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Published Dec. 10, 2020

You don’t need many accessories when you’re skating, but you need a helmet. While scrapes, bruises, and unexpected falls are just as much a part of skateboarding culture as skate shoes and laid-back style, you don’t want to run the risk of falling during a trick and landing in the hospital with a serious head injury. Wearing a helmet keeps you safe and well protected, whether you’re skating down sloping hills or trying out new tricks at the skatepark. Skating helmets come in many different styles, materials, and designs, and many are so versatile they can even be used for other activities like bike riding and more. A single skating helmet can offer secure protection and solid value. Check out some of the best skating helmets available right here.

The Best Skating Helmets

The Retrospec Classic Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet is our top choice because it’s so versatile, and it’s also a very well-built helmet that’s sure to keep you safe. This unisex helmet is designed for adults, and it’s been tested and approved for use while skating, biking, and skiing. It can also be used when you’re on roller skates or scooters. With a matte exterior available in a variety of colors, this skating helmet is made out of tough, fully formed ABS on the outside and is cushioned with high-quality EPS foam on the inside. That foam keeps you and your head safe on impact, and it’s also comfortable and irritation-free. Ten vents built into the hard exterior help you stay cool while you skate, and you’ll also get two sets of interchangeable foam pads so you can create a customized fit and the right level of cushioning inside.

Key Features
  • The exterior is ABS plastic
  • Comes with two sets of interchangeable foam pads
  • 10 vents offer ventilation
  • EPS foam is shock-absorbing
  • Brand Retrospec
  • Model 3095
  • Weight 1.04 pounds

Tested for safety 

Features a classic simple skate design

DEWcollector interior padding helps wick away sweat for coolness


Can be large on individuals with smaller heads

May feel a bit heavy

If you’re looking for a great mix of quality and value, the JBM Skateboard Helmet is a fantastic choice. Designed for skateboarding, this helmet is made just for kids — and its affordable price means you don’t have to spend a lot to find a good, protective helmet for your children. Both CPSC and ASTM certified, you can trust in the quality of this skating helmet. It can be used for skateboarding as well as riding bikes, scooters, and even roller skating. The exterior of the helmet is constructed out of durable PVC and PC material, and the interior is lined with EPS foam that helps absorb the effects of any impacts. Multiple vents, which are placed aerodynamically around the helmet, help kids stay cool and reduce sweating. This helmet is also backed by a one-year warranty, which is another valuable feature.

Key Features
  • Exterior made from PVC and PC
  • Interior features EPS foam padding
  • One-year warranty
  • Brand JBM International
  • Model JBM-HM1-S-BK
  • Weight 1.19 pounds

Available in three sizes that can fit children of many ages

Helmet straps and buckles are easy to adjust

EPS foam protects even on direct impact


Sizing can be difficult to get right

May crack when dropped

Straps can detach unexpectedly

The Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboarding Helmet is a bit pricier than other skating helmets but for good reason. This premium helmet offers lots of benefits, and it can be used for a wide variety of different sports. It’s dual certified for safety; this helmet complies with CPSC safety standards and ASTM F-1492 skate safety standards. It’s constructed with an ABS external shell and impact-absorbing EPS foam on the inside. This skating helmet comes with two sets of removable Sweatsaver Fit Pads, which you can adjust, add to, or remove from your helmet for a customized fit and level of cushioning. These pads are even moisture wicking to keep you cool. Designed for a low profile and close fit, this helmet is meant to be light on your head and easy to forget while you’re wearing it.

Key Features
  • Available in three sizes
  • Exterior made out of ABS plastic
  • Interior features EPS foam
  • Two sets of optional pads are included
  • Brand Triple Eight
  • Model 3003
  • Weight 1 pound

Meets two critical safety standards

Unique moisture-wicking foam padding can be customized

Quality materials can withstand everything from scratches to impact


Loosen over time, which can change the fit

Runs small

If you’re looking for a tough, durable helmet that’ll survive all kinds of skating falls, the OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet is a solid option. This impressively strong helmet is built to withstand it all — it’s made with a reinforced ABS exterior shell and an extra-thickened shock-absorbing EPS foam core. It’ll absorb impact and keep what’s inside protected, all while being comfortable while you skate. Able to fit both kids and adults, this skating helmet is CPSC and ASTM certified for safety. The helmet also includes two removable liners, which are two different sizes and help you stay comfortable and cool. You can wash these liners to keep your helmet clean (and sweat-free). Even better, 12 vents help offer cooling airflow. And the helmet is backed by a lifetime warranty, which means you’ll be able to seriously trust its durability.

