For a lot of people, buying their dream car or at least something close to that may prove to be quite the luxury. That’s why most buyers look towards the ‘used-cars’ market to get a good car at a much more lenient price. There’s been the pressing question of how reliable buying a former rental car would be, with concerns on the welfare of such cars. There’s a lot to consider when weighing the pros against the cons in this case. However, we’ll make it a lot easier by debunking some of your fears and providing viable information that will definitely help you make that important final decision if you’re thinking of buying a rental car. Before you decide to totally steer clear from rental cars, let’s look into some of the basic factors to consider.

Rental Cars Have Been Used By Diverse Drivers

It’s an unarguable fact that rental car wheels have known the hands of many users. How well the previous drivers have treated the car in question can’t really be determined. A lot of people will only treat what is theirs with uttermost respect, but don’t give the same caution to rented materials. Car dealers have the task of finding users who have man-handled a rented car and probably taking it to the auto shop to have the issues fixed.

So now, you may just be stuck with a car that has constantly been to the repair shop. Well, this is not always the case; for most car rental companies, they are strict policies that guide drivers to take the utmost precaution when driving. Cash penalties and other legal penalties ensure the cars are well-maintained and driven with care.  So you could end up with a reliable car that has been well-taken care of by the past drivers and for a sweet deal too.

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Lower Prices

Talking about sweet deals, rental cars tend to have quite irresistible prices that would make a lot of minds sway. Car rental companies understand the concerns most buyers would have purchased a used car of such caliber without paying too much mind to the brand. They are willing to sell off their used cars at lower rates with some juicy bargain deals at the side. These cars are sold way below retail price and may save buyers up to $1000 or more.

The faster they get their old fleet out, the earlier they can bring a new set in. This allows consumers the leverage of getting a good bargain deal and spending less on a car in good condition. Most rental companies make use of pricing guides such as Kelly Blue Books. If you’re uncertain about the offer price of a rental car, it would be a great advantage to check online pricing guides as well, to avoid being ripped off.

Limited Inventory

When you walk into a standard car dealership garage/store, the options are almost limitless. There are a good number of cars to choose from with different specs and features to drool over. However, don’t expect this same luxury if you want to buy used rental cars. Most car rental shops stick to a good number of brands and car types. You’d probably find five types of the same car, and it’s no surprise, it’s a car rental shop. They need to have cars of the same brand, this makes maintenance easier and would probably also save costs when buying in bulk.

There may equally not be the luxury of upgrades and special features such as tinted windows or upgraded stereo systems like you’d find in regular used cars. However, if you don’t mind personalizing and customizing the car to your preferred taste, this shouldn’t be a major discouragement. Also, most car rental companies are more likely to update their inventory in good time; a car that was previously unavailable could be in the market the next week. It’s up to you to probably ask if it’s okay to check back in a few day’s time.

Test Driving

One of the advantages you stand to gain when buying a car from a car rental company is the liberty they provide to test drive the car. Such time periods are not allowed in car dealerships; the most you’d get is a 15-20 min spin around to help figure out if that’s the right car for you. The best car rental companies will allow up to three days of test driving and probably a check at the auto-shop before finalizing your decision. This really allows buyers the room to experience just how well the car fits, performs, sounds and fares on the road. That’s something 15 mins would definitely not give you, however, as expected, they would have to be a down payment that is fully refunded if the car is purchased.

On the other hand, some car rental companies offer a seven-day return policy that allows potential buyers to return a purchased car when not satisfied within the specified time interval. Although practically any car rental company would probably give a fine for this, it’s a good opportunity to return a car that has probably not performed consistently throughout the time frame. For the small cost of a $100 to $200, you’d get to drive a potential car around for the specified time frame after purchase, and return it if there are any doubts or concerns.

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Most car rental companies are set to sell their cars directly to consumers. This entails that they are online platforms and websites where you can shop from or mini outlets near you that can easily be located.  This most definitely eases up the stress of painstakingly finding a used car shop or owner to trade with. As mentioned earlier, they are also online pricing guides available to help guide both sellers and buyers on the acceptable rate to trade at. This makes shopping for a ‘new-used’ car a lot easier and more convenient.

Remember, it is best to do the necessary homework on the car you’d like to buy before purchasing it. Check the maintenance records on the car, read and re-read the company’s service policies, take the car to your auto-mechanic to get thorough analysis and breakdown on its status. At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you, benefit from the low prices and manage taking home a well-maintained car with more mileage, use and probably a little wear and tear or think of buying a more expensive used car that may be as beat up or even worse.

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