Car Bibles is the most well-established automotive publication you’ve never heard of. Now it’s under new management (mine) and we’re turning a site that spent years subsisting off of listicles into an actual resource for buying, maintaining, and modifying cars. The focuses here will be fun projects, practical info, and hot takes on the culture from people who live it.

Think owner’s manual info with comic book energy.

The mission’s pretty simple: Car Bibles now exists to help you have a great car even if you can’t spend 10,000 hours (or $10,000) on it. As our library of new stories grows, this site will explain how get the most value and joy from cars, stoke automotive enthusiasm, and consolidate knowledge that makes car repair accessible to the masses.

If you followed me on Jalopnik or check out my Twitter and Insta, you know that my favorite cars are affordable, balanced, and fun to drive. I’ve still got my long-wheelbase International Scout beach cruiser, fat-fender Montero overlander, and my Z31 which I’m almost done “building” as a period-correct ’80s GT car. You’ll be hearing a lot about cars like that from me and my new crew of contributors here:

  • Chris Rosales: Serial Craigslist-car-buyer, motorsport photographer, and tuner who loves canyon driving. Currently runs a manual Mk6 GTI.
  • Kevin Williams: Master budget car flipper, automotive artist, and extremely resourceful when it comes to keeping cars safe and running without spending a lot of coin. Currently runs a manual Chevy Sonic.
  • Peter Nelson: Motorsport man, amateur racer, and experienced car writer. Disciple of the church of slow-car-fast and all about helping you upgrade the most important part of your car: the driver. Currently runs a manual Mazda2.

You can check them out later at our About Us page, and of course you’ll get to know their writing soon.

Buying Advice, Wrenching Tips, Automotive Adventures: Car Bibles Is All-New For 2021

Besides hot takes, news-you-can-use, (mis)adventures, and instructables, you’ll start seeing special guests and columns from other perspectives on Car Bibles in the near future as well. Plus, informational articles from The Drive‘s team and buying guides from review specialists. All our content will generally to fall into one of these categories:

  • Buying (everything that has to do with purchasing and selling cars and parts);
  • Wrenching (regarding mechanics);
  • Driving (to talk about time behind the wheel);
  • Culture (to talk about anything else);
  • Hot Takes (where we can say whatever we want);
  • …and Bibles which will be our flagship reference tomes. Not just buyer’s guides or cursory primers on certain makes or models, The Car Bibles will be living documents consolidating the internet’s knowledge about specific cars. Think Wikipedia page but far more comprehensive and fastidiously fact-checked.

And of course, posts will have comment sections where we’re looking forward to chatting with you and building a community.

So here’s hoping you come back! Please add us to your bookmarks, come hang out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Now get ready to enjoy some educational automotive entertainment from all of us here at Car Bibles.