Key Features
  • Available in three sizes
  • ASTM and CPSC certified
  • Reinforced ABS shell
  • Shock-absorbing EPS foam core
  • Brand OutdoorMaster
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 13.62 ounces

Two removable liners give you an easy way to clean your helmet interior

12 air vents help you stay cool

Lifetime warranty offers long-term value


Has a high profile

Doesn’t feature many adjustment options

The Kamugo Kids Adjustable Helmet is a great, safe choice for young skaters. This adjustable helmet is meant to fit toddlers and growing kids alike, and it’s suitable for ages 3 to 8 years old. Built for safe skateboarding and able to be used for other sports like bike riding, scooter riding, and more, this helmet is CPSC certified. And it offers some seriously great protection. The skating helmet is built to be heavy-duty, made with shock-absorbing EPS that’s able to handle spills, falls, and more. Kids can grow fast, and this skating helmet can adapt; this sturdy option includes an adjustable wheel ratchet that can be altered to fit kids’ heads from 18.9 to 21.3 inches in size. The straps are adjustable too, and this helmet comes in an array of nine color choices to suit any preference. It’ll grow with your little skater — and it’s backed by a satisfaction guarantee too.

Key Features
  • ABS exterior shell
  • EPS inner shell
  • Adjustable turning knob offers a customized fit
  • Cushioned with shock-absorbing EPS foam
  • Brand Kamugo
  • Model N/A
  • Weight N/A

Protects with high-strength, impact-resistant material at multiple layers

11 air vents offer great cooling

Adjustable helmet and straps are perfect as kids change sizes


Exterior material scratches easily

Doesn’t offer much breathability

Pieces like the adjustment knob can break easily

Here’s a skating helmet that’s very versatile: the Monata Skateboard Helmet. This helmet can kind of do it all. It’s suitable for young skaters and adults, and it can be worn for protection while you’re skating or while you’re on roller skates, your bike, or even a scooter. This multisport helmet is made with a high-density ABS shell that features an EPS foam core for extra layers of protection. It meets CPSC and EN 1078 safety standards, which allows you to be confident in its safety. Designed with a micro-adjust fit system, this skating helmet can be customized to your liking. The interior features removable padding, which means you can increase or decrease the amount of padding to customize your comfort and make the helmet even more lightweight. No matter how you wear it, the helmet’s 11 ventilation holes will offer a cooling breeze as you skate.

Key Features
  • Hard ABS shell
  • EPS foam core
  • Adjustable fit system gives you control over the helmet’s sizing
  • 11 vents for breathability
  • Brand Monata
  • Model W-001
  • Weight 10.58 ounces

EPS foam padding and removable lining can be adjusted to suit your needs

Low profile design and light weight make the helmet easy to wear

The helmet can be used for any kind of skating and other sports


Chin strap isn’t cushioned

Visor can be problematic if you wear glasses or sunglasses

Interior padding can move around

The TurboSke Skateboard Helmet offers some of the biggest benefits all in one sleek and simplified skating helmet. Designed specifically for sports with tough, dangerous impacts, this helmet is meant to be worn while skateboarding — and it’s suitable for use while BMX biking, riding a scooter, or other challenging sports. Each helmet undergoes rigorous safety testing and complies with both CPSC and ASTM safety standards. Made with two reinforced layers that offer excellent protection from the outside in, this skating helmet features a hard ABS shell and an EPS foam liner that’s secured on the helmet’s underside. A series of 11 air vents pull fresh air into the helmet while sending hot air outwards. And when it comes to sizing, this helmet features a sizing ring that expands or encloses around your head so you can achieve the perfect snug fit.

Key Features
  • Built with a hard ABS shell
  • EPS foam liner offers padding
  • Adjustable sizing ring lets you control the fit
  • 11 air vents for breathability
  • Brand Turboske
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 1.35 pounds

Designed to withstand tricks and more challenging skating

Protective yet offers a customizable fit

Backed by a satisfaction guarantee


The size chart can be a bit off

Bigger heads may struggle to find a size that works

The Bavilk Skateboard Helmet is one seriously light helmet. You’ll barely feel this helmet while you skate, thanks to its unique ultra-lightweight design and aerodynamic shape. Built with a formed ABS shell and an EPS foam core that absorbs shock on impact, you’ll be safe — and this helmet is suitable for kids and adults. The high-hardness ABS and high-density EPS work together to provide as much coverage and durable protection as possible, and the helmet covers the front, sides, and back of the head. Removable foam padding and a breathable liner made out of cotton offer comfort and cooling while you skate. A rush tier strap system made with heavy-duty nylon straps and a high-impact buckle make adjustments and a snug fit simple. Available in three sizes and an assortment of colors and finishes, this helmet is one that’ll suit any skateboarder’s style while offering great safety.

