices for travelers who want to take a one-way trip. The prices vary from $49 to $69 per night. But, like Transfercar, you are limited to the routes available.
  • 25 percent off miles: This applies to all renters who pick up their vehicle before March 31, 2020.
  • Free night on us: Those who book more than six days get an extra night for free.
  • West Coast U.S. deals: This deal offers rates as low as $45, and they are available in many cities on the West Coast.

A downside of Cruise America is that the company manufactures their RV to maintain their standards, which means all the RVs are similar. Therefore, if you’re looking for something unique, then this isn’t the place. The process to rent can be more complicated than other companies and their locations are limited, so you may find they are not available in your state.

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How to Save Money

  • On Food

If you are renting a home on wheels, why not take advantage of it? One of the best ways to save money is to eat your own food. You can plan ahead and take with you all the food you need to prepare your meals on the RV. Another option, if you didn’t have time to buy food before leaving, is to try to find stores outside the tourist areas. They will always be cheaper than the store right in the cities or “hot spots” for travelers.

  • On Parking Lots

Another way to save money is by booking ahead of time. Campsites get filled up quickly around the holidays and you can find yourself paying more than expected. If you want to live the real outdoor RV experience, you can find spots where they don’t have creature comforts like electricity or bathrooms. The prices are really low or even free. There are websites like Hipcamp, where you can research good campsites and parking spots, as well as find information about amenities and cost.

  • On Activities

You can be seduced by the more touristy activities, but that may not be the best idea if you are on a budget. An easy way to save money is to find activities that are free. You could go for a hike, a day on the beach, or a simple walk in a national park, depending on your destination. But the truth is that what matters most is to have a great time with your travel partners and many times, money is not necessary.

  • On Gas

A major expense when you rent an RV is the gas supply. Your smartphone is an excellent tool to help you save money on gas. There are many apps that are designed to help you find offers, discounts, and promotions near your location, such as Gas Guru and Gas Buddy. You should also pack light because a heavier vehicle is equal to more gas. Also, make sure your tires are properly inflated. 

Now you can decide where to find the RV rental that checked all the boxes on your list. In the end, if you plan your vacation with enough time and detail, you can find lots of ways to save money on the road.