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Published Nov. 21, 2018

An RV represents a huge investment in terms of money and time. Not only are they a huge investment though, but they are also simply huge themselves. That can make it hard to store them safely and keep them protected when they are not in use. Not many of us, after all, have a garage large enough to take an RV for off-season storage.

That is where RV and camper cover come in. The best RV cover can provide a high level of protection to your RV or camper for a relatively small investment. In this article, we’re going to take a look at a collection of some of the best RV covers on the market right now.

The Best RV Cover

We’ll kick off with this RV cover from ADCO. Ever since they were formed in 1955, an ADCO RV cover has been a byword for quality, providing a high degree of protection. They have certainly kept with that pedigree with this offering, the 52245 Designer series of RV Cover.

This model is specifically designed for use in a moderate climate with high moisture. That means that the standout feature is the roofing material, as that is going to provide the most protection from rainfall. It achieves this by employing a triple layer, AquaShed top panel designed to keep your RV as dry as possible.

Tough Polypropylene side panels to protect RV walls accompany the roof panel. Those side panels also feature multiple zipped entry points so you can easily gain access to your RV whilst it is stored. Reinforced buckles, straps and flaps protect against wind damage and prevent slack material.

The cover only provides moderate protection from UV damage so if you live in a very sunny area, it may not be the right one for you. But for the vast majority of people, this is a high-quality RV cover for an attractive mid-range price.

Key Features
  • Large Range of Sizes
  • Triple Layer AquaShed Top Panel
  • Built-In Air Vents
  • Brand ADCO
  • Model 52245
  • Weight 25 lbs

Great Moisture Protection

Fits a Huge Range of RVs and Campers

Zipper Side Entries


Not Designed for Extreme Sun Exposure

Our next model comes from Classic Accessories. As with the model we looked at above, this camper trailer cover is also designed with a wetter climate in mind.

Because of that, the stand out feature with the cover is, yet again, a well-designed triple ply top layer. This is designed to provide the highest levels of protection against rain & snow. In addition to that, the cover has been designed with a very good venting system that is always a good feature where an RV or trailer is stored in a wetter environment. The venting will really help to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Adjustable front and rear tension panels are also a nice touch. They will really help you to achieve a secure fit, minimizing the potential for wind damage from flapping material. As we said, this cover is certainly designed with wetter climates in mind so the UV protection is a little lacking. The cover also has a price tag well toward the upper end of the price range.

That said, if you need to store an RV or trailer through a wet winter this could be a solid investment.

Key Features
  • Comes in 10 Sizes
  • Adjustable Front & Rear Tension Panels
  • Triple Ply Top
  • Brand Classic Accessories
  • Model 73163
  • Weight 25 lbs

Adjustable Panels for Secure Fit

Good Moisture Protection

Excellent Air Vents


Designed for Wet Weather Only

Premium Price

The next product is this cover from Leader Accessories. It is more of a budget model, with a price tag toward the lower end of the spectrum. Despite that though it has a number of useful features.

We have triple layer top fabric for example, though not quite of the thickness and quality of a premium cover. The zippered panels are very wide on this model of cover, allowing for great access to the RV stored underneath.

The corners of the cover are both elasticized for a secure fit and reinforced to protect against weather damage to the cover itself. Tension panels and strapping allow for a secure fit though are not quite as prevalent or secure as a more expensive product.

This model is not going to stand up well to extremes of either summer or winter weather. If though you are looking for a cover for short-term storage and/or storage in an area with quite temperate weather this could be a very cost-effective solution.

Key Features
  • Comes in 7 Sizes & 3x Colors
  • Air Vent System
  • Triple Ply Roof
  • Brand Leader Accessories
  • Model 90101004
  • Weight 31 lbs

Good Value for Money

Decent Elastic Strapping

Double Stitched Zippers


No Wheel Protection 

Not Ideal for Strong Weather

Product number four is this Camco RV cover – though in truth it has a wide range of applications including as a pop-up camper trailer cover, as seen here. No matter the intended vehicle though, you will still get the same quality and design across all applications.

