The Best Car Sponges

Everyone loves washing their car. It’s one of the most rewarding things you can do to your car without spending a bunch of money. However, washing your car is one of the most dangerous things for your car’s paint. It’s easy to ham-handedly scratch dirt into your paint when you’re using an old dishrag. But there is a whole market of car wash sponges and applicators that not only keep the pressure off of your wrist but keep the pressure off of your paint. From traditional sponges to washing mitts, there are countless ways to apply soap to your car. All of the options are better than using that dirty old dishrag! But when it comes time to purchase a car wash sponge, you can easily get overwhelmed with dozens of pages of options. We went through some of the best options for car sponges and mitts on the marketplace and have narrowed the choices down for you.

The Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt is our pick if you’re looking for the best overall car wash sponge. This wash mitt combines functionality with ease of use better than most of its higher priced competition. It is even available in a two-pack, so you can always have a clean mitt ready to go. The mesh liner is especially helpful once you put it on and take it off several times. The regular size mitt might be a little small to be used comfortably by everyone, but an extra-large mitt is available at no extra cost. These wash mitts give better control than a sponge can provide. This mitt is a great deal and you will love it when washing your car.

If you are looking for a car wash sponge but prefer using lambswool instead of a cotton mitt, then the Mothers Genuine Lambswool Wash Mitt is the one for you. The wool pile on this mitt is ultra soft to the touch and safely traps dirt. That means it’s less likely to leave scratches behind. Like any wash mitt, the key to the longevity of this mitt is to thoroughly wash it out after each use, then let it air dry. We especially appreciate the thumb on this mitt; it gives it a better sense of control compared to other mitts. Its knitted cuff also helps the mitt from sliding off onto the dirty ground. If you’re in the market for a wool car wash mitt, we find this to be the best option on the marketplace.

If you’re looking for a microfiber applicator to use when detailing your car, the Chemical Guys Premium Grade Microfiber Applicators are a sure bet. This 8-pack of sponges works well when used to apply everything from wax to leather conditioner. We recommend purchasing these sponges in the available pack of eight because you will want to use these sponges for everything. The Chemical Guys applicators are firm enough to be comfortable when applying pressure on large projects, but they are gentle enough to prevent swirls in sensitive areas, like paint. While these sponges are a little too fragile for machine washing, they respond well to being hand washed. That said, they hold up very well to regular use. These applicators beat their competition across the board and get our vote for the best microfiber applicators on the marketplace.

If you’re looking for a car wash sponge that’s perfect for removing bugs, then look no farther than the Viking Mesh Bug Sponge Cleaning Wash Sponge. This sponge is soft enough to keep your paint from getting scratched but it’s strong enough to scrape off dried-on bugs. The thick multilayered knit of this sponge holds a massive amount of soap. Not only is it convenient, but the extra soap also helps make sure the area stays lubricated when you’re scrubbing those bugs off. Tree sap can’t hold up against this sponge, either. If you’re looking for something that’s stronger than your average sponge but want to make sure your paint is safe, this is the product for you. The Viking Mesh Bug Sponge really is the best car bug sponge on the market today.

If you’re looking for just a single sponge that can get the job done, the Sonax MultiSponge is tough to beat. We rated the Sonax MultiSponge as the best value because it fills the role of a soft sponge for washing, but once you flip it over, a firm scrubbing surface is available. This allows you to scrub those tough spots clean while protecting your paint from scratches. Although this sponge is slightly more expensive than some of its other competition, you’ll save money by having to only buy one product. The multiple roles this sponge fills will let you save space in your cleaning material storage as well. Cleaning and storage requirements are low maintenance when compared to some of the MultiSponge’s more specialized competition. Sometimes it is worth it to combine two items into one.