Every once in a while I’ll do a lengthy YouTube sesh for content that covers fun, European hatchbacks that we don’t get here in the USA. While scrolling down and making quick judgment calls based on various channels’ thumbnails, occasionally I encounter something truly great. Camber And Combustion, based in the UK, is one of those that cuts the mustard.

Camber And Combustions’ content is essentially a couple of friends driving a couple of angry hatchbacks to the limit on tracks around Europe, primarily in the UK. This is definitely an indication that I’m a glutton for punishment, as they film a combo of two things that I truly love: French hot hatches we don’t get here, and track days. There are often Japanese hatches mixed in too, but generally it’s all European fare.

The way they film it all is quite entertaining: Take a group of friends, throw them in a couple of fun cars, and watch them play around on-track via onboard footage. Lots of induced throttle-lift oversteer is involved, with an accompaniment of hilarious cackles and giggles to boot. All this rascality leads to occasional close-calls and black flags, but generally everything is pretty responsible. They recently did a four-hour endurance race that made for great entertainment, too!

It’s all about simple, inexpensive track day fun.

The selection of cars and gear on the channel isn’t anything that would be considered pricey. Their fleet includes an early 00s Peugeot 306 GTi6, Renault Clio RS 172, 2ZZ Toyota Celica, and a EP3 Honda Civic Type R. Occasionally, some other newer hatches make an appearance, but still, nothing fancy. The only one of the lot you can find here in the states is a 2ZZ-equipped Toyota Celica GT-S, though good luck finding one that isn’t completely knackered, as the Brits are wont to say.

Their gear consists of just helmets, some racing harnesses and roll bars, and that’s about it. They’re in hoodies and t-shirts and sans racing gloves; a testament to the fact that you don’t need a bunch of gear for a modest track day.

Most of their antics take place at small tracks around the UK, but they also have a few videos at the Nürburgring across the Channel in Germany.

Here’s a great intro to the caliber of entertainment Camber and Combustion offers; they get decent views, but don’t have a ton of subs. That oughta change so they can keep up the hijinks for many videos to come.

I particularly dig this video because there’s a lot of ass-out FWD fun with accompanying cackles: