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Published May. 10, 2019

Ratchet straps are a versatile piece of equipment, and they’re ideal for tying down and transporting all sorts of items. They’re simple to use, convenient, and incredibly strong, adding up to the perfect tie-down solution. Thanks to their affordable price point, these cargo straps are a very cost-effective transport device too.

With so many uses, it should come as no surprise that the market abounds with these handy tie-down straps. To help you work out which option is right for you, we’ve compiled this handy buying guide. Below, we run through the best ratchet straps available right now and answer some common questions about these simple but effective tools.

The Best Ratchet Strap

Made for heavy-duty wear and tear, these durable ratchet tie-down straps by AUGO are ideal for a wide variety of uses. They’re made using unique molding technology, developed to ensure that their handles never fall away. Thanks to rubber-coated S hooks, you can rest assured that, once in place, the straps won’t scratch your cargo.

For a perfect fit, the straps offer 15 feet of length — perfect for large and small items alike. With a load capacity of 500 pounds each, it’s easy to travel with heavy and bulky items, wherever you go. Made using top-quality materials, you can rest assured the straps won’t let you down. Their tough fabric is fray and tear-resistant, guaranteeing a secure hold for journey after journey. Each set of straps includes two AUGO bungee cords, for extra security and convenience. Thanks to a 90-day warranty, you can rest assured that each strap is built to last.

Key Features
  • Set of 4 ratchet straps
  • 500 pound load capacity, 15 feet in length
  • Made using unique molding technology, for secure handles
  • Rubber coated S hooks keep cargo in place without scratching
  • Ideal for transporting both large and small items
  • Made with tough, fray and tear-resistant fabric
  • Set includes 2 AUGO bungee cords
  • 90 day warranty included
  • Brand AUGO
  • Model 4-RCHT
  • Weight 4.56 pounds

Vulcan has also earned themselves a spot on our list, thanks to their lasso style Dollie and trailer tie-downs. Known for being a brand of choice for automotive professionals, Vulcan offers the perfect straps for hauling other vehicles. These looped harnesses are designed specifically for tires, featuring a universal design that fits wheels of most sizes.

Their smooth O-rings are crafted to fit easily with Challenger, Century, and an array of other wheel lifts and tow dollies, for more convenient use. The webbing itself is built for strength, with UV and fray resistance. The straps also feature a Cordura wear pad, which maximizes security, while minimizing rim damage. Each strap includes two ratchet buckles with plated flat hooks, offering even more strength and a secure connection to stake pockets or side rails.

Key Features
  • Set of 4 lasso style ratchet straps
  • Designed specifically for vehicle hauling purposes
  • Attach securely and neatly to the majority of tires
  • Smooth O-rings fit easily with Challenger and Century wheel lifts and tow dollies
  • Webbing is tough and UV resistant
  • Cordura wear pad minimised rim damage
  • Each strap features 2 ratchet buckles
  • Plated flat hooks offer secure connection to stake pockets or side rails
  • Brand Vulcan
  • Model TH011-K4-F
  • Weight 14 pounds

If you’re searching for a set of budget-friendly ratchet straps, look no further than this kit by CARTMAN. Featuring six 12 foot straps and a handy storage bag, the set is excellent value for money — especially considering its price point. Each strap has a load capacity of 200 pounds, making them ideal for light to medium use. This weight range covers a wide range of domestic applications, making them the perfect addition to the home garage.

The strap handles are coated with a silver protectant, offering an attractive appearance while improving their corrosion resistance threefold. Meanwhile, the straps themselves are crafted from hardy polyethylene, known for its high tensile strength, low friction, and durability. Bear in mind that these straps, unlike others on the list, are not fitted with hooks.

Key Features
  • Set of 6 ratcheting straps
  • Each strap is 12 feet in length, with a load capacity of 200 pounds
  • Ideal for domestic use
  • Handles are silver coated, for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Polyethylene straps are strong and durable
  • Straps are not fitted with hooks
  • Storage bag included
  • Brand CARTMAN
  • Model CM-LS17-6X6
  • Weight 2.1 pounds

RHINO are a well-known name in the world of trailer and truck straps, and for good reason. Their tie-down kit offers the perfect blend of strength and convenience, providing a safe and effective way to transport a plethora of your possessions. Inside the kit, you’ll find four ratchet straps and four soft loop tie-downs. Each of the straps has a load capacity of 1,700 pounds, making them an ideal choice for heavier items, from motorcycles to ATVs.

