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The Best Rock Lights (Review) in 2021

Best Choice Sunpie RGB LED Rock Light Kit Sunpie RGB LED Rock Light Kit
Premium Pick MICTUNING RGB LED Rock Lights MICTUNING 2nd-Gen RGB LED Rock Lights
Best Value MICTUNING Blue Rock Lights MICTUNING Blue Rock Lights

Off-roaders will be all too aware that driving along trails during the evening can be both exhilarating and tricky as the trails are often not very well illuminated. Drivers often take street lamps and natural light from buildings for granted, so when it comes to off-roading, it can be quite a shock when you find yourself in the dark. Car headlights and fog lights illuminate trails in a straight line and cannot always fully illuminate the area, so there needs to be an alternative solution. Luckily this comes in the form of a rock light. These little game-changers normally sit underneath the body of your car and have been specially designed to highlight rocks and debris that can cause harm to your car. This bit of kit can totally change the way you drive, providing you with more illumination and versatility too, as they can be mounted almost anywhere.

There are tons of rock lights on the market, which all differ in cost and quality. We have chosen our favorite rock lights and highlighted what we believe are their best features. Keep reading to discover our best rock lights.

The Best Rock Light

These color-changing rock lights are affordable and a lot of fun. Let’s talk features. These lights work with a phone app that allows you to control everything from the touch of a button. Once the lights are installed you should never have to replace them as they provide you with 50,000 hours of light. These LED lights throw out 500 lumens of light and have been constructed using solid, die-cast aluminium and toughened glass. They’re super durable too: waterproof, shockproof, dust-proof and rust-proof, making them perfect for tricky trails. The app works with both Android and iPhone and allows you to change the color of the lights or make them blink, fade or slowly switch between colors for a unique off-roading experience. You can completely control the light color and how fast they blink or flash. You can even use a special timing function and music mode function to sync the lights with your favorite tunes – we told you these jeep rock lights were fun! You can install these lights on your truck, car, boat and motorcycle and use them under your vehicle for an off-roading light, reverse light, dome light or neon light replacement.

Key Features
  • 12 Volts (500 Lumens) Per Light
  • Set of x 4 Lights
  • Phone App Controlled
  • Unlimited Color & Blinking Functions
  • Tough Construction
  • Brand SUNPIE
  • Model Rock
  • Weight 4.8 pounds

In this set you get eight rgb rock lights that are controlled via Bluetooth and are super easy to install. The rock lights come with two different types of mounting pads, which make for easy wiring assembly and connection to the lamps. All you need to do is to scan the QR code and download the app, follow the instructions, connect the Bluetooth, and you’re good to go! These LED rock lights allow you to set your own lighting scenarios and adjust the speed, brightness and strobe speed. There’s a music mode too, so you can sync your lights to your favorite songs for a fun and colorful drive. The lights are perfect for off-roading, cars, motorcycles, boats and as dome lights. They’re also tough enough to handle most situations and have been manufactured from die-cast aluminium and toughened glass. As expected, these lights are shockproof, dust-proof and rust-proof too.

Key Features
  • RGB Multi-Colors
  • Bluetooth Controlled
  • Suitable For Trucks, Cars, Boats & Motorcycles
  • Made from Die-Cast Aluminium & Toughened Glass
  • Dust-Proof, Rust-Proof, Waterproof
  • Model 2698861173
  • Weight 4.4 pounds

We like to include inexpensive options in our guides for those of you who might be new to these types of products. The Amak Pods offer great value for the money, and while they may not provide all the flashing colorful extras, we believe that they are good at what they do. These white LED rock lights contain three CREE LEDS each, which means that they are absolutely perfect for illuminating the undercarriage of your vehicle. They have been made from a tough die-cast aluminium shell with toughened glass. They can handle any weather condition too and are not only waterproof and shock-proof but dust-proof and rust-proof too. These little guys can handle off-road trails like a boss. This rock light kit has been manufactured with a universal fit, which means that they are suitable for all makes and models of vehicles. Not just for Jeeps, you can fit these rock lights onto motorcycles, boats, SUVs, golf carts, ATVs and UTVs too. Use these lights to illuminate your off-road trails or as an interior light, reverse light, neon light LED replacements or a dome light. If you’re not entirely happy with the product then the company is happy to offer a one-year, money-back guarantee too.

Key Features
  • Set of x 4 White LED Lights
  • Suitable For Trucks, Cars, Boats & Motorcycles & More
  • Made from Die-Cast Aluminium & Toughened Glass
  • Dust-Proof, Rust-Proof, Waterproof
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Brand Amak
  • Model 6255975
  • Weight 1 pounds

This is a great rock light kit if you want to have a little fun with your vehicle. Super easy to install, this kit comes with a Bluetooth music controller that is compatible with Android and iOS phones. Once the lights have been installed (using the instructions in the app) you just need to connect to Bluetooth, and then the fun really begins! There are multiple functions in this light kit, which means that you can adjust the colors and functions to time your music perfectly with the lights. Driving will never be the same after using this rock light kit. In this kit you will discover unlimited color options as well as multiple flashing functions such as: blinking, flashing and brightness. These are tough little lights and have been specially made to withstand any off-roading conditions. As expected from any good-quality LED rock lights, these are not only dust-proof, rust-proof and shockproof but waterproof too. The solid aluminium shell and toughened glass means that the lights are also highly resistant to heavy impacts – such as rocks! You can install these lights pretty much anywhere: SUVs, ATVs, Jeeps, tractors, boats, etc.