Key Features
  • High-hardness ABS exterior shell
  • High-density EPS foam core
  • Removable padding offers cushioning 
  • Comes with a drawstring bag and Bavilk logo sticker
  • Brand Bavilk
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 9.88 ounces

Tough enough for skateboarding and other sports

Provides total coverage from almost every angle

Can be adjusted with the built-in dial for a snug head fit


Some components are of lower quality

Interior support is weak

Foam padding can detach easily

Young skateboarders will like the Ouwor Skateboard Helmet — it isn’t bulky, and it’ll satisfy parents’ safety concerns without weighing kids down. With a small size that’s for toddlers and growing children and medium and large sizes for teens or adults, this skating helmet is available in three sizes and meets both CPSC and EN 1078 safety standards. The helmet is constructed with two reinforced layers: a strong ABS external shell that resists impact and a layer of high-quality EPS foam that’s shock-absorbing. A series of 11 vents offer good air flow, reduce sweating, and keep the wearer comfortable. A crank adjustment dial, along with two sets of pads that have varying thicknesses, allows you to customize the sizing and how much padding you’d like to wear. This helmet can also be used for bike riding, scooter riding, hoverboard riding, and other sports thanks to its versatile protection.

Key Features
  • Two layers of protection
  • Hard impact-resistant ABS shell
  • Shock-absorbing EPS foam
  • Removable, interchangeable padding
  • Brand Ouwor
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 14.57 ounces

Chin straps include chin pads for extra comfort

Small size fits children of many ages

The adjustment dial allows for a customized, snug fit


Sizing can be a bit small for adults

May feel bulky

Straps are stiff and hard to adjust

The FerDIM Skateboard Helmet offers everything you need: protection, comfort, and versatility. Built to be impact-resistant and safe for skateboarding, it’s made with a strong ABS plastic outer shell and a shock-absorbing EPS foam liner. The helmet is quite lightweight, and there’s padding throughout both the underside and the straps. The inner pads are removable, and the chin pad is built into the chin strap so you don’t have to worry about the straps digging into your skin. An adjustable knob and adjustable straps allow you to tighten or loosen the helmet’s fit as needed, a handy feature that can be especially helpful if you’re choosing a helmet for a growing kid. Do keep in mind, though, that this skating helmet isn’t CPSC certified as it claims.

Key Features
  • Hard ABS plastic exterior
  • EPS foam interior
  • Removable padding can be increased or decreased
  • Designed for skating and multi-sport use
  • Brand FerDim
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 9.92 ounces

Easily adjusts in size to accommodate growing kids

Available in three sizes that cover A series of 11 vents offers great breathability


Not CPSC certified

Can be large for children and smaller adults

Straps can break easily

Best Skating Helmets Buying Guide & FAQ

Every time you step onto your skateboard, you’re taking a risk. It might not seem like it — but think about the last trick you didn’t quite nail or your last ride at your favorite skate park. Falling sucks, and it can leave you with some seriously painful damages. From small scrapes and scratches to serious broken bones and head injuries, even the slightest miscalculation or mistake on your board can lead to danger. And that’s why a skating helmet is such a critical accessory.

So, before you wind up with a head injury, you need to choose a quality, well-protected skating helmet. Follow our buying guide to get started in your search.

Do You Need a Skating Helmet?

Every skateboarder needs a skating helmet. Even if you’re an experienced pro, you never know what unexpected accidents could happen when you’re skating. Whether you’re riding your neighborhood streets, using your board to commute, or trying out new tricks at a skatepark, there’s potential for injuries everywhere. That’s why you need to keep your head well-protected.

Helmets protect against injuries big and small. The benefits far outweigh any potential disadvantages, and a skating helmet can pay off when you take a fall.

  • Almost all skateparks require helmets, so you’ll be able to enjoy any skatepark across the U.S.
  • A helmet can make you more visible to drivers when you’re skating on the road.
  • Skating helmets reduce your risk of fatal head injuries.
  • A helmet can help lessen your recovery time after a serious fall or injury.
  • Skateboard helmets can allow you to walk away with less serious injuries or harm when you do fall.
Woman With One Of The Best Skating Helmets
Best Skating Helmets

Types of Skating Helmets

While plenty of skating helmets look similar, there are a lot of options available. Helmets are made in different shapes, with different levels of coverage and protection for your head. Some offer more protection, while others offer more sleek styling and aerodynamic design. The following are some of the most popular types of skating helmets.

Half Helmet

A half helmet is the most popular option for skateboarders. Also called a “shorty,” a half helmet covers the forehead to the back of the head. Some shorty helmets will feature a visor at the front, which can shade your eyes and offer important protection for the front of your face in a fall. Half helmets include straps that may or may not be padded that secure the helmet from your ears to your chin.