The first thing to note with this cover is that it is tough! We are talking heavy-duty Polypropylene construction here. That is backed up with tough interlocking seams. Add in the excellent strapping present here along with the usual triple ply top and you have an ideal vehicle cover for premium protection during winterization periods.

A two-year warranty backs up the toughness and you also get a handy storage bag, which is always nice to see. Price wise we are toward the top end of the spectrum, but you are buying a good degree of protection with this cover.

One thing to note is that the product comes folded in a very strange way and the included instructions are not very clear. Just take your time though, especially when unfolding the cover, and most people will be able to figure it all out. 

Key Features
  • Heavy Duty Polypropylene Construction
  • Triple Layer Top
  • Tough, Interlocking Seams
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 45764
  • Weight 14.2 lbs

Great For Snow

Very Tough Construction

Decent UV Protection


Terrible Installation Instructions 

Sunmates are the company behind the RV cover that takes up the mid position in our list. It’s actually somewhat appropriate that it finds itself in the middle of the pack as this is, in many ways, a middle of the road product.

The usual triple ply roof is paired with a single ply (but relatively thick) side panel, all made of polypropylene. Strapping is well placed and of strong Nylon webbing, whilst adjustable panels to the front and rear allow for a snug fit. Side panels life up for access to the RV.

Corners are supposed to be reinforced but in practice, they are not as tough as you would ideally like. A bit of strong tape during install will help offset that a little though. Speaking of installation, that really is where this product shines. It is much easier to get this cover in place compared to some other products on this list, and the instructions are simple and straightforward.

This is not an Earth-shattering design boasting a laundry list of new features. But it is a well-designed, competent design with a good price tag.

Key Features
  • Heavy Duty Polypropylene Top
  • 110g Non-Woven Side Material
  • Adjustable Front & Rear Panels
  • Brand Summates
  • Model 21004001-21004009
  • Weight 21 lbs

Secure Fit

Mid-Range Price

Simple Installation


Corners Are Unreinforced

Classic Accessories are back with their second RV cover to make the list, and oh boy have they pulled out all the stops with this product. This is a seriously high-end product that is packed to the rafters with premium features.

The big stand out has to be the material itself. So far we have we have seen mainly polypropylene construction, but here we have an RV cover made of woven polyester. That means this cover is extremely strong and rip resistant. It also provides high-level protection against UV, snow and animal debris damage.

Is your cover getting wet? That’s not an issue here, as the cover is designed to be quick drying. Add that to the highly effective built-in venting system and you can push fears of mold and mildew to the back of your mind.

Installation is designed to be very easy. Partly due to the tough but lightweight material, but also due to nice touches like the weighted toss bag and extra long zipper tie handles.

This is not a product that comes cheap – it is, in fact, the most expensive cover on the list.  But if you are in the market for a truly top end cover – and money is no object – it’s frankly hard to look past this model.

Key Features
  • 12 Sizes
  • Elasticized Hem
  • Quick Drying Fabric Construction
  • Brand Classic Accessories
  • Model 80-139-191001-00
  • Weight 25.7 lbs

Excellent Material

Close to Custom Fit

Easy Installation


Premium Price Tag!

We have another returning manufacturer here with the second ADCO RV cover to make the list. Just as we saw with the product above from Classic Accessories, this is an upgrade on the previous ADCO we looked at.

Construction here is off Tyvek, a modern and extremely tough Polyester like substance. That gives a level of protection similar – but not quite – to the same level as we saw with the truly premium product above. Tyvek itself is both waterproof but also very breathable, cutting down on the amounts of vents needed in this design whilst ensuring a good level of air circulation to prevent mildew and mold growth.

ADCO has their own installation method, based around the Slip-Seam system. This cinches at the top and bottom and also boasts reinforcements to the bottom, top and corners of the panels for a cover that is extremely tough and durable.

The only downside is the same as any premium grade product – it’s not cheap!

Key Features
  • Slip-Seam Strapping Series
  • Tyvek Material Construction
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Brand ADCO
  • Model 34838
  • Weight 20.4 lbs

Very Snug Fit

Excellent UV Protection

Strong, Durable, Waterproof Material


High Price Tag

The next cover is this product from Covercraft. It is very much from the entry-level end of the market, with a very enticing low price tag.

That does, of course, mean that some features have been trimmed out to keep that price tag low. Probably the biggest omission is a lack of a side door access. If you need to get into your RV or trailer whilst it is covered, this could be a big omission.  If not, that omission is saving you a few bucks so happy days!

Construction is very simple, with a multi-layer polypropylene top and single layer body. Air venting is pretty minimal too, so this may not be an ideal purchase for use in a very humid or wet environment.

If you are expecting a premium product for this price you’ll be disappointed. If though you are looking for an entry-level cover that is simple but reasonably effective, this could be one to take a closer look at.

Key Features
  • Multi-Layer Polypropylene Construction
  • Rain Gutter Covers
  • Entry Level Product
  • Brand Covercraft
  • Model CY31041
  • Weight 18 lbs





No Door Openings

If you happen to own a classic R-Pod design of travel trailer then we have a treat for you here! If of course, you don’t own an R-Pod style trailer this is less of a treat – in fact, you can probably skip this entry.

Still here? Well, we guess that means you have an R-Pod trailer, so congratulations. What you have here is a Classic Accessories cover for your specific style of trailer. That means you are getting all of the advantages of a high-quality cover from this manufacturer as we’ve talked about above. The tough but protective material, the fitted installation, and the secure fit – you’re getting everything.

You are also getting it for a low, low price because of the relatively small size. For that reason, this pretty much is the best travel trailer cover (at least for an R-Pod style trailer) that can be yours for barely a hundred bucks.

That is frankly phenomenal value for such a quality product.

Key Features
  • Designed for R-Pod Travel Trailers
  • Adjustable Tension Panels
  • Triple Ply PolyPRO Material
  • Brand Classic Accessories
  • Model 80-200-161001-00
  • Weight 12.8 lbs

Bespoke Design for R-Pod Style Trailers

Classic Accessories High Grade Construction

Low Price 


Only Suitable for R-Pod Trailers 

Best RV Covers Buying Guide & FAQ

In our buying guide, we’ll take you through the features that you should keep an eye out for when picking out the best RV Cover for you. After that, we’ll take a look at how best to use your new toy and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this extremely useful product.

Things to Look For In An RV Cover

  • Roof Protection 

One of the most important elements of the design is the roof protection. Think about it, the roof is really going to bear the brunt of potentially damaging weather conditions like rain. Look for a high quality, triple ply top.

  • Access Panels 

 If you know you will want to get inside the RV during its storage period, look for a cover with zippered access panels. You don’t want to be removing the cover every time you remember that you locked the spare truck keys in the RV.

  • Venting 

You simply must let the vehicle breathe beneath its cover, or you are going to get an infestation of mold and mildew. Look for a cover with good air venting to prevent this.

  • Ties/Cables/Strapping 

 They will help to keep the covers on the RV rather than blowing off and disappearing down the road. Look for covers will a snug fit provided by well designed and placed fabric ties and strapping.

Why You Need a Camper Cover

  • Protect From Water Damage – Probably the number one reason to pick up an RV cover is to protect it from water damage. Nothing is really going to do more damage than rainwater and snow. A good RV cover keeps that moisture away from your RV however, protecting it from harm.
  • Protect from Criminals & Nosy Neighbors – A parked up RV or trailer can be a magnet for criminals and, less worrying but equally annoying, nosy neighbors. A discrete RV cover can help keep your vehicle away from prying eyes.
  • Lower Maintenance – The joy of owning an RV is loading it up, hitting the open road and forgetting all your worries. Having to perform maintenance on the thing is not one of the joys of owning one! A cover keeps the RV or travel trailer in better condition for far less effort.

Damage That Can Happen to an Uncovered RV

It’s pretty easy to imagine what can happen to an uncovered RV. Just picture standing out in your yard for 24 hours, or even a week. What would happen to you?

