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The Best Steering Wheel Covers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Choice SEG Direct Black Microfiber Car Steering Wheel Cover SEG Direct Microfiber Car Steering Wheel Cover
Premium Pick Wheelskins Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers Wheelskins Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers
Best Value Plasticolor Jeep Steering Wheel Cover Plasticolor Jeep Steering Wheel Cover

Buying a steering wheel cover to install in your car can be an excellent idea. In fact, it can be one of the best pieces of equipment to you add to your vehicle. For starters, they instantly update a tired old steering wheel that has looked better in the past. More importantly, they can make driving safer. The best steering wheel covers not only help drivers’ hands from slipping down the wheel, they also protect a driver’s hands from the elements if a steering wheel gets too cold or too hot.

The market for steering wheel covers is huge, however. There are so many different types with varying quality, so it can be quite overwhelming to pick one. We have compiled several cool steering wheel covers that we think are worth purchasing. We have listed some universal fitting steering wheel covers but also a few brand-specific steering wheel covers for loyal followers of makes such a Jeep or BMW, for example.

The Best Steering Wheel Cover

Our top pick for the best steering wheel cover is this leather steering wheel wrap from SEG. It is suitable for a wide range of cars, makes, and models so it is a good bet if you have a medium-sized steering wheel.

It is a great purchase because it provides comfort to the driver while in the car due to the soft padding and breathable material that is also highly durable. It is designed to be wear resistant yet able to offer a better grip on the wheel so the driver has better control on the road. Lastly, SEG always uses eco-friendly materials.

Key Features
  • Made from microfiber leather
  • Suitable for mid-sized steering wheels
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Brand SEG Direct
  • Model FBA_AU38WILSWC0020
  • Weight 12 oz


Heat resistant


Only fits steering wheels with diameter 14.5 inches to 15 inches

This is suitable as a BMW steering wheel cover as well as other cars with steering wheels that start at 14.5 inches and go to 15.5 inches. Those are a medium-sized steering wheel in most cases.

It is a high-quality product that is made of heavy-duty leather that is not only real, it is also very soft and thick so that it provides the driver with much better grip, and therefore safety, while on the road. In the summer, it stops users from burning their hands on the wheel as it is heat resistant, but while it is incredibly practical, it simply looks great too by adding a leather detail to your ride.

Key Features
  • Fits medium sized steering wheels
  • Both stretchable and foldable so will never be deformed
  • Made from natural rubber so environmentally friendly
  • Brand Valleycomfy
  • Model FXCF01
  • Weight 1.32 lbs

Heavy-duty, genuine leather

The embossed design is breathable


More expensive than our number one pick

Slightly smaller than the previous two examples of leather steering wheel wraps, this cute steering wheel cover is made from genuine leather so that any driver can add the feeling of luxe to their car – especially when purchased alongside the Vitodeco matching floor mats and seat covers.

In terms of practicalities, this steering wheel wrap ensures that drivers are comfortable while driving in either hot or cold temperatures as well as giving them that extra bit of grip that makes driving far safer. It is also very easy to install – even for those who have never had a steering wheel cover before. 

Key Features
  • Fits steering wheels that are 14.25 inches to 14.75 inches in diameter.
  • Highly durable material
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Brand Vitodeco
  • Model SWC-301
  • Weight 1.5 lbs

Able to provide comfort to hands in extreme temperatures

Real leather is odorless and non-toxic


Slightly smaller than previous two leather steering wheel covers

Of all the cute steering wheel covers out there that are suitable for trend loving women, this is perhaps the cutest. The rhinestone finish may not suit everyone but it will certainly add a dash of personality to any car, quickly and easily.

But while the rhinestones are obviously a more unique finish, the rest of the design of this steering wheel wrap does not hold back in terms of practicalities. It has an ergonomic design that provides drivers with extra grip while the rhinestones actually massage palms and help to relieve drive fatigue. It is also highly durable and can be used at any time of year.

