Best Choice The Best RV Wheel Chocks (Review) in 2021 X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer
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Best Value The Best RV Wheel Chocks (Review) in 2021 Valterra Wheel Chock
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Published Apr. 2, 2019

When it comes to RVing, we’re always ready for a new adventure. Yet one major downside is the precarious business of setting up or working on our campervans on the trip. There’s always the fear that the less-than-trusty planks of wood found at the side of the road just won’t hold up.

Thankfully, RV Wheel Chocks act as a crucial safety measure that you should take on every trip. They’ll stop your wheels from rolling down any incline – even if it’s a hill in disguise. Do you love the idea but have no idea how to select the perfect wheel chock? Or has your reliable wheel chock finally bitten the dust and you’re looking for a new addition to your RV? Whatever the reason, we’ve selected the top most reliable Wheel Chocks out there to ensure you’ll choose a RV support to last for a long time, not just the summer.

The Best RV Wheel Chocks

This product is specifically designed for travel trailers. The wheel chocks are manufactured to complement the tire’s natural movement as opposed to working against them. This essentially offers the average traveling family a stable foundation to rest their RV on.

What’s more, this product is durable thanks to its rust-inhibitive coating and sturdy design. Its resounding flexibility is maintained by its ability to fit tire spacing applications of only 1-3/8 inches while possessing the capability to enlarge to up to 12 inches. If you desire a product that  works with you rather than against you, this is a great option.

Key Features
  • Specifically designed for travel trailers
  • Provides added stabilization and prevents tire shifts by applying opposing force to your trailer's tires
  • Innovative design is in sync with natural movement of tires as opposed to against them
  • Provides a more stable foundation by preventing tires from shifting while in use
  • Product designed to fit tire spacing applications as narrow as 1 3/8 inches while extending to twelve inches
  • Brand BAL R.V. Products Group
  • Model 28012
  • Weight 11.1 pounds

Are you fed up with purchasing unreliable chocks that give you little to no control over your RV’s movements? Camco’s yellow pair of wheel chocks are efficiently designed so not to burden their owner with the  unreliability of most chocks. Thanks to their hard plastic construction with UV inhibitors, these chocks are designed to withstand substantial wear and tear.

Sized as a perfect fit for most vehicles, this pack of two allows you to re-hitch your RV without it rolling all the way down a hill. Users rave about the width of the chocks fitting the full length of their tires.

Key Features
  • Product durability maintained thanks to hard plastic with UV inhibitors
  • Size is a perfect fit for the majority of vehicles
  • Comes in a double pack
  • Strong chocks facilitate the re-hitching of vehicles with confidence
  • Trailer security can be purchased for an affordable price
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 44414
  • Weight 1.35 pounds

Users of these chocks have largely good things to say about this product. Designed for use with heavy-duty loads, your RV won’t go anywhere anytime soon thanks to these bad boys. Worried about slippage? These chocks’ grip on your RV is maximized thanks to their non-slip rubber bottom.

This reliable and durable pack of two chocks only have one downside: they stink.  Just after purchase, these chocks will smell strongly of rubber. To get rid of the smell, the company recommends leaving them outside for two weeks. Yet we know that the smell is worth it since so many RVrs are happy with them.

Key Features
  • Grip maximized by non-slip rubber bottom when vehicle is sitting on chock
  • Easy transportation ensured by unique built-in rubber handle
  • Reliable and great quality durable chocks restore confidence
  • Affordable pack of two designed for holding heavy loads
  • Solid weight able to hold up any heavy vehicle
  • Brand YM
  • Model FBA_W4194-PK2
  • Weight 7. 95 pounds

These chocks are made from rubber and are designed to perform to a higher standard than plastic and resin-made chocks. Worried about transporting these chocks? It’s not a problem when making use of the build-in handle that also helps with their positioning.

One thing we will say though is you’ll never misplace these chocks – just sniff and you’ll find them. Long-time users recommend keeping them outside for a week or two so that the smell subsides.

Key Features
  • Superior design in comparison to plastic or resin-made chocks
  • Build-in handle ensure your chock is easy to carry and position
  • Excellent grip is enhanced thanks to rubber traction pad and oil resistant surface preventing slippage
  • Can be used in all weathers to hold up any heavy RV or trailer
  • Lightweight chocks simple to transport
  • Brand MaxxHaul
  • Model 70472
  • Weight 7.95 pounds

Created by BAL R.V. Products Group, this Deluxe Tire Chock doesn’t muck around when holding your RV in place. This style of chock – otherwise known as X-Chocks – should be placed between the tires and cranked up tight in comparison to the conventional spreader style lock. Not only is it simpler, this deluxe tire spreader comes with a hand-operated plated ratchet wrench, making the set up even easier.

Able to extend from 2.5 inches to a commendable 10 inches, this chock is manufactured to resist minimal wear and tear thanks to its rust-inhibitive coating. The expanders make full connection with the trailer tires, leading to excellent stability and no roll. You’ll notice the difference and feel no front-to-back movement.  

