“There is no wrong-wheel drive, only wrong-minded snobbery.” This is one of our earliest Car Bibles Commandments that we conjured up many months ago, and now it can be yours in shirt form! Well, at least the first bit of the commandment, the bit that matters.

If you’re on board with this ethos, you can grab the latest Car Bibles x BlipShift collaboration “Any Wheel Drive” until October 13. Click right here to check it out on BlipShift’s site where you’ll find this design on a few types of shirts, hoodies, or on a poster.

What we mean is that all three drivetrain configurations (front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive) can be a ton of fun, and all have their own positives and negatives. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction you feel when you flawlessly trail-brake an FWD car into a tight right-hander and get the rear-end to ever-so-slightly oversteer upon entry. Just like the joyous feeling of holding an RWD slide through a fast left-hander, and then skillfully powering out of it. Then, who doesn’t enjoy stomping on the gas mid-corner and letting an AWD system sort everything out for a clean, torque-filled exit?

Plus, who isn’t impressed by FWD dragsters? Have you seen videos of those things? They can even put traditional RWD hardware to shame.

Not only are all drivetrains fun, but being able to decently hustle each of them through any succession of corners is a badge of honor for any driving enthusiast.

As with all BlipShift products, the printing is top-notch and can be put on a myriad of different shirt types and materials. And of course, once it’s gone it might not come back for a long time (if ever). That shopping link again is right here — make sure you hit it up before October 13!