You will get wet if it rains. The midday sun will burn you. Birds will crap on you and trees will shed leaves all over you.

You’re not going to feel great about that are you – and your RV is exactly the same. Leave it uncovered and it will be left exposed to everything nature can throw at it, and for a prolonged period of time too.

  • Water damage
  • UV damage
  • Mould and mildew growth
  • Oxidized materials
  • Damage from bird droppings (which are mildly acidic)

All that can happen to an uncovered RV or camper trailer.

How to Cover your RV

1) The first step is to make sure that the trailer is safe and secure. A quality set of Jack Stands is a great way to ensure this is the case.

2) Take a lesson from Goose & Maverick, installing a cover is a two-man job, so get a friend over to help. Promise them a beer if you have to.

3) Lay the cover on the ground and inspect it for any tears or rips, repairing any you find with strong tape. Open up all the zippers and fasteners.

4) One person goes on the roof (very carefully) and one stays on the ground. The person no the ground raises and feeds the cover over the RV whilst the person on the roof pulls it along. Keep the cover clear of obstructions and, if it does get caught, don’t tug it! Back it up to free the obstruction and carry on.

5) Secure all the straps and zippers once the cover is in place.

Best RV Cover FAQ:

Q:  Will a cover scratch my vehicle’s paint job?

  The short answer to this is no. The longer answer is that no, it won’t damage the paint of your vehicle so long as you are careful in two areas. Firstly take care during the installation of the cover. Read our guide above and take your time! Secondly ensure that all strapping is secure, and take time to periodically check it remains secure during the storage period. Loose material blowing in the wind can scratch paintwork, so if you avoid that with secure strapping your paint should be fine.

Q:  Are RV covers waterproof?

Many covers are, but this is not universally so. A cover with high UV protection, for example, may provide less protection from moisture damage since it is designed for use in a dryer, high sun environment. If you live in a wetter area look for a cover that specifically states it is designed for use in this environment.

Q:  It is ok to cover my vehicle with a plastic tarp?

  Yes and no. On the one hand, a plastic tarp will certainly do a decent job of protecting the vehicle from weather damage, especially snow and rain. On the other hand, it will not provide much protection from UV damage. It also won’t let the vehicle breathe, as it has no venting. That can cause mold and mildew to grow in the vehicle. It is also not likely to be a bespoke sizing for the vehicle, making to harder to strap down to prevent wind damage. RV covers exist for a reason and that is because they are packed with features to help store the RV or camper safely. A tarp is little more than a poor substitute for this.

Q:  How do I wash a cover?

  Many covers will come washing instructions in the installation instructions that will be bespoke to the construction material. Generally speaking, the best way to clean a cover is to lay it on the ground or over a washing line. Rinse down with a hose then gently scrub any staining with a soft brush and warm water. Leave to dry thoroughly before placing onto your vehicle.

Q:  How do I measure my coach for an RV cover?

Here’s the thing, measuring your trailer is straightforward, right? Get a tape measure or similar, get someone to hold it at one end and read the tape at the other. That part is simple, but to measure for your RV cover you need to make a few adjustments. For example, make sure that you include the bumper in your measurements but not the hitch. If you have a roof mounted AC unit, then you need to add about a foot to the total length to allow extra material to cover the AC. Also, make sure to include the length of any add-on RC accessories like a rear mounted spare tire or bike rack.

Our Top Pick 

Choosing the best RV cover from this list was a tall order, as there are really are some top quality products to be found out there. In the end, when picking the best model, we went for the one with the widest application.

To us, that was the ADCO RV Cover, the 52245 Designer Series model.  Not only was it available across a huge range of sizes, but it also provided one of the highest levels of moisture protection to be found on any of the items we tested. As we said in our review, if you need hot weather protection instead, it may be better to go for another model (like the    ).

Most people though need to worry more about moisture and wind damage than heat when storing their RV. The 52245 Designer Series provides high-quality protection from both and does so for a very reasonable price.

That, to us, makes it the narrow winner of our list.


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