Key Features
  • Made from leatherette for a high quality finish
  • Easy to install and will fit most car steering wheels up to 38 cm or 15 inches in diameter
  • Massages palms at the same time as driving
  • Brand Aumo-mate
  • Model Aumo-mateT438
  • Weight 0.32 oz

Ergonomic design for extra grip

Excellent in all temperatures -76°F to 464°F (-60°C to 240°C)


May not suit all tastes

Coming in a range of sizes that will fit small to large steering wheels, this genuine leather car steering wheel cover is so easy to install that even a child could do it. The range of sizes that it comes in makes it suitable as both a Jeep steering wheel cover or a Honda steering wheel cover which are two car makes that have differing steering wheel sizes.

In whatever car this steering wheel wrap was installed, it will protect users against heat and it is also very durable so it is almost impossible to rip nor will any mold ever grow on it. It is made of genuine leather, though comes without any smell that can put users off. All in all, this is an excellent example of a leather steering wheel cover.

Key Features
  • Genuine leather
  • Actively designed to prevent a slippery wheel
  • Has a smooth look to it
  • Brand BDK
  • Model SW-899-SK
  • Weight 12.8 oz

Eco friendly materials used

Incredibly easy to install


Double stitching can be uncomfortable to some

This can be used as a Honda steering wheel cover or even a BMW steering wheel cover as well as fitting all standard steering wheels that are up to 15 inches in diameter. Regardless of what car it is chosen for, it will provide excellent grip whilst lasting a long time so that long journeys are comfortable for the driver.

It comes in a variety of colorways to suit all tastes and helps provide some personality in terms of decor to your car – while protecting your steering wheel all at the same time. It will protect the driver too against high temperatures and gives a non-slip surface to make driving with control all that more attainable.

Key Features
  • Skidproof
  • Microfiber leather
  • Age resistant
  • Brand Mayco Bell
  • Weight 8 oz

Provides excellent grip

Easy installation


Some colorways may not suit all tastes

This steering wheel wrap is a Jeep steering wheel cover and an extremely affordable way to improve the safety of your 4×4 by providing a more comfortable steering wheel in addition to far more grip. Its design also features molded-in colors.

The manufacturer has taken great care to make a steering wheel cover that does not have a strong rubber odor like some steering wheel wraps have. It is a fully licensed Jeep product so it will add that extra something to your Jeep if you are an avid Jeep enthusiast.

Key Features
  • Has molded in colors in a number of colorways
  • Does not have a rubber smell
  • Exceedingly strong and durable
  • Brand Plasticolor
  • Model 006478R01
  • Weight 2.2 lbs

Made specifically for Jeeps for a snug fit

Does not fade or discolor


Not safe to use in other car makes

This is one of those cool steering wheel covers that will surprise customers at how affordable it is. It comes in a variety of sizes so that customers should be able to find a fit that works for them, even for those that drive SUVs. It does, however, only come in one colorway. However, as it is gray, it will not upset anyone’s taste.

It comes free of the new steering wheel cover smell that so many steering wheel wrap users complain about. This is also an incredibly easy cover to install and looks great from every angle once installed. Users often proclaim it looks like it came with the car itself.

Key Features
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Gray colorway
  • Has ventilation holes to keep the driver cool
  • Brand D8
  • Model 888-SWC-gy-L
  • Weight 1 lb

Easy installation

Value for money


Universal sizing can be a bit hit and miss for some

This is a universal-size, genuine leather steering wheel cover that comes in a variety of colors so users can update the interior of their car with ease. Plus, you can do so quickly due to the easy installation that Wheelskins steering wheel covers have.

Wheelskins steering wheel wraps come with patented lacing holes that are a reinforcement system that ensure that every single fit on a steering wheel is tight without being cumbersome to install. All the steering wheel wraps are made of cowhide from California.

Key Features
  • patented lacing holes for reinforcement
  • Made from California cowhide
  • Fits a variety of steering wheel sizes
  • Brand Wheelskins
  • Model AXX
  • Weight 8 lbs

Huge variety of colorways

Classic, classy finish


Some colorways may date quickly

This is easily one of the best steering wheel covers on the market owing to its luxury comfort finish that comes from Rueesh choosing one of the highest quality microfibers available at the moment. The material makes the steering wheel wrap excellent for grip while it also massages the palms of drivers at the same time.

Additionally, the material is breathable and is made with soft padding so that it can be used in a variety of weather. If drivers do not like it, they can make use of the 2-year money back guarantee.

