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Published Feb. 18, 2019

Sitting behind the wheel of your RV watching the changing scenery with your friends and loved ones is a great way to relax. Yet there certainly are some parts of the RV experience that are a little more, well, icky. We all have to use the toilet at home and on the road. And working with an RV Sewer Hose can lead you to question your RV lifestyle altogether.

Are you fed up of being covered in your own sludge every time you have to empty the tank? We’ve done our research and selected the top RV Sewer Hoses on the market. Read on, and leave the gunk and funky smells produced from your RV tank behind.

The Best RV Sewer Hose

Camco’s 20-foot RhinoFLEX is one of the toughest hoses available. Manufactured out of 23 inches of heavy-duty polyolefin wrapped around a steel wire core, you can bet it won’t break down very quickly. In terms of convenience levels, the Sewer Hose Kit really is practical as it comes with two 10-foot hoses. Need 10 feet? Simply take the Sewer Kit apart and just use one 10-foot section.

The translucent elbow with a detachable 4-in-1 adapter makes connecting the hose a whole lot easier and will fit any standard sewer connection. It also allows its user to see when the tank is empty. Speaking of practicality, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted dripping with the included lock cap. Zero leaks, zero hassle!

Key Features
  • Tough and durable hose due to steel wire core
  • Lock cap included to stop dripping when not in use
  • Swiveling fittings are detachable and easy to use
  • 4 in 1 adapter fits a large variety of sewer connections
  • Translucent elbow allows prior warning for filling your tank
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 39742
  • Weight 5 pounds

Camco’s RhinoEXTREME Sewer Hose certainly isn’t one of those dreaded floppy hoses that are a complete pain to use properly. It’s unique because the polypropylene wire is on the outside, so superior abrasion resistance and compression are always maintained. There’s no need to worry about any gravel becoming trapped, and punctures will become a worry of the past.

Included in this affordable kit are two 10-foot hose assemblies, which can be easily connected together or kept apart depending on your preference. The transparent elbow really helps you see when the tank needs to be refilled. What’s more, the kits come with pre-attached swivel caps and fittings to maintain durability. If you want to purchase a practically indestructible hose, then this is the model you need.

Key Features
  • Polypropylene wire won't crush due to superb abrasion resistance
  • Kit includes two ten-foot hose assemblies incorporating the finest TPE technology
  • End caps for both ends can be easily secured to prevent any unwanted dripping
  • Detachable fittings can be reused on new hose models
  • Tight and secure connection is ensured thanks to four-prong bayonet style fitting
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 39867
  • Weight 6.32 pounds

Valterra wasn’t mucking about when it designed its 10-foot Dominator Sewer Hose. To start, there’s no need to worry about a single drop leaking out thanks to the caps and the stay-in-place Dominator Hose, which will stretch out and stay in shape when emptying your holding tanks. And storing a sewer hose has never been simpler, as the Dominator easily collapses after usage.

What’s more, the standard three-inch bayonet fittings on the end allow the Dominator to easily connect to other sewer hoses with the fittings. The manufacturer is so confident with its product’s durability that this sewer hose even comes with a one-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Adaptability ensured by two ten-feet hoses being able to connect and disconnect as need be
  • Gas-tight design prevents odors from escaping
  • 90-degree universal threaded sewer adapter easily threads on or press fits into several sewer openings
  • Covered with UV protectant for longer hose life
  • Secure rotating fittings prevents any unwanted twisting
  • Brand Valterra
  • Model D04-0275
  • Weight 7.65 pounds

Titan’s uncrushable Sewer Hose could probably be placed on a plane runway and return as good as new. The hose avoids punctures and harm due to its thermal plastic elastomer properties. There’s nothing worse than a leaky hose, and Thetford ensures this potential crisis is averted by its inclusion of Secure End Caps, which eliminate dripping during storage. Likewise, the handle adapter revolves to make fitting the hose that little bit easier.

Included in Titan’s Sewer kit is a five-in-one sewer adapter with a handle and two end caps, alongside the 15-inch Thermal Plastic Elastomer hose. This material excels when working with extreme temperatures and makes this product one of the toughest and longest-lasting sewer hoses on the market.

