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Published Jun. 19, 2019

Draining out oil can be time consuming and a bit messy, so visits to car garages are fairly more common. Car garages make use of oil extractors that neatly and efficiently drain old oil while charging a good sum of money for it. However, owning an oil extractor at home could save you frequent trips to the repair shop and a little money too. These efficient tools drain oil from cars, trucks, lawn mowers and just about any motor that requires regular oil replacement. If you’re in the market for the best oil extractor pumps, the information below will come in handy.

The Best Oil Extractor

When it comes to draining out oil, it’s something practically anyone can safely and efficiently do thanks to products like the Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus. It requires no prior technical-know-how; just follow the instructions and have the fluids changed out in minutes. With an 8.8 litre capacity, this unit doesn’t only extract the oil, it also replaces new fuel into the car and dispenses the old oil into a suitable container. It certainly gets rid of the mess and stress of spending minutes under the car extracting fluids from the oil pan. The oil travels down into a reliable polyethylene reservoir that won’t rust or corrode overtime. It’s supported by long, efficient and durable dipsticks that make the process even easier. And to ensure this unit doesn’t overfill itself, an ingenious automatic flow control valve closes up when the fluids have filled up to 8 litres. This unit will clear out your tank perfectly taking care of any impurities that may eventually cause problems for the motor.

Key Features
  • Large 8.8 litre container
  • Automatic flow control valve
  • 3 dipstick tubes
  • Bi-functional extraction and dispensing unit
  • Brand Mityvac
  • Model Fluid Evacuator/Dispenser, Manual
  • Weight 10 pounds

Expertly cleans without mess

Durable, rust free reservoir

Very simple to operate


No vacuum/pressure gauge

Plastic parts are not sturdy/durable

Instruction manual a bit unclear

The OEMTOOLS 24389 Manual Fluid Extractor is definitely a great relief from draining out oil the `old’ fashioned way. It’s designed to ensure users enjoy a completely mess free, clean and stress-less evacuation process. With a 1.4 gallon fluid reservoir, this unit can take on a range of small to large scale jobs. It doesn’t just take out engine oil, but will also extract transmission fluids, lubricating oils, power steering oils, gear oil and coolants. Whether you’re using it for commercial or personal purposes, this fluid extractor is sure to suck out all the old oil leaving a clean empty space for a replacement. It’s used for a wide range of duties on cars, motorbikes, marine motors and even automotive and industrial machines.

Extracting both high and low viscosity fluids such as greasy used oil and water respectively, it is designed for a good number of tasks.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time taking on such a task; this unit has been made quite easy to operate. Included are 5 feet of flex hoses and two phenomenal dipstick adapters that serve the purpose of extracting the oil directly from the dipstick tubes. To ensure the reservoir doesn’t overfill, a shut-off valve safely stops the unit from pumping when the fluids have reached a certain level. For simple day to day extracting operations, the OEMTOOLS is a reliable choice.

Key Features
  • Used for Versatile applications
  • Oversized handle for easy use
  • Overflow protection
  • Multi-purpose extractor
  • Brand OEMTOOLS
  • Model Fluid Evacuator 1.4 Gallons
  • Weight 6.55 pounds

Great design and construction

Great pressure pumping

Quality, easy to use pump


Could use better instructions

The length of the dipstick tubes run short

Once the fluid in an engine turns black, the safest thing to do is drain it completely, clean out the filter and replace with new oil. Not doing so could cause unnecessary engine malfunctions and under-performance. It can get a bit tasking thinking about getting under the car and draining out the oil. That is why the Air Power America 5060TS Topsider Multi-Purpose Fluid Removing System takes care of all that.

No matter where you are, this unit will adequately help change out bad oil using a vacuum. This method doesn’t require electricity to run, making it a hands-on equipment that will cover you any day, anytime. Its portable form makes it quite easy to carry around in case of any emergencies. It can also fit into small and confined spaces and still perform its functions optimally.  And with a wide, 12 inch diameter base, the unit is able to balance sturdily on the floor to avoid any messy spills. The 8 quart reservoir serves as the container the liquid/oil is pumped into and is undisputedly a better storage tub for old oil that can be disposed of later. This oil extractor pump can be used for marine motors, boat engines and automotive applications. Trusted and recommended by most boaters, this fluid extractor will have any engine cleaned out within 10 quick minutes.

