The Best Car Seat Covers for Front Seats

We spend a lot of time in our cars, so keeping them comfortable and clean can make a big difference in our commute and overall quality of life. Maybe you spent the extra money for a leather interior, and now you’re afraid of ruining it with spills, stains, and tears. It would be great if you could protect your car’s seats from boots, keys, pens, and boxes. Maybe your car is showing its age, and spending thousands of dollars on new upholstery just doesn’t make sense. Aftermarket front seat covers can transform an older car, and take the stress out of caring for those beautiful leather seats. There are plenty of options available, so it’s important to do your homework and determine which style best suits you and your car. We’ve done the hard work of researching what’s on the market, and making recommendations based on a range of needs and uses. Take a look at our best-of list so see which of these five car seat cover options is right for your front seats.

When it comes to aftermarket car seat covers, FH Group Ultra Comfort Leatherette Front Seat Cushions are probably as close to new upholstery as you can get. Unlike most covers that can get displaced when you get in your car, these use a top-mounted zipper and elastic sides to fit securely around your car’s bucket seats. Separate pieces for the backrest and seat cushion create a tight, factory look. They’re easy to install, and the top zipper accommodates removable headrests. Matching headrest covers are included, for a consistent look that maintains their adjustable functionality. On the inside of each faux leather cover is a non-slip silicone layer that holds them securely to your seat. These seat covers are compatible with side airbags, but they cannot be used on seats without removable headrests. All this comes at a price, and these are the most expensive covers on our list.

We’re big fans of products that seem more expensive than they are, and that’s where the Black Panther Car Seat Covers shine. These durable covers not only protect your seats from damage, their quilted pattern and fitted shape help them blend into your car’s interior style. The front uses a breathable, padded fabric to keep you cool, while the back uses a non-slip material to hold it in place. A combination of fasteners firmly attach this cover to your seat. In front of the seat portion, there are two small pockets that add a little bit of handy storage space to your car; it’s perfect for your phone. This option does not cover side bolstering — it only covers the middle portion of your seat — and it is compatible with side airbags. Six colors are available.

For seat covers that add a new level of luxury to your car, check out the SNAILAX Massage Car Seat Cushion. Easy-to-use elastic straps and slip-resistant backing hold the cover in place. The universal shape is designed to work with any bucket front seat. Six vibration motors, located in the upper back, shoulders, lower back, and thighs, provide an in-car massage for the most relaxing commute you’ve ever had. Three heating pads add relaxing warmth, and automatically turn off to prevent overheating. A handheld controller lets you choose from five massage modes, four massage regions, four intensity levels, high or low heat, and three timers. This cover plugs into a standard 12-volt outlet. Many customers purchase two of these seat covers and a 12-volt splitter to equip both front seats.

If you need to protect your car seats after a workout, swim, or a day at a dirty job site, Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof Car Seat Covers are up to the task. These car seat covers are large enough to provide a universal fit, and the waterproof material is durable enough to protect your seats against anything life throws at them. Just place the top of the cover around your headrest, fasten the adjustable strap around the base of the backrest, and let the non-slip backing hold this cover in place. The neoprene surface uses the same material used in wetsuits, so it won’t stick to your skin. It’s easy to install and remove, and rolls into a convenient bundle when not in use – perfect for when you only want to use it occasinally. It also includes a matching seatbelt cover.

Fortunately, options like the Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Bucket Seat Cover make protecting your car’s interior affordable. At a fraction of the cost of other seat covers on this list, this one uses elastic side material for a snug fit, and soft saddle blanket material on the front for comfort and durability. While this car seat cover is considered universal, you should make sure that your seat backs fit within 31 inches tall and 19.75 inches wide, and your seat bottom fits within 19 inches wide and 21 inches long. The wraparound design is compatible with side airbags. Covers are sold individually, but matching covers are also available for back seats and even steering wheels. Durability won’t be as high as the alternatives on this list and the laid-back, casual style won’t suit every vehicle. But we love the price point.