Key Features
  • Locks and applies force between tandem tires
  • Hand-operated plated ratchet wrench included
  • Able to extend from 2-1/2" to 10"
  • Product is sturdy built and durable
  • Minimized wear and tear thanks to rust inhibitive coating
  • Brand BAL R.V. Products Group Group
  • Model 28005
  • Weight 7.2 pounds

Do you need a chock that does the job while costing a fraction of the price compared to fancier models? If so, check out Camco’s Yellow RV Wheel Stop. Designed to help counter trailer movement, it’s easy to stabilize a trailer with just one piece of equipment. All you need to do is hold the lower wedge while screwing the knob clockwise until the wedge is in contact with the tires, then keep going to ensure the chock is secure.

Fitting 26 to 30-inch tires, the locking mechanism is incredibly durable because the tightening mechanism is all metal. This elegant solution to your RV problem is much lighter and straightforward than conventional wedge-type chocks. What’s more, the durable plastic X-Chocks are less expensive than metal chocks and are easy to use and remove.

Key Features
  • Stabilizes your trailer by securing tandem tires to prevent movement while parked
  • Simply spin the wedges to separate them
  • Perfect for utilization with tires from 26-30 inches in diameter
  • Single piece of equipment is lightweight, durable, and easy to store
  • Ideal to use alongside tires with spacing of 3-1/2" to 5-1/2"
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 44622
  • Weight 2 pounds

You’ll be able to spot Buyers Products Wheel Chock from a mile off due to their intense color. Yet, you’ll be able to detect their absolute quality instantly after trying them out on your RV. Lightweight and easy to store, this pair of wheel chocks is joined together by a three-foot nylon rope with reflective tape on three sides for high visibility. Possessing similar features as chocks used at small airports, they can surely stop your campervan from rolling away.

Operating exactly as described on the label, these chocks look and feel heavy duty but are small enough to store conveniently away when not in use. They’re durable and constructed from ribbed rubber. They’re also rust and chemical-proof. Moreover, this model is constructed to withstand the effects of oil, rust, salt, and sun.

Key Features
  • Optimal visibility provided by bright reflective tape on three sides
  • Comes in a pair along with 36" nylon cord
  • Heavy duty chocks can withstand substantial pressure
  • Extruded rubber chock designed for use alongside aircraft, ground equipment, or anchoring a large pipe  
  • Brand Buyers Products
  • Model WC24483
  • Weight 6 pounds

The reliable Valterra Wheel Chock has bright red integrated grooves that are very grippy. The wide ribs are designed to grab the ground, so you can be sure that your motorhome won’t be going anywhere fast.

Constructed from durable polyethylene, Valterra’s wheel chock measures seven inches long by 4-1/4-inches wide, so even the largest wheels will fit snugly on top of this model. The small nylon cord hanging from the chock can be useful when tightly wedging the product under your RV’s tire. Likewise, the bright red color makes the chock distinguishable in comparison to the tires it supports. If you’re simply looking for a traditional chock which does the job, this is it.

Key Features
  • Heavy gauge chock possess nice wide ribs that grab the ground underneath
  • No accidental slippages or rolling thanks to integrated grooves gripping tires for added stability
  • Polyethylene construction providing durability
  • Simple to remove chock thanks to attached nylon cord
  • Brand Valterra
  • Model A10-0908
  • Weight 5 pounds

Not too large nor too heavy, Supreme’s Wheel Chocks are a great option. Our favorite feature is the black foam strips, which prevent slippage. The surface of these chocks is also curved so the wheels fit snugly into the contours.

These chocks are bright yellow, so spotting them under your RV’s wheels or around the back of the garage won’t be a problem. Although some critics are against plastic chocks, users affirm that these chocks are not at all flimsy.

Key Features
  • Strong plastic chocks are lightweight and durable
  • Surface is curved to allow for painless placement into wheels
  • Inclusion of black foam strips prevent chock from slipping
  • Bright color keeps product easy to spot
  • Brand Supreme
  • Model WC01
  • Weight 11.2 ounces

Hopkins’ sturdy chocks are functional in more ways than one. First, they’re stackable and ideal for trips away in the campervan with the entire family when there’s just not enough space to go around. Second, these durable chocks are constructed from heavy-duty resin, so they’ll  last a long time.

These chocks are not for commercial use but should be employed as safety devices in conjunction with ramps or other lifting devices. They have one purpose: to prevent your tires from rolling. And according to users, they fulfill this purpose perfectly.

Key Features
  • Safety product to be used in conjunction with ramps or other lifting devices
  • Designed to last thanks to heavy duty resin construction 
  • Design is stackable to maximize available space
  • Lightweight body quintessential for transportation
  • Brand Hopkins
  • Model 11930MI
  • Weight 7 ounces

Best RV Wheel Chocks Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying an RV Wheel Chock

With camping season already upon us, we’re all on the hunt for that revolutionary RV Wheel Chock which, rumour has it, will stop our campervans from precariously moving about forever. Yet it’s easy to become perplexed by the vast array of options available to us. By looking out for these features below before purchase, you’re more likely to select a reliable chock rather than one which lasts only a few days.