Key Features
  • Embossed finish gives drivers more grip
  • Microfiber is about 100 grams thicker than most other steering wheel covers
  • Fits over 90% of steering wheels
  • Brand Rueesh
  • Model FBAAA16CC0516SWC2058
  • Weight 1.3 lbs

Two-year warranty

Made from some of the best microfiber available


Only comes in a one embossed finish

This steering wheel wrap can certainly be classed amongst the cute steering wheel covers available to buy that will protect hands throughout the year. It has been designed with the intention of keeping hands cool in the Summer while making sure that steering wheels are not cold or freezing to touch in the Winter.

It fits steering wheels that are 38 cm wide in diameter or 15 inches, so it should fit most standard sized steering wheels while providing users with a safer grip on their wheel for more controlled driving. Plus, it will instantly freshen up the interior of any car when bought in one of its many bright color ways.

Key Features
  • Protects steering wheel from wear and tear
  • Fits steering wheels of 15 inches in diameter
  • Anti-slip material
  • Brand Raysell
  • Model Car012

Wide variety of colorways

Extremely comfortable to grip


Installation a little trickier than other steering wheel covers

This is one of the best steering wheel covers that will help improve a driver’s comfort while on the road due to the custom grip design that diminishes slippage during rides.

The woodgrain and chrome design will instantly revive a tired looking steering wheel that has been worn around the ages after too much use.

Key Features
  • Universal fit for steering wheels that are between 14.5 inches and 15.5 inches
  • Rubber core allows for easy installation
  • Custom grip comes with increased comfort for long drives
  • Brand Custom Accessories
  • Model 35710P
  • Weight 13.6 oz

Unusual woodgrain and chrome finish

Suitable for all weather conditions


Material is not genuine leather

These steering wheel covers from Gomass come in a variety of colorways that give customers the opportunity to update the interior of their car instantly. While not all colors will suit all tastes, there should be one to suit all cars and styles.

Plus these steering wheel wraps are very durable so will give new life to your car as well as providing users with a far more comfortable ride.

Key Features
  • High quality finish through use of heavy duty microfiber
  • Fits steering wheels that are 14.5 inches to 15 inches across
  • Uses eco friendly rubber
  • Brand Gomass
  • Model 131HL-0002
  • Weight 1.55 lbs

Stylish design

Microfiber leather outer and natural rubber inner


More classic colorways cost more

This is one of the quirkiest wheel wraps out there as well as being amongst the very cool steering wheel covers that are on the market at present. It is made of top quality leather that has no lacing so that easy installation is attainable each and every time. It is soft too from the silicone that also offers a glow in the dark feature.

The color that this steering wheel cover comes in can instantly update any car interior and bring the driver’s personality to their car. It can be used in any weather as it has been designed to protect hands and skin in both hot and cold weather so the steering wheel can always be gripped safely to drive the car immediately.

Key Features
  • Made from the best leather available
  • Quick installation
  • Fits most steering wheels for cars, trucks or even boats
  • Brand Alpena
  • Model 10826
  • Weight 10.4 oz

Quirky and unusual colors available

Keeps hand comfortable in both hot and cold weather


Not everyone will want a glow in the dark steering wheel cover in their car due to it being a distraction

This steering wheel wrap is designed to fit all makes and model of cars with a steering wheel that measures from 14.5 inches to 15.5 inches across in diameter. It is the rubber core that allows for this universal fit so that it allows drivers to update their car’s interior how they wish as well as bringing new life to a steering wheel that may be looking tired.

It has a soft grip memory material so it makes it extremely comfortable to use for long drives as well as giving excellent grip to all so that each and every ride is safe owing to increased control of the car’s steering.

Key Features
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Made from a thermoplastic elastomer which is why these cool steering wheel covers are odorless
  • Made with additional stretch so they are easy to install
  • Brand Custom Accessories
  • Model 38451P
  • Weight 15.2 oz

Long lasting

Soft grip memory foam


Basic design may not appeal to all

Best Steering Wheel Covers Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Buying a Steering Wheel Cover

Something like a steering wheel cover actually takes a great deal more care and consideration before purchasing than first immediately thought. While it is absolutely imperative to get the size right of any steering wheel covers bought, there is slightly more to it than that too. Firstly, you need to think about where you live and the environmental factors that could have a bearing on what steering wheel wrap you can buy. If you live somewhere very hot, it is best to buy a steering wheel wrap that will keep your hands cool – at the start of a journey as well as throughout it.