Featuring heavy-duty padded handles, the straps are designed for superior stretching and break strength. On the road, this means there’s no need to worry that the straps could give way, for better peace of mind. Each strap is made using RHINO’s exclusive poly/silk webbing, engineered to perfectly balance strength with softness. This surprisingly gentle finish, along with rubber-coated S hooks, ensures that your cargo isn’t scratched or damaged on the go. These S hooks also feature a handy safety clip, for maximum security.

Key Features
  • Set of 4 ratchet straps and 4 soft tie-down loops
  • Ratchet straps feature a load capacity of 1,700 pounds
  • Each strap features heavy-duty padded handles
  • Poly/silk fabric combines strength, softness, and stretch
  • Rubber coated S hooks further protect the cargo
  • S hooks feature a safety clip, for improved security
  • Brand Rhino USA
  • Model HDKIT-4PACK
  • Weight 9.1 pounds

Keeper have also earned a spot on our list, with their ratchet tie down kit. With 25 feet to work with, and a load capacity of 3,333 pounds, it’s the perfect option for transporting larger, heavier cargo. Each strap features a triple-layer design, consisting of high tenacity yarn that can withstand abrasion, strain, and adverse weather. Each Keeper design is strenuously tested, ensuring it can withstand all the wear and tear of daily use.

Thanks to carefully designed handles, the straps tighten smoothly and easily, for a comfortable all-round experience. The straps’ clever weave pattern is also designed to prevent damage to your cargo, so there’s no need to worry when you haul more delicate items. Whether you’re carrying items on the roof, truck bed, or trailer, they’re the perfect tie-down solution.

Key Features
  • Set of 4 ratchet straps
  • 25 feet in length
  • Load capacity of 3,333 pounds
  • Ideal for transporting larger, heavier items
  • Straps tighten smoothly and easily
  • Triple-layered design for excellent strength
  • Soft weave pattern won’t scratch your cargo
  • Brand Keeper
  • Model 04629
  • Weight 20 pounds

The next ratchet strap to earn a spot on our list is this premium design by Lockdown. With an impressive load capacity of 3,372 pounds, each strap is capable of securing even heavier cargos, from vehicles to agricultural equipment. This ratchet strap kit includes four straps, along with a convenient storage bag for easier transportation, and four soft loop anchoring straps.

Thanks to their large moulded handles, each strap is easy to secure, and just as easy to release. This helps to ensure proper tensioning, keeping things safely in place during your journey. Meanwhile, a double J hook design, along with extra large stitching, ensures your cargo remains securely mounted. Each hefty ratchet strap is constructed with webbing that’s wider, and almost twice as thick as other options on the market. This works to maximise stretch, so that cargo stays put even during challenging journeys. Customers across the board were impressed with the straps’ strength, durability, and ease of use.

Key Features
  • Set of 4 ratchet straps
  • Each strap is 15 feet in length, with a load capacity of 3,372 pounds
  • Kit includes 4 soft loop anchoring straps, and a handy storage bag
  • Large moulded handles make for easy tensioning
  • Straps are easy to release
  • Double J hook design and extra large stitching for extra security
  • Webbing is almost twice as thick as other straps on the market
  • Excellent stretch
  • Brand Lockdown
  • Model 5824003183
  • Weight 3.35 pounds

Vault Cargo Management have also earned themselves a spot on our list, with this premium ratchet tie down kit. Made with industrial grade webbing, these hardy straps are the perfect way to keep a wide range of items safely in place during transit. Each kit includes four straps, as well as a handy storage bag.

If you’ve never used ratchet straps before, this could be a great place to start. Each strap is simple to use, thanks to an easy three step system. Simply close the ratchet completely, insert the non-hook end of the strap, and secure the S-hooks to anchor points. After this, you can begin ratcheting until the strap is snug. Vault say their straps are a great option for camping road trips, kayaks, skis, and more. Thanks to their rubber coated hooks, you can rest assured any cargo is protected against scratches and other damage. They also feature a moulded-on handle, for comfortable use and great cargo protection.

Key Features
  • Set of 4 premium tie down ratchets
  • Made with industrial grade webbing
  • Each strap is 15 feet in length, with a load capacity of 500 pounds
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Rubber coated S hooks prevent any damage to your cargo
  • Moulded-on handle for better security and comfortable use
  • Storage bag included
  • Brand Vault Cargo Management
  • Model CHARLOTTE048
  • Weight 4.05 pounds

The next ratchet straps to earn a place on our list are by Erickson. With a slightly shorter length of 10 feet, they’re ideal for transporting more compact cargo. Don’t let their length fool you, though – each durable strap has an impressive load capacity of 1,200 pounds.

