The Best Brake Caliper Presses

Stopping your vehicle is more important than starting it. A reliable braking system is critical to the safety of you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road. The calipers in your vehicle are the casing around your brake pads. They house the parts of your brakes that press your pads onto your rotors. Whether you tackle your own maintenance and pad changes or just need a quick fix once in a while, a brake caliper press is handy to have in your tool box. Forcing the calipers inward, it lets you adjust the braking system in your vehicle. Naturally, you want a caliper press that works well and lasts a long time. So, to help you find the best brake caliper presses, we’ve listed the top options. Let’s take a look.

The FIVE BANANAS Brake Caliper Tool is a reliable tool that works for those of all experience levels. This press is crafted using high-grade materials for long-lasting performance. Thanks to the screw’s location (at the center of the press) the force spreads evenly across the pistons. This means you get optimal alignment after you squeeze the brake system into place. Since it’s so powerful, you can use this press on bigger vehicles such as long-haul trucks. The system comes with two sets of boards for pushing. This enables you to use the system on all types of brakes from single to quad setups. As an added benefit, it comes with a lever to reverse the function. In a jiffy, you can switch from retraction to expansion. Durable and user friendly, this caliper press is a quality choice overall. 

If you’re on the lookout for a cost-effective solution, the LOVIT Brake Caliper Press is worth checking out. It is effective for all types of brakes, including those with one, two, and four pistons. This means you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Plus, with the reversible lever, you can turn the device into a spreader easily. The handle provides a quality grip while keeping your hand comfortable throughout. The press uses a ratchet that can move a full 360 degrees. Thanks to this feature, you can effortlessly reach into tight quarters (without foregoing control). This press places the ratchet dead center relative to the panels. With evenly spread pressure, it reduces the risk of faulty alignment. Affordable and effective, this is a solid value pick.

When you want a press that you can count on in a pinch, the LANG TOOLS Caliper Press is a worthy selection. It is compatible with all piston setups, including those with floating calipers. The press can switch from pressing to retracting quickly. At the smallest setting, it rings in at 1.7 inches. The largest width it achieves is three inches. Given this broad spectrum, you can use this caliper press on all types of vehicles. In terms of pressure, it spreads the force evenly across the calipers. By keeping the ratchet centralized, it avoids alignment concerns and keeps you moving straight. Since the setup is designed to swing over a full 360 degrees, you get good reach. Balancing a lightweight design with durability, this is definitely a premium choice.

The ABN Ratcheting Caliper Press is an awesome solution, especially when you want to save storage space. It is versatile, and since you can apply it to everything from a single to quad-piston system, it lets you work on all sorts of vehicles. The ratchet has a full range of motion, so you can perform maintenance in tight quarters. It applies force evenly throughout the whole pad. This limits the need for continued upkeep thanks to it offering effective alignment. By including two sets of pads, you can tackle projects of all sizes. Best when used slowly and steadily, the steel-carbon composite is very powerful. Meant to withstand wear and tear, this tool earns an honorable mention on this list.

With an easy-to-grip design, the PERFORMANCE TOOL Caliper Press is well-deserving of this honorable mention. It’s built to work with all sorts of brake setups. Have a single-piston system? This press can tackle the job. Floating calipers and a four-disk brake structure? It works well for that, too. It comes with two different sized plates to suit vehicles of all sizes. This way, whether you’re a long-haul trucker or run a family vehicle, this is a good way to go. Since you can swap it from a retractor to a spreader with the flip of a lever, it doubles in utility.  Working over a full 360 degrees, this tool lets you reach tricky spots. It applies force evenly over the whole system, giving you the benefits of reliable alignment every time.