As the driver, you should also take into consideration the feelings of the material under your palms. If you don’t like the feel of it, you won’t use it, regardless of whether it provides other benefits to you during use. Finally, ensure that you buy a good quality steering wheel cover that is durable. The best steering wheel cover should last an incredibly long time, despite the fact that a steering wheel gets far more wear than we give it credit for.

Also, it can pay to have a cursory think about how you could wash your chosen steering wheel cover too. You want one that won’t collect dirt and is not a complete pain to clean.

leather steering wheel

Why You Should Use a Steering Wheel Cover

There are lots of reasons why it is a good idea to use a steering wheel cover. For starters, it not only provides drivers with added grip to the wheel so that a safer ride can be attained each and every time you get behind the wheel, but it also prevents the steering wheel itself from being damaged and aging. If you think about it, it is part of the car that gets a great deal of wear and, if it is ruined by the time you come to sell it, it can make selling your car that little bit more difficult.

Additionally, steering wheel covers protect drivers from the elements – be they freezing temperatures or the sweltering heat that can make a steering wheel feel red hot to touch if left out in the sun too long. Again, this benefits the driver, the passengers and those around the car as it improves safety as the driver is more likely to grip the wheel as it should be held and give far more control on the car than if it was being driven when the wheel was too hot to touch.

Wheelskins Installation Tips

Here are some installation tips from Wheelskins that can help when putting your steering wheel wrap into your car and onto your steering wheel. Some are easier than others, but with some care, time and patience, a smooth finish can be achieved. Steering wheel covers are, by design, meant to be tight so they can be a little awkward if you are not used to installing them, but if you are putting a Wheelskins steering wheel cover into your car there are lacing holes there that are reinforced so the cover is resistant to tearing. In fact, you can pull so tightly on the cords that you may want to wear a glove to give your fingers some protection.

steering wheel cover

Best Steering Wheel Cover FAQ:

Q:  How do I know what size Wheelskins Steering Wheel Cover I need for my vehicle?

A:  Getting the size of your Wheelskins steering wheel cover is key to buying a steering wheel wrap that fits correctly and as a consequence is safe to use. If the steering wheel wrap is too small, it simply won’t be able to be put on – not without ripping it anyway. If the steering wheel wrap is big, there is a danger that it could interfere with driving while out on the road and cause a distraction that could cause some form of an accident – however small.

Bearing this in mind, and so as not to waste your time in trying to fit a steering wheel cover that is too small or too big for your wheel, take a few moments to measure your steering wheel properly. Use a measuring tape to take your steering wheel’s true diameter and then cross reference it against Wheelskins’ online size chart. Be aware that your car may require a different size other than a standard-issue steering wheel. Wheelskins have a variety and wide selection of special size wheel skins on offer too which are also available to view on their website.

Q:  Do wheel covers smell?

A:  Depending on the material and finish that you choose, steering wheel covers can have a certain smell to them, but not all. In fact, the steering wheel covers that are listed above are odorless so that they will not make your entire car smell for months on end until the smell eventually wears off.

Q:  How do I clean my steering wheel cover?

A:  Cleaning your steering wheel cover depends on the finish of your cover as even the best steering wheel cover will need cleaning at some point. If you have a leather steering wheel wrap, these can be cleaned easily with soapy water and a soft cloth. If you have a fabric steering wheel wrap, try putting it in your washing machine on a very gentle wash at a low temperature with a kind detergent. If your machine does not have a gentle wash (like a lingerie or hand wash cycle), simply handwash your steering wheel cover in your kitchen sink and leave it to flat dry.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the SEG Direct Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover. We love it and think it is one of the best and cool steering wheel covers available on the market at the moment. It fits a huge selection of cars and models, plus it is made from materials that are friendly towards the environment. It will last an incredibly long time too as it is so durable even though it has been designed with soft padding and breathable material. It will always be able to provide users with a comfortable and safe ride through its ability to offer a grip on a steering wheel that will never slip.


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