Thanks to a clever design, any excess strap length is stowed inside storage housing during use, preventing that annoying phenomenon of loose straps flapping in the wind. This handy feature improves the straps’ overall safety, as well as minimising road noise during transit. The straps are easy to use, too, and can be set up in a matter of seconds. Once you reach your destination, the straps are just as easy to remove, thanks to their easy to use tensioning system. Meanwhile their vinyl coated hooks ensure a firm connection without scratching the cargo. This set of four even includes a storage bag, allowing them to be stowed away safely and conveniently.

Key Features
  • Set of 4 premium ratchet straps
  • Storage bag included
  • Each strap is 10 feet in length, with a load capacity of 1,200 pounds
  • In place, extra strap length is stored out the way, preventing flapping and tangling
  • Easy to set up in a matter of seconds
  • VInyl coated hooks won’t scratch or damage your cargo
  • Brand Erickson
  • Model 04418
  • Weight 4.85 pounds

Erickson have earned their second place on our list, thanks to these ‘pro-series’ retractable ratcheting straps. Each kit includes two straps, each of which is 10 feet in length, with a load capacity of 1,100 pounds. These straps are made from durable webbing, hooked up to an easy to use ratcheting system. Like all Erickson straps, any excess length is stored inside integrated housing, so it won’t flap around and tangle during transit.

The straps also feature vinyl coated hooks, helping to keep your cargo securely in place without doing it any damage. This smooth vinyl layer helps to protect against scratches, scrapes, and chips. The hardy straps are easy to put in place. They’re easy to release, too, thanks to a simple red release button, which automatically rewinds the strap onto its housing.

Key Features
  • Set of 2 ratchet straps
  • Each strap is 10 feet in length, with a load capacity of 1,100 pounds
  • Made from durable webbing
  • When in use, excess length is stored inside integrated housing, preventing tangling and flapping during transit
  • Vinyl coated hooks prevent your cargo being scratched or chipped
  • Quick release button for ease of use
  • Strap automatically rewinds on to its housing
  • Brand Erickson
  • Model Erickson Manufacturing
  • Weight 34416

Last, but not least, comes this ratchet strap kit by Tiger. At 20 feet in length, each strap is extra long, making them perfect for transporting bulkier items. The straps are strong, too, with a load capacity of 500 pounds, achieved with the help of heavy duty webbing.

The kit contains four ratchet straps, making it great value for money. Each strap features an ergonomic molded handle, guaranteed to never fall off. This ergonomic design makes the straps easy to use, too – ratcheting is far simpler when the handle is comfortable to hold. Meanwhile, the straps also feature rubber coated hooks, which are gentle on your cargo and help to prevent scratches and other damage during transit. The straps themselves are also treated for UV resistance, to ensure that direct sunlight won’t wear them down over time. Customers across the board were impressed with the excellent quality of these straps, and loved having plenty of length to work with.

Key Features
  • Set of four ratcheting straps
  • 20 feet in length, with a load capacity of 500 pounds
  • Ideal for transporting bulkier items
  • Ergonomic molded handle will never fall off the strap
  • Handles are easy and comfortable to use
  • Rubber coated hooks prevent damage to cargo
  • Straps are UV treated to resist sun damage trip after trip
  • Brand Tiger Tie Downs
  • Model TTD2.0
  • Weight 5 pounds

Best Ratchet Straps Buying Guide & FAQ

These ratchet straps are the best of the bunch, and we’re confident you’ll find your perfect transit solution somewhere on the list. To help you make an informed decision, and get the most out of your new straps, we’ve put together this handy guide. Below, we run through what to consider when buying a ratchet strap, what you might use one for, and more.

What to Consider When Buying Ratchet Straps

When it comes to buying ratchet straps for your vehicle, there are a few key factors to bear in mind:

  • Load Capacity

First and foremost, it’s important to check the load capacity of a ratchet strap before making your purchase. The capacity you require will largely depend upon what sort of cargo you intend to haul. If the straps will mainly be used for domestic cargo – such as suitcases, kayaks, skis, or bikes, there’s no need to invest in a higher capacity. On the other hand, if you plan to haul other vehicles, or heavy equipment, you’ll need to select a higher capacity.

  • Ease of Use

It’s important to choose a ratchet strap that’s simple and comfortable to place. Look out for an ergonomic handle and good customer reviews, to ensure your selected strap is indeed easy to use.

  • What’s in the Kit

Some ratchet straps come as part of a handy kit, including extras such as soft loop straps, bungee cords, or a storage bag.