Key Features
  • Powered by vacuum pressure
  • Doesn’t require electricity
  • 12-inch diameter stable and sturdy base
  • Portable form
  • Brand Air Power America
  • Model 5060TS
  • Weight 5.45 pounds

Prevents spills and messes

Simple to use

Easily stored


Won’t work on all cars

Some users reported poor performance

Unsuitable handle

The ages where people and mechanics snuck under the car to drain out oil might as well be declared over. The age of safe, neat and reliable units such as the Hydro-Turf Oil Extractor 6-litre OIL01 have definitely taken over. This hasn’t just made the process a lot easier but much quicker too. If you don’t mind a little work out, pop open the bonnet and let the Hydro-Turf do it’s magic. With a good number of strokes, the pump will create a vacuum that triggers suction. This suction is spill and mess proof delivering up to 6 litres of oil into the durable and sturdy reservoir. It doesn’t matter the motor that needs to be worked on, from snowmobiles, boats, cars, motorbikes, ATV’s to personal watercrafts, this oil removal pump will work wonders. As long as the oil is properly warmed up, this functional unit will have the oil drained in no time.

The great thing about using the Hydro-Turf is you don’t even have to be there the whole time; after starting a good suction, have a nice beverage and come back to a drained oil pan. After sucking out all the bad oil, there’s a pour spout available to aid in neatly emptying the container of its contents. It doesn’t take time to get the job done, in a maximum of 20 minutes all the oil should have been removed. After which the pump can be detached for better storage to be used when next it’s needed. If you can dedicate the little time at the beginning to pump up the pressure, this unit will definitely get the job done.

Key Features
  • Pour Spout for emptying container
  • Removable pump for better storage
  • 1.57 gallon capacity
  • Manual oil extractor
  • Brand Hydro-Turf
  • Model HT MOTO
  • Weight 3.45 pounds

Quick and easy oil changes

Simple to use

Pump works great


Seal under the hand pump is reportedly not durable

Reports about flawed design

With modern tools that make tasks such as oil excavation easy, why choose the traditional way of crawling under cars to get the oil drained? It’s quite a messy and grimy task that could be taken care of with less hassle and more efficiency. The Air power America 2000LV Green Large Oil Extractor is a reliable way of sucking out oil without leaving a mess. You’re not only assured of a clean and quick process but an environmentally safe one too. All fluid content are emptied into a sturdy container to be disposed properly. No electricity is required to get this fluid evacuator working; with a quick mini workout a powerful vacuum will be created.

This enables the tubes to start sucking out oil energetically with just about 40 pump strokes to get it started. After a good suction is started, it doesn’t take time to get the engine drained. For small engines this unit will quickly evacuate the oil in less than 10 minutes and have you going about the day’s activities. For larger engines on the other hand, a maximum of 20 minutes is required to completely drain the oil pan and have it replaced with new oil. The oil is emptied into an 8-quart capacity reservoir which works for small and large jobs alike. Regardless of the amount of oil it takes in, the design is quite portable ensuring the unit can fit in tight and confined spaces. Enjoy a mess-free oil change with this highly reliable fluid extractor.

Key Features
  • Doesn’t require electricity
  • 8-quart capacity
  • Portable size that fits into confined spaces
  • Used for cars, boats, trucks, generators, lawn mowers, snow throwers and more
  • Brand Air Power America
  • Model 051-703
  • Weight 3.5 pounds

Easy to use

For quick applications

Easy to store


Handle bulb is not sturdy

Reservoir could be more translucent

Get the most out of your tank with the Mityvac 07400 Automotive Accessories. It is definitely a better choice than the traditional draining method. Most experts and technicians use such units in their repair shops because of their reliability, neat and tidy applications. So they are the safest and most efficient oil evacuation options for now. The Mityvac 07400 happens to be an effective and durable vacuum oil extractor. It sucks out as much oil as draining the pan traditionally would, only this is much faster and less stressful.

With a phenomenal design and a polyethylene reservoir this unit can take in fluids from brake oils to engine oil. These fluids will not cause corrosion or rust overtime leaving you with a durable unit that can be enjoyed for years. The fluids flow into a 1.9 gallon reservoir with enough space for large application jobs. Suction is created by a 5 feet flex hose with two accompanying dipstick tubes. The hose is long enough to fit into a large number of motors. This product is relatively easy to use and doesn’t require any napkins or aprons when changing out the oil. Have a mess-free procedure while your tank of bad oil gets efficiently drained.