Key Features
  • TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) properties ensure that Titan's hose is both puncture and abrasion resistant while also being able to withstand high levels of heat
  • Ergonomic bayonet allows a better grip
  • Attachable to the majority of RV sewer outlets thanks to 5-in-1 sewer adapter
  • Meticulously designed 15-inch hose is ideal for emptying holding tanks of any recreational vehicle
  • Easy set-up is ensured by prior fusion of fittings on hose ends
  • Brand Thetford
  • Model 1218.7853
  • Weight 4.5 pounds

This fairly pricey hose does substantially more than cheaper models. Lippert’s inventive hose features an external helical coiled design that prevents waste from becoming trapped inside. It is also UV protected to ensure durability. Flexibility is only one of the ‘Waste Masters’ key features: the hose can be compressed down to five feet and extended up to a whopping 18 feet.

Unlike those vexatious thin, wire-bound vinyl hoses, Lippert’s innovative model is designed to last. The incorporation of a reliable CAM lock connector ensures that sewage won’t leak on your hands. Our favorite feature has to be the 90-degree discharge port, which makes positioning the waste into any sewage outfit incredibly simple.

Key Features
  • User-friendly nozzle includes integrated internal rubber-sealed shut-off valve to prevent drips, and a 90-degree discharge port for easy positioning
  • Impressive UV-protected, puncture resistant hose encourages waste dispersion due to outer helical skeleton coil structure
  • Hose is five feet compressed and eighteen feet extended
  • Cam Lok connector ensures that hose is dependably sealed and leak-proof
  • Hose durability is provided by UV-protection
  • Brand Lippert Components
  • Model 359724
  • Weight 8.3 pounds

That’s right, we have another Camco hose on the list. It may seem like we can’t get enough, but neither can its customers. This Rhino-brand Sewer Hose is cheap yet as durable as they come. It is made from 23 mils of heavy-duty polyolefin and fortified with steel wire. If you struggle for storage space around your RV, this Sewer Hose Kit will stay out of your way and compresses to 56 inches. If you still need more space, then the 4-in-1 adapter can also be removed, so the hose can be stored in standard four-inch square bumpers.

Fed up with flimsy hoses? Camco’s model simply clicks into place and holds its shape indefinitely. This wonderous kit includes the 15-inch hose, pre-attached Rhino swivel fittings and the storage caps. On the RV end, a translucent elbow is available for your convenience, so you’ll be able to see when the tank is empty. Don’t like this feature? The faint hearted among us can simply detach the elbow from the design.

Key Features
  • Hose can be easily compressed to allow for easy storage
  • Heavy-duty hose is fortified with steel wire
  • Tightly secured hose due to four-prong bayonet style fitting with gasket
  • Pre-warning for when tank is empty thanks to translucent elbow
  • Sustainable and detachable fittings are able to be used again on newer models
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 39770
  • Weight 3 pounds

Camco’s Revolution Swivel Sewer Hose Kit isn’t fancy, but it does the job right. One feature that we love is the pre-attached fittings that rotate 360 degrees. It’s so simple to direct your hose wherever you need it to aim. Besides this, Camco ensures that your hands will be protected with the incorporation of a translucent elbow and wire guards. This way, you’ll be splatter free!  

The two vinyl hoses are fully outfitted with a pre-attached swivel lug and swivel bayonet fittings as well as four storage caps. Camco knows how difficult it is for customers to store such large hoses in an RV and has adapted its models so both hoses can be minimized to two feet. And if you want to double the length, just connect the two hoses together.

Key Features
  • Includes new 360-degree swivel fittings
  • Two durable sewer hoses can be used together or separately
  • Optimal storage available
  • Simple to connect to your average RV outlet
  • One swivel bayonet fitting and 4-in-1 elbow adapter included
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 39634
  • Weight 4.5 pounds

Having trouble draining your RV without creating an icky mess along the way? If so, then check out Valterra’s Viper Sewer Hose Kit. You’ll know exactly what’s flowing out of your RV as well as when the process is complete thanks to the transparent attachment on the hose end. This durable model is made from 25 mils of the finest polyolefin material with 135 mils of protective beading for additional endurance.