Key Features
  • Bluetooth Controlled LED Lights
  • Android & IOS Compatible
  • Multiple Color & Light Functions
  • Time Lights With Music
  • Suitable For Trucks, Cars, Boats & Motorcycles & More
  • Dust-Proof, Rust-Proof, Waterproof
  • Brand Wiipro
  • Model 4332998144
  • Weight 2.75 pounds

These white LED lights can be mounted absolutely anywhere so provide really good value for money as well as versatility. You get four lights in the kit and they provide a strong 9W light with 50,000 hours lifespan. These bright LED lights have a universal fit which means that they are suitable for all makes and models. Mount them underneath your car’s body, use them for off-roading lights to highlight any debris or rocks or use them for your truck, boat deck, cruiser or ATV. If you are looking for a truly versatile white LED rock light then we recommend these are they’re pretty inexpensive too. Made from tough materials, these lights are strong enough to withstand all weather conditions, with their die-cast aluminium outer shell. Other uses for these lights include: construction lights, forklift lights, snow lights and agricultural machinery.

Key Features
  • White LED Rock Lights
  • Universal Fit
  • Mount Anywhere
  • Professional Installation Recommended
  • Brand Ampper
  • Model Am-LRL05
  • Weight 12.6 ounces

We’re happy to recommend yet another all singing and dancing color changing rock light kit. You will be able to have some real fun with this LED light kit which is controlled via smartphone and Bluetooth app. You might even feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice that you will be given when you download the app, as there are unlimited colors to choose from. Not only that but you can also change the speed, pulse, frequency and brightness of the lights and match it with your favorite music too! What we really liked about the Bluetooth feature with these rock lights was the random function that allows you to literally “shake” your smartphone to create a random color effect – how cool is that? It’s not all bright colors though, as these lights have been built to be tough and provide excellent heat resistance too. These lights can handle off-roading well as they have been manufactured from aviation aluminium with toughened glass and a reinforced dual-polymer resin casing that is guaranteed to last. Perfect for Jeep, Wrangler, boat, UTV, ATV, these rock LEDs through out some serious light with 3 CREE LEDs each. If you’re not 100% happy with the product, the company will provide you with a money back guarantee too, without hassle.

Key Features
  • Smartphone Controlled
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Change Lights, Speed & Frequency
  • Reinforced Dual-Polymer Resin Casing
  • 1 year Warranty
  • Model B076885BCG
  • Weight 3.8 pounds

If multiple flashing multicolored lights aren’t really your thing and you’re just looking for bright LED lights for your vehicle then these little guys might be the best option for you. These ultra bright white LED lights are mounted onto small pods and in the kit you get x 8 in total which collectively house x 24 LED lights. These lights are super versatile and can be mounted wherever extra light is needed. You won’t need to hold a flashlight again as these lights can illuminate any area where it is needed. Although small, these lights are pretty tough and totally weatherproof and designed to withstand particularly bad weather conditions such as rain and snow. They’re super easy to install too and just stick into place with the 3M adhesive; screws can be added for a more secure fit. The kit includes a switch so you can freely control your little lighting pods.

Key Features
  • 8 x Bright LED Light Pods (24 x Lights in Total)
  • Light Switch Included
  • Easy To Mount
  • Versatile
  • Weatherproof
  • Brand Xprite
  • Model DL-001-L3-W
  • Weight 9.6 ounces

It’s always good to include a few accessories on the list too, and this MICTUNING Blue Rock Lights Rocker Switch is perfect for those who have the MICTUNING Rock Light set up already and want an illuminated switch to complete the effect. This rocker switch is a single pole single throw (SPST) design that comes with a set of jumper wires and is simple to install. The built-in LEDs emit a nice blue light, so you can clearly see it in the dark.

Key Features
  • Rocker Switch Kit
  • 1 Year Quality Guarantee
  • Sturdy Design
  • Model LS083501JL
  • Weight 1 pounds

This pack of eight LED rock lights from Ustellar features a remote control as well as an app-controlled remote control, so you can customize the light speed, brightness, and stroboscopic speed. The lights are dust and rust proof as well as IP68 waterproof, so you can use them in a variety of vehicles, including on boats, under a car or truck, or on an ATV or golf cart, for either interior or exterior purposes The app provides 16 million color choices, and each pod produces 150-degrees of lighting. The lights can also sync to the sound of your voice or your favorite music. Ustellar also provides a two-year warranty and lifetime customer support should you experience any problems.