These helmets do leave quite a bit exposed, though, so they’re best for skateboarders who want a classic, sleek helmet that’ll offer basic coverage and protection.

Full-Face Helmet

A full-face skating helmet covers more than a half helmet, and it’s one of the most protective and comprehensive options. Full face helmets cover your entire face. From the forehead to the back of your head, your ears to your jaw, these helmets wrap your whole head in secure, sturdy protective material. 

If you’re a serious skateboarder, a full-face helmet will offer you the best protection — especially if you’re skating on the road. Aggressive skateboarders can also benefit from wearing full-face helmets since it eliminates any part of your head or face from making direct contact in a fall or accident.

Leisure Helmet

Leisure helmets are some of the sleekest, most stylish skating helmets you’ll find. These helmets are all about looking good while you’re riding your board. Leisure skating helmets typically have special design features, like great ventilation, removable or customizable padding, washable linings, and more, and they tend to be exceptionally lightweight. This type of helmet is often more expensive than many others because of these extras, however.

Keep in mind that leisure helmets focus more on appearance than protection. They’re best used for casual riding rather than intensive, aggressive, or high-speed skating. Some may be specially designed for racing.

Road Helmet

Road helmets are also called multi-purpose helmets. These skating helmets are great for skaters who want a helmet that can also be used for other sports like BMX, bicycling, and longboarding. They’re very versatile, and they typically offer total coverage so you can skate casually or more aggressively. 

Typically, road helmets are skating helmets that feature an open face. They’re something in between a half helmet and a full-face helmet, covering the bulk of your head yet leaving your face exposed. Keep in mind that because this type is meant for multiple sports, it may not offer very specialized benefits for skateboarders.

Woman Wearing One Of The Best Skating Helmets
Best Skating Helmets

Features to Look for in Skating Helmets

When you’re trying to choose the best skating helmet available, you’ll want to consider certain features and details. Every skating helmet is a bit different — which means you’ll need to determine which offers the best protection, the highest level of comfort, and the right fit for your specific needs. 

Ventilation is one feature you’ll want to look for. You can get pretty hot under your helmet, and ventilation will allow you to keep cool and offer a good balance of airflow. It’ll also prevent your helmet (and your sweat) from breeding smell bacteria. You’ll also want to consider the shell material. A tougher material ensures the helmet will stay strong and in shape when you fall or hit your head; that means you can trust its protection. Padding is also critical, as it’ll absorb impact and cushion your head when you need it most.

Care and Maintenance for Skating Helmets

Skateboard helmets are built to be tough and quite durable. After all, they’re made to take a hit and keep on working — their tough exteriors can withstand a lot of wear and tear. That means taking care of your helmet is pretty simple. 

Caring for your skating helmet is as easy as wiping it down with soap and water every so often to remove dirt and grime. The exterior can be cleaned with a soapy sponge and wiped dry. The interior, however, can need a little bit more care. The padding inside most helmets is removable, so you’ll want to take the padding out, soak it in soapy water, rinse it, and then wring it out. 

  • Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners, as these can strip color and even break down the material of your helmet.
  • Strong odor-eliminating sprays and products don’t always work; it’s best to stick with soap and water.
  • Hang your helmet up after each use to prevent scratches and other exterior damage.
  • Let your helmet air out after each wear to prevent smells from occurring. 

Best Skating Helmets FAQ:

Are you coming up with questions as you consider different skating helmets? You aren’t alone; trying to find the right fit for your head and your skating needs isn’t so simple. From the right fit to different helmet types, there’s a lot to learn. We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about skating helmets below.

Q: Is there a difference between skateboard helmets and bike helmets?

It depends on the type of helmet you choose. Multi-use or multi-purpose skating helmets can be used as bike helmets. But some helmets are specifically designed for skateboarding.

Q: How tight should a skate helmet be?

According to the CDC, a skateboard helmet should fit snugly, with no spaces between your head and the interior foam padding.

Q: How do you measure your head for a helmet?

Wrap a soft tape measure around your head, right above your eyebrows and ears. Or, you can use a piece of string, cut it to size after wrapping it around your head, and measure it against a ruler or tape measure.

Our Top Pick

The Retrospec Classic Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet is our top choice for the best skating helmet because of its quality materials and excellent versatility. This multi-sport helmet is perfect for skateboarders, constructed with a combination of tough ABS material and shock-absorbing EPS foam. It protects against impacts and includes multiple foam pads so you can achieve the perfect fit along with the right balance of cushioning and comfort.

Final Thoughts

The Retrospec Classic Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet is a fantastic all-around skating helmet, with the versatility that makes it a very valuable option. If you’re looking to get quality for less, the JBM Skateboard Helmet is another excellent option that offers protection at a great price.