Need your hoses to be sufficiently stored away while on the road? The two collapsible 10-foot hoses can be folded down to just 50 inches to save you space. To make sure that its hoses are leak-proof, Valterra has pre-installed rotating fittings with bayonet hooks so your hose will stay positioned exactly where you want it to be. Buyers especially rave about the end pieces, stating they’re incredibly easy to attach and detach when need be.

Key Features
  • Durable caps allow collapsing of hose down to just fifty inches
  • Indestructible 25 mils of hose with 135 mils of protective beading
  • Equipped with 90-degree transparent sewer fitting with a gas-tight seal
  • Leak-proof system thanks to pre-installed rotating fittings with bayonet hooks
  • Hose is operational in a wide range of temperatures (down to -20 degrees)
  • Brand Valterra
  • Model D04-0475
  • Weight 6.39 pounds

If you feel like you spend enough money on your RV and cannot justify spending even more on a sewer hose, then Camco’s affordable Sewer Steel with a Wire Core is just what you need. Although its questionable brown color matches the material sloshing around inside, the HTS quality vinyl makes up for the somewhat shameless design. The heavy-duty thick plastic compresses wonderfully for easy storage (down to a commendable 32 inches).

This sewer hose contains 25-percent more vinyl than other heavy-duty. Not only is it high-quality, Camco’s model is cheap and not one of those thin walled RV sewer hoses some people are conned into purchasing.

Key Features
  • Contains 25% more vinyl than other heavy-duty sewer hoses
  • Heavy-duty hose made from brown HTS vinyl with 3" opening
  • Highly affordable in comparison to other reliable models
  • Lightweight, easily transportable product
  • Easily compressed to 32" for storage
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 39631-A
  • Weight 3 pounds

Last but not least, Camco’s Tote Tank Sewer Hose Kit has changed the RV Sewer Hose game forever. You’ll never have to smell putrid odors again thanks to the secure bayonet ends attached to the 90-degree elbow and lug fittings. Made from durable polyolefin and reinforced with steel wire, Camco’s model is collapsible to save some much-needed space when you’re on the road.

Move poop from your camper in style by simply lining up the four bayonets with the lugs and swiveling the fitting to lock them into place. Even the elbow is sturdy and practical – the choice of angle will create a sufficient downhill flow.

Key Features
  • Round-flex sewer hose with two bayonet fittings to allow direct fitting from RV to tote tank
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty polyolefin surrounded by a steel wire to encourage flexibility and durability
  • 90-degree translucent elbow for warning when the tank is empty
  • UV stabilized resin
  • Equipped with discrete 90-degree elbow with translucent body
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 39768
  • Weight 1.7 pounds

Best RV Sewer Hose Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying an RV Sewer Hose

  • Affordability

How much are you willing to spend on practicality? Simplistic RV Sewer Hoses start at around fifty quid and work their way up to 150 quid for the more innovative of models.

  • Outlet Size of Gray or Black Tank

This is especially for the lucky RVers who own vintage models, as more recent RV outlets have been standardized. Thankfully, several RV Sewer Hoses can adapt to a multitude of outlets.

  • Hose Thickness

You should decide upon the thickness of your hose in relation to your needs. Be careful when doing so; mils aren’t even an inch so don’t become tricked into believing your hose will possess adequate girth! What’s more, heavier RV Sewer Hoses manage to avoid much wear and tear.

man connecting sewer hose You May Also Like Our Review of the Best Expandable Hose

How to Hook Up Your RV Sewer Hose

Unfortunately, it’s one of those bothersome tasks that needs to be done if you want to spend your holidays RVing around the great outdoors. Yet by following these simple instructions, hooking up your RV Sewer Hose doesn’t need to be messy or time consuming:

  • Be prepared

First things first, make sure you’ve got on a reliable pair of disposable gloves on. This will keep your hands clean and most importantly, protect yourself from any nasty germs.

  • Ensure that the RV Sewer hose valves are closed

This is surely an obvious step for most of you RVers but we thought we’d just remind you. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

  • Connect the RV Sewer Hose

Hook up one side of your sewer hose to the RV Waste fitting (in most cases with a bayonet-style fitting) and walk with your hose over to the dump station. Then, connect the hose elbow into the dump station opening. Easy as pie.