Key Features
  • Pack of eight LED light pods
  • 14.4 watts
  • 16 million possible color combinations
  • Two-year warranty
  • Brand Ustellar
  • Model UT11052-RGB-F-8-B
  • Weight 1.98 pounds

Best Rock Lights Buying Guide & FAQ

Not only can rock lights be essential when off-roading on trails that need additional light but they can be really good fun too. Decent LED rock lights can create a totally unique off-roading experience when you combine colors and sound too. Below we have written a buying guide giving you the best advice on what to look for when it comes to rock lights for your vehicle. We have also answered your commonly asked questions and reveal our ultimate favorite rock light from the list.

Keep reading to find our more…

Jeep Rock Lights

What to Consider When Buying Rock Lights

There are several things you will need to consider when buying rock lights. This is what we consider to be the most important:

  • Use

What kind of vehicle do you have and how do you plan to use the rock lights? These are the first questions you will need to ask yourself before making a purchase. If you are planning on off-roading and need rock lights to illuminate a trail then you should look for a tough, durable light that can withstand all weather conditions. Are you looking to use it underneath the body of your car or somewhere else? Consider the shape, size and installation. Are you looking for a fun product? Then consider a color changing RGB LED rock light kit which allows for personalized settings.

  • Brightness

Will you be using the rock lights in very dark areas? On trails? Consider the power and brightness of the lights to ensure they can give you enough illumination.

  • Ease Of Use

How easy are they to install and will you need a professional to help? This is an absolute must to consider before buying a set of rock lights, otherwise you might find yourself with a problem on your hands!

Benefits of Rock Lights

  • Safety

If you are an off-road driver you will be aware of changing terrains and how rocks can seem to appear from nowhere. This can not only be damaging for your vehicle but dangerous for you too. Rock lights can be attached to the underbody of your automobile and will illuminate trails and dark paths in ways in which your normal lights would not usually be able to reach. They not only allow you to see more but they also allow you to be seen, which is safer all round.

  • Fun

Rock lights can add a whole new dimension to your driving experience! Imagine lighting up the ground in shades of green and blue and pulsing the light beams to your favorite tunes? If you buy the right type of kit then you will find that these lights will give you lots of flexibility in terms of how you use them. If it’s fun and safety you’re looking for then look out for the RGB kits.

  • Versatility

Not just for the underside of your vehicle, rock lights can also be used to illuminate areas which need extra light such as your trunk. They can be used on a variety of different vehicles such as: agricultural machinery, Jeeps, ATVs, SUVs, golf carts, boats and more

How to Install Rock Lights

As you can imagine, there are many different types of rock lights which are available to purchase and they all differ greatly. Some lights simply attach with an adhesive, whereas others need to be wired into the system. To install your specific rock light you will need to refer to your specific user manual. Alternatively you will sometimes be asked to scan the QDR code and download an app which will talk you through the process step-by-step.

Best Rock Lights FAQ:

Q: What is a rock light?

A: Rock lights are LED lights which are normally attached to the undercarriage of a vehicle. The purpose of these lights is to bring extra illumination to the trail or path. They are mostly used for off-roading vehicles as they highlight rocks and debris on rough terrain and can save vehicles from considerable damage. Some rock light kits feature colour changing functions where the user is able to choose from unlimited colors and light settings that can work simultaneously with music.

Q: Can I use rock lights on a boat?

A: You can certainly use rock lights on the inside of the boat but we would suggest using caution when using them on the outside of the boat. Whilst they are designed to be waterproof, it’s worth noting that they’re not marine certified which means that they shouldn’t be kept in the water for extended periods of time. If you are looking for rock lights for your boat then you should buy marine-certified lights that are specially designed to withstand saltwater and not damage marine life.

Q: Do you need an extra battery for rock lights?

A: No. Most rock lights have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours and nope that’s not a typo. So additional batteries will not be necessary and it’s unlikely you will need to replace them either unless they are damaged. Just ensure that you keep them clean and debris-free at all times to give them the longest life possible.

Q: Are rock lights legal?

A: This is a complex issue and differs from state to state. In the US these type of lights can be considered illegal as they can be seen as a distraction for other drivers. Blue, red or any flashing lights are actually banned from public streets in some US states. Most states in the US prohibit the use of blue, red and green lights as these are used for emergency uses.

Our Top Pick

We couldn’t resist picking the RGB LED Rock Light Kits With Phone App Control as our absolute favorite. This rock light kit offers some seriously fun features and we didn’t feel that the price was too bad either. The lights work with an app that is super easy to install and each light provides 50,000 hours of light – so no replacements should be needed. These strong little LEDs can kick out some serious watts and each emits an impressive 500 lumens of light. They’re built to last too and have been manufactured from the toughest die-cast aluminium with toughened glass. They can withstand any weather conditions and are shock-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and rust-proof too. The app is simple and fun to use and works with Android and iPhone. At the touch of a button you can totally change the color of the lights as well as the lighting function: blinking, flashing, strobing. Super versatile too, they can be used in a number of different vehicles. All in all, a good recommended choice.


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