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Key Features
  • Manual fluid evacuator
  • 1.9 gallon capacity
  • Three 5 foot tubes
  • Three tube adapters
  • Brand Mityvac
  • Model Fluid Evacuator, Manual
  • Weight 7.2 pounds

Easy to use

Pump works great

Multiple dipstick hoses


Plug’s Seal not durable

Oil reportedly leaks through the handle

Plug threads are undersized

Never get stranded on the road or mid-work because of bad engine oil. The EWK Pneumatic/manual 6.5 Litre Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor Pump eliminates the hassle of getting stuck in a helpless situation. Sporting both pneumatic and manual modes, you will always have an option for efficiently evacuating bad oil. The pneumatic mode requires electrical energy to power the unit; this can be done in a garage or a workshop. This mode works much faster in extracting all the fluids from the oil pan or other desired vessels. With an extraction speed of 1.6L per minute, all the oil should be out within 5 quick minutes. This leaves you with extra time to do other tasks or chores around the house or at work. However, there are conditions where there won’t be any prompt access to an electrical appliance. With an oil evacuator such as this one, simply switch to the manual mode and have the oil pumping out in no time.

The pump has the capacity of extracting oil from a 4 cylinder car within few minutes. This is 25 minutes off the regular time spent on traditionally draining oil from your car! This is done using 2 extension hoses that run long enough to reach the bottom of the pan to suck out all the oil. Get the job done incredibly fast with this double action, double-mode fluid evacuator anytime and anywhere.

Key Features
  • Pneumatic/manual mode
  • Tubes with different diameters
  • Great for cars, trucks, lawn mowers, boats and marines
  • 2 extension hoses
  • Brand EWK
  • Model EB0103
  • Weight 6.66 pounds

Fast evacuation speed

Heat resistant tank

Hose and spout sealing for safe operation


No cap from the opening

Did not include instructions

Times are changing and we are changing with it, as well as technologically enhancing the way we do things. Units such as the OTC Oil Suction Gun make it quite easy to powerfully suck out oil from motors. Its head is made from strong and durable die-cast aluminium that was designed to last. It will definitely withstand all the thick grime and grease that flows through it as well as other liquid fluids such as water.

This suction gun is quite simple to operate, the pipe may be too thick to fit into a number of tanks but apart from that it does a great job at suctioning. Just pull the handle to start a powerful suction and have the fluid empty into the 16 ounce capacity reservoir. Provided is a lip seal that enhances the suction capacity of this unit making it quite easy to extract fluids. Users can choose to both inject or remove oils from their gear boxes, power steering oil pans and the likes.

Key Features
  • Aluminium die-cast durable head
  • Deluxe lip seal
  • 16-ounce capacity
  • Injects and removes oils
  • Brand OTC
  • Model 2359
  • Weight 0.16 ounces

Easy to use

Great design

Works for injecting in oil with less of a mess


Doesn’t hold much fluid per time

Tube runs a bit too thick

Some reported leaks

The 12V Transfer Pump Oil Extractor is an electric pump that can be connected to a generator, car batteries or a regular power source. With a 5L storage capacity, it powerfully sucks a good amount of oil into a disposable container. It won’t consume too much energy; with an average rated power of 60W and DC 12V it can easily be powered. It also makes use of a maximum pressure level of 0.8MPA that delivers a 5L per minute fluid flow. Once inserted in a car or boat’s oil pan, it will powerfully suck out the oil within minutes. It can also be used for a wide range of applications with industrial equipment, medical equipment, vehicle cleaning, air cleaning cooling, carpet and floor cleaning and water treatment equipment.

It has multiple hoses that makes oil evacuation more convenient and a ¼ inch copper tube that goes into the dipstick. The added advantage of this unit is definitely the time it uses for small scale and large scale operations. If you’re looking at saving time and cost while efficiently performing any of the afore-mentioned tasks, this electrical unit will work the talk. Be assured of a clean and mess-free job with this versatile, premium quality fluid evacuator.

Key Features
  • 5L capacity
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy storage
  • Electrical pump
  • Brand CISNO
  • Model FBA_CP195AC
  • Weight 1.85 pounds

Portable size

Wide range of versatile operations

Evacuates fluids quite fast


Wires run a bit short

Copper tube is a bit stiff

If you are thinking of purchasing the Jabsco 17850-1012 DIY Engine Oil Change System for personal use, it’s surely a good idea. Auto-technicians charge a good amount for draining oils from cars and other motor-operated appliances. You could end up saving a lot of overtime doing all the dirty work yourself. However, the work won’t be so messy this time, be assured of a clean application process with nothing more than a few drips after the oil has been evacuated.

What’s more, cleaner oil is yours in just four quick steps. In just less than five minutes, this unit can extract a good amount of oil at a temperature of 160°F (71°C).  And if you prefer a manual pump for faster applications will love this fluid extractor; just connect it to the car or boat battery and watch it powerfully suck out fluid, debris and all. Be sure to use this unit only when the oil is warmed, it would make it faster and easier to get all the oil out in a matter of minutes.