  • Length

Obvious as it might sound, it’s important to choose ratchet straps which are long enough to securely hold down your cargo. If you only intend to transport smaller items, be sure to choose a length that reflects this, as excess strap can sometimes get in the way and become tangled. If in doubt, take your tape measure to a few intended pieces of cargo, and let these measurements be your guide.

Ratchet straps for load control

Why You Should Use Ratchet Straps When Transporting Items

Whether you’re transporting cargo in a truck-bed or trailer, adding ratchet straps will provide a number of benefits:

  • Ratchet straps keep your cargo secure
  • Unlike rope, ratchet straps can be firmly tensioned
  • Ratchet straps are often more secure than their rope and chain counterparts
  • It’s easy to learn how to use a ratchet strap
  • Ratchet straps are durable and heavy duty

How To Use A Ratchet Strap Properly

When setting up a ratchet strap, always be sure to closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The process usually follows these steps:

  • Thread the Ratchet Strap

First of all, open the ratchet handle by pulling the release catch open. This piece of the handle is also known as the release lever, and consists of a small handle that disengages ratcheting.

Next, thread the webbing strap through the bottom slot of the ratchet. This slot is called the mandrel. As you feed the webbing through, ensure it lays flat, and overlaps with the second strap on the ratchet’s other side.

You should continue to feed the webbing through until it feels taught.

  • Secure the Cargo

Place your cargo in its travelling position – for instance, in the bed of a truck or trailer. Place the ratchet strap across the cargo, and hook its ends over the side of the truck or trailer bed, or into grooves in the wall of a van.

If you want to hold two or more objects together, wrap the ratchet strap around them and hook the two ends together, creating a secure loop. To keep them in place, you’ll need to place a second ratchet strap over them.

Once the strap is in position, crank the ratchet by pulling the lever back and forth. Once it feels taught and secure, you can stop ratcheting. Check it’s correctly tensioned with a tug – the strap should feel tight and secure. However, too much pressure could damage the strap or your cargo. When the strap is secured, you should be able to fit a finger between it and your cargo.

Finally, lock the strap into place by flipping the lever back into its closed position. Press it down until you hear it latch into place. This will prevent it from becoming unlocked during a journey.

  • Release the Strap

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll need to remove the ratchet straps from your cargo. This can be done by pulling, and holding, the release tab. This overrides ratcheting function and allows you to pull the strap loose.

  • Store Safely

When the straps are removed, put the ratchet handle back into its locked position. Store the straps dry, coiled up and secured with rubber bands or a bungee cord.

Ratchet lashing

Best Ratchet Straps FAQ:

Q: How much will the strap stretch?

This will depend on the individual product, but all ratchet straps are designed with a little give. This modicum of stretch helps to prevent cargo from becoming crushed, and allows for the vibrations associated with road travel.

Q: How long can my strap be?

The longest straps on our list are 25 feet in length, which should be more than long enough for the vast majority of applications. If you plan to use the straps with smaller objects, it’s a better idea to choose a shorter length. Excess length can become tangled and flap in the wind.

Q: What is the webbing made of?

Ratchet strap webbing is typically made from synthetic fibers, usually polyethylene. These materials are a lot more durable than their natural counterparts, and also have the benefit of being waterproof. In addition, polymer fibers have a high tensile and impact strength, as well as low friction. All these properties add up to a durable yet flexible strap material.

Q: How does extreme weather affect my ratchet tie downs?

Ratchet straps are specifically designed for outdoor use – they’re always water resistant, and retain their strength through a wide range of temperatures. Many straps are also treated with a UV resistant coating to keep sun damage at bay – a useful feature for hotter climates. Despite their hardiness, ratchet straps should be treated with care. Although they’re weatherproof, straps should always be thoroughly dried before they’re stored, and stowed in a cool, dark spot.

Our Top Pick

For us, AUGO are the king of ratchet straps. Their affordable, heavy-duty four pack is the perfect option for tying down almost any cargo. With a length of 15 feet, and a load capacity of 500 pounds, the versatile straps are suitable for items large and small. Whatever you’re transporting, you can rest assured it won’t be damaged. Thanks to rubber coated S hooks, the straps won’t chip or scratch your valuable cargo.

Made from tough, high quality materials, the straps are built to last. Each ergonomic handle is so firmly secured that AUGO promise it will never fall off, no matter what. For peace of mind, each set of straps includes a 90-day warranty, so you know they’re built to last. For added security and convenience, each set is accompanied by a pair of handy bungee cords.


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