I have been hearing a lot of slander lately, different from the usual trash storm of social media discourse. It’s deeply concerning and is making me question the tastes of many people I know, including people I like. It’s about the blue wheels on the new Porsche Cayman GT4 RS.

  • Car: 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS
  • Location: Flacht, Weissach, Germany
  • Photog: Porsche

Apparently, they’re controversial. I don’t understand how they’re controversial if you have any sense of the color wheel, fashion, or style. The blue wheels on the GT4 RS are, in fact, very good. All of the rest of you are wrong. Here’s why.

Some of the takes I’m seeing are clearly coming from folks who:

  1. Have never seen a color-deviated wheel.
  2. Probably think black wheels look good.

Blue wheels have a rich history. In fact, colored wheels in general are a staple of car modding culture, especially Japanese drift culture. If you think the gorgeous blue of the GT4 RS’ wheels is lurid, wait until you see a proper grassroots-style Japanese drift car. They normally have neon yellow, bright pink, or even highlighter green wheels, usually a Rays Gram Lights 57 model wheel. If they aren’t colorful, they are usually chrome and deep-dish three-piece wheels instead.

Back to blue wheels. My entire argument is proven by the sheer, unadulterated excellence of the Mag Blue wheel finish from Japanese wheel manufacturer Rays. If it were up to me, all of my cars would have a set of Mag Blue ZE40s or TE37s. But most interesting of all, Porsche’s so-called Satin Indigo Blue wheel finish looks shockingly close to Rays Mag Blue.

Any naysayers of the blue wheel revolution are simply wrong. Stop being boring, nerds. More color is always better.