Key Features
  • Heat resistant
  • Comes with a 1/4 inch suction tube
  • Extracts oil at a temperature of 160°F (71°C)
  • Used for a wide range of operations
  • Brand Jabsco
  • Model 17850-1012
  • Weight 6.8 pounds

Pump works great

Clean and tidy operations

Creates powerful suction


Wires run too short

Stiff copper tubes

Best Oil Extractors Buying Guide

If you own a car, motorbike, boat or other machineries, it is common knowledge that the oil has to be changed regularly. Fluid extractors do the job of efficiently extracting old oil from the motor for easy disposal. With this new, improved and simple way of changing out oil, it makes it easier, quicker and less messy for users to perform this task themselves. They are many oil extractors in the market, and we may have outlined some of the best products you’d find in the market. However extractors differ slightly in functionality, portability as well as power functions. To ensure you get the most suitable and useful unit, here are a few things to consider.

Engine oil cap

Features to Look for When Buying an Oil Extractor

  • Reservoir Size

Different products come with different reservoir capacities. The size ranges from 1.5 to 95 litres; small reservoirs are suitable for personal use and small machinery. Meanwhile large reservoirs are meant for large jobs and industry use.

  • Safety

Oil extractors should have safety features that ensure users have hassle free and clean oil changing process. Such features include built in components like a shut off valve. This prevents the oil from overfilling the reservoir, at a certain safe level, the shut off is activated to stop the oil from pumping in. other features include suction pipes that pump the oil directly from the engine into the disposal container without any spills.

  • Convenience

Like most appliances, oil extractors are meant to make the process a lot easier. It shouldn’t be as tasking as getting below the car and draining the oil yourself. Features such as multiple extraction tubes and long extraction tubes that save time and energy. The handle should also have an easy grip to ensure users don’t have a hard time manoeuvring the unit.

  • Portability

Extractors meant for personal use should be compact in size, portable and easy to carry around. Especially if you’d like to carry it around, it’s important to consider the size and weight. However for bigger operations, the size could be larger considering the unit would probably be stationed in one place.

Why You Should Use Oil Extractor Pump

  • Oil extractors would actually save a lot of car owners’ frequent trips to the auto-shop. And if we are being real, it would save a couple of dollars too; a one-time payment for a quality pump will enable a lot of users to perform this task themselves.
  • For people who work on the land and fields a lot, an oil extractor will aid in evacuating old oil from the engine of lawn mowers, tractors and other agricultural equipment.
  • Extractors will help out in emergencies; sometimes we are caught off guard in a messy situation. Instead of waiting for long hours for a professional, take out the unit and perform the task promptly yourself.
  • For people who live in really cold climates, oil extractors work great for taking the oil out of snow-plows or snow blowers.
  • For regular maintenance of cars, boats, marine and industrial engines, oil extractors are needed to deliver a quick, clean and safe job.

Different Types of Fluid Evacuators

There are 3 main fluid extraction types:

  • Manual

These units don’t need electricity to function; they require you to pump until enough vacuum is created to start suction. This is great for people who are mostly on the move, household applications, smaller jobs or people who may not use it regularly.

  • Pneumatic

These happen to be the most common out of the three; this is because they can be powered both manually and electrically. The extractors are connected to air compressors that use pressurized airflow for an effective suction. When the compressors can’t be powered electrically or have operating complications, the manual backup takes over, but where there’s a power plug and no issues, the compressor is used instead.

  • Electrical

These are usually connected to a car battery that powers the unit in return. This is the perfect unit for emergencies, maritime applications or other environments where there is no immediate access to a power source.

How to Use a Fluid Extractor

  • Start up the engine and warm it up for some minutes
  • Insert the tube into the dipstick
  • Push the tube in until it stops
  • If there is more than one tube, ensure they are tightly fitted into one another
  • For electrical extractors, insert the other side of the tube into a disposable container
  • Connect the extraction pump to the car engine using a clamp
  • Start the pump and let it run up to 20 minutes to clear out all the oil
  • Move the dipstick around to ensure it gobbles up all the oil around
  • You will know the extractor is almost done when air bubbles start appearing in the tube
  • For manual extractors you won’t need to connect it to an electrical source. Get a good workout on by continually pumping in the dipstick till you get a good suction started.

Oil Extracting

Our Top Pick

The Mityvac 7201 is a manual oil extractor featuring a large 2.3 gallon capacity. Its reservoir is made from durable polyethylene material that withstands rust and corrosion overtime.  With multiple dipsticks and an automatic shut off valve for safety, it has become one of the most reliable units and a premium top choice for many users.


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