To empty the waste, slowly open the black tank RV Sewer Hose valve first to accommodate any surprise pressure surge. Then, simply drain, close off the RV sewer hose waste values, and twist to disconnect the sewer hose. Now all you’ll need to do is clean your hose thoroughly. We told you, it doesn’t have to be difficult!

Camco Revolution vs Rhinoflex

Most RVers are in agreement when stating that Camco produces the best hoses on the market. Yet their top two products, Revolution and Rhinoflex, are so good that buyers are simply spoiled for choice. Here are the main differences between the two to decide which one’s for you:

  • Length:
Revolution – Comes with two 10″ hoses Rhinoflex – Equipped with one 15″hose
  • Material:
Revolution – Manufactured out of heavy-duty vinyl with pre-attached swivel fittings Rhinoflex – Made from 23 mils of strong polyolefin wrapped with steel wire reinforcements
  • Main Advantages:

Revolution – Fantastic end caps allow the closing of the pipe when putting the cap back on to prevent any odors

Rhinoflex – Comes with all fittings (excluding funnel-shaped pieces), meaning that the hose does not have to be taken apart prior to storage

  • Main Disadvantages:

Revolution – The connectors attach to every end, meaning that fitting the hose inside the bumper is difficult

Rhinoflex – The wires are exposed due to the nicks

RV sewer hose

Best RV Sewer Hose FAQ:

Q: What is an RV Sewer Hose and Why You Should Use One?

Dumping our holding tanks is a necessary evil in the life of every RVer. An RV Sewer Hose pretty much makes it easier for your dump to be transported from the RV into the ground. Let’s face it people, we all have to go and do our business at some point. As unpleasant as this reality is, camping trips will be a whole lot easier when you purchase a sufficiently sized and sturdy hose to make your waste go away!

Q: How long can an RV Sewer Hose Be?

The expert recommended length for an RV Sewer Hose is between fifteen and twenty feet long. However, one rule of thumb is if your hose cannot stretch from the rig’s rear to the sewage dump outlet, it’s too short. Our advice would be to purchase two ten-feet hoses which can be connected and disconnected depending on the sewage dump outlet you’re dealing with.

Q: What RV Sewer Hose accessories do you need?

Thankfully, there are several accessories available for purchase which will make emptying your RV sewage tank a little less grim. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Clearview Adapters
These translucent adapters, which are usually available at 45 or 90-degree angles, allow the monitoring of waste quality and the power of foresight for when your tank is finished emptying. Although we realize that they’re not for everyone: not all of us want to see the contents of our own sludge!
  • Macerators
These nifty little devices are ideal for breaking down waste so a thinner sewer hose can be used to filter it out. We’d recommend this product for when you’re on the road for long periods of time without access to a sewage dump.
  • Hose Supports
Many RVers struggle to position their Sewage Hose correctly when emptying waste. This is why purchasing several sturdy and lightweight Sewer Hose supports will make emptying a whole lot easier, by keeping your hose off the ground to prevent any potential damage as well as cradling your hose in the same position.

Q: How to Clean an RV Sewer Hose?

Cleaning an RV Sewer Hose has to be done thoroughly to prevent any harmful bacterial infections from spreading. Purchasing a portable water hose will spray down the inside of your sewer hose when it’s still connected to the dump station. Likewise, most camping grounds will have a non-portable hose which will spray effectively.

Our Top Pick

So, what Sewer Hose do we think is the best for handling our waste, so we don’t have to? Camco’s RhinoFLEX 20-foot RV Sewer Hose Kit has every accessory you could possible need to make everything run smoothly *pun intended*. The reinforced steel wire keeps the hose protected from any wear and tear it may endure on rough terrain. Likewise, the 4-in-1 adapter can connect to several sewer connections and is able to be removed when needing to store the hose away in standard 4-inch square bumpers for more room. What’s more, the two ten-inch Sewer Hoses can be swapped around or used together depending on your needs. Get your kit today before Camco realize they’re selling this product for a steal.


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