  • Durability

It’s the word of the century; every manufacturer claims that their product is durable for fear that it won’t sell. But how can we those manufacturers who tell the truth from the liars? When considering traditional RV Wheel Chocks, opting for thick rubber is the way to go. This is due to rubber’s ability to remain unchanged by heavy loads. In comparison to plastic, you won’t get small sections of it chipping off easily. Likewise, it’s best to go for an X-Chock made from steel with rust inhibitive and UV coatings.

  • Size

There’s nothing worse than investing in a quality wheel chock only to realize the space in between the wheel is either too small or too large. Know the space in between your tires or the length of your wheel before making an informed choice. Likewise, if you’re purchasing a traditional chock it’s important to ensure it will fit snugly around your vehicle’s wheel.

  • Grip

There’s no point in buying yourself a wheel chock based on size or appearance to later realize its grip is mediocre at best. Purchasing a wheel chock is an investment on your safety – you’d feel pretty silly owning a chock covered with pretty reflexive tape when your RV is sitting at the bottom of a ditch. The two main sources for that traction are the underside, which should have either notches or spikes, and the wheel side, which should sport large grooves and patterns.   

Wheel Chock

Benefits of Using RV Wheel Chocks

The surprise of an RVer when switching from using planks of wood to wedging their RV with proper wheel chocks for the first time says it all. The benefits of owning wheel chocks certainly outweigh the cons and here’s why:

  • Safety First

You cannot put a price on safety. Gravity is not our RV’s friend, but wheel chocks are – traditional wheel chocks push against the RV to create a perfect equilibrium.

  • Stopping the Incessant Rocking Motion

To all those fellow RVers out there; wouldn’t you love to be able to walk around your campervan in summer without it moving precariously all over the place? Wheel Chocks will hold your RV perfectly in place, therefore encouraging very little movement – even when coming in the door!

Types of Wheel Chocks

  • X-Chocks

Pro – Hold extremely well in all conditions

Con – A little more expensive than traditional chocks

  • Traditional Chocks

Pro – Extremely simple to set up; all you have to do is reverse on to them

Con – Often, these types of chocks have a strong smell after first purchase.

  • Rubber Wheel Chocks

Pro – Extremely cost-effective

Con – Extreme weather can lead to degeneration of rubber

  • Wooden Wheel Chocks

Pro – Very cheap

Con – There are so many! Wood rots in the presence of water, it often splinters and breaks, it becomes waterlogged, the complaints are endless…

chocks at the wheel

Best RV Wheel Chocks FAQ:

Q: What are Wheel Chocks?

A: Wheel chocks are one of those incredibly handy products you don’t know how lucky you are to have until they’re gone. Their very simple task is to prevent a wheel from its main function – rolling. The bottom of the wheel will be kept pressed firmly against the ground by chocks providing a challenge to a wheel. Although wheel chocks should be used with parking brakes, most high-quality wheel chocks can do without.

Q: How Many Wheel Chocks Do I Need for My RV?

A: Using two wheel chocks on an RV should do the trick. This way, your RV will be kept stable on both sides.

Q: How to Use RV Wheel Chocks?

A: How you use an RV wheel chock certainly depends on the size of wheels and the design selected.

  • Traditional Chocks

You shouldn’t struggle learning how to use traditional chocks. Simply wedge them tightly between the tires by driving into them and voila, you have a stable truck.

  • X-Chocks

Several of the models reviewed today are X-Chocks, which are arguably one of the strongest chock designs out there. To install the device, simply place the X-Chock in between the wheels to start. Most credible products will come with a ratchet wrench with which to crank the X-Chock to the extended position, just like BAL R.V. Products Group’s X-Chock. Continue cranking force until the X-Chock is firmly in place.

In some cases, using a ratchet wrench isn’t even necessary, as several designs like Camco’s Large Wheel Stop include a knob which can be screwed into place by hand. This is, of course, while maintaining a firm grip on the lower wedge to ensure it is in contact with the tires.

Our Top Pick

Out of all the chocks showcased in this list, which model would we select to keep our own RV from moving? BAL R.V. Products Group’s X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer Pair is our top pick. For starters, its rust inhibitive coating ensures that this pair of chocks will be around for a good few camping seasons. When minimizing the overall cost, it seems like everything is included, such as a plated ratchet wrench with a comfort bumper. Our favorite feature has to be the X-Chocks’ ability to work with the tires’ natural movement rather than against them – if nothing else, it’s nice knowing that our RV and wheel chocks are working in sync. Finally, if your RV has very close axles, this X-Chock should still be able to fit between – being able to extend to 12 inches as well as withdrawing to 1 3/8. If you want to eliminate any RV rocking and feel safe and secure inside your portable home, this is a great option.


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