The Best RV Water Pumps

If you own an RV, at some point you’re going to face trouble with your RV water pump. While the water pump is mostly out of sight, out of mind, it’s an important part. And like any other part of a vehicle, the water pump can break down or fail eventually. Your RV water pump is the key to the water-based comforts of your camper, from the shower to the toilet to the sinks. It’s the pump that pressurizes the water lines of your RV. It’s what brings potable water from the RV’s fresh water holding tank to the toilet, shower, and more. The RV pump literally gets water pumping through your RV’s plumbing, ensuring you have water where you need it while you’re camping. And when the pump does fail, you have a lot of replacement options. Discover our picks for the best RV water pumps right here.

The Shurflo Fresh Water Pump is an all-around great option for any RV’s water system. This RV water pump will work with any 12 volt DC nominal system, delivering 3.5 gallons per minute through its pumping at 45 PSI. It’s a positive displacement three-chamber diaphragm pump with a one-way check valve that’ll prevent reverse flow to eliminate potential problems. It features a 3.5 degree CAM and uses a permanent magnet motor that’s thermally protected. And this RV water pump is true to its name. It’ll keep water flowing surely and consistently as you camp in your RV. It’s even backed by a one-year warranty so you can trust its reliability and know that Shurflo will replace the pump should you see any issues.

If you’re looking for quality at an affordable price, the Bayite Fresh Water Pump is the perfect pick. Not only does this RV water pump function seamlessly in any 12 volt RV system, but it’s also a great value for its price. More affordable than many similar pumps, this product features a patented design that provides you with smooth and consistent water flow at every range of operation. It’s a freshwater pump, with a vertical suction lift of 6.6 feet and an adjustable cut-off pressure of 80 to 85 PSI. It delivers 4.5 liters per minute at 100 PSI. The RV water pump’s body is sealed to offer protection against moisture and dust, and it’ll run continuously for up to six hours at a time. Sealed switches and electro-coating prevent corrosion, giving you a long use life.

Want something that’s more than a basic RV water pump? The Seaflo Self Priming Pump is a great choice. It’s a premium product — and it does come with a high premium-level price. But this pump can deliver 3 gallons per minute at 45 PSI. It’s self-priming and smooth, and it’s almost silent when it runs. It can even run dry without developing damage. Designed for 12 volt RV and marine applications, this water pump is a diaphragm pump that comes with two 1/2-inch barbed hose adaptors and a 50 mesh inlet strainer. It measures 7.84 x 5 x 4.62 inches in size and features 6 maximum amps. But what really makes this a premium standout is the warranty. This RV water pump is backed by a four-year warranty for serious reliability.

The Flojet Triplex Diaphragm Automatic Water System is another RV water pump that’s deserving of your consideration. This genuine Flojet product is a self-priming pump that will give you the ability to run your RV’s water lines without worry. It can even run dry without any damage. It features up to 9 feet of suction lift and has three chambers. A set of soft, noise-absorbing mounts keep the pump operating quietly once it’s installed in your RV. Snap-in port fittings and a built-in bypass reduce pulsation and vibration. And the entire water pump is constructed with corrosion-resistant materials to prevent rust and other problems from developing. The RV water pump runs with a permanent magnet motor and a ball bearing that’s totally enclosed.

If you’re looking for an RV water pump that’ll deliver superior performance and consistent pressure, the Lippert Components Flow Max Water Pump is a great choice. This self-priming pump is designed for 12-volt applications, making it an excellent option for just about any RV. It’s built out of heavy-duty materials and features a corrosion-resistant motor, and it averages 3 gallons of water flow per minute at 50 PSI with 9.5 maximum amps. It’ll run quietly, with disturbance-free operation, and won’t run into any problems if it happens to run dry. This water pump features a screen filter and two connectors, which helps prevent debris from winding up in your pump and your RV’s water lines for a seamless operation experience with every use.