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Published Nov. 20, 2018

The humble off road jack is one of the most versatile pieces in your arsenal whenever you hit the trails. It’s a really simple but effective recovery tool that can get you out of almost any tough spot when used with caution. Essentially a large mechanical lever, the traditional Hi-Lift jack can be used for everything from turning a vehicle around on the spot to straightening out steel rods to acting as a winch or clamper.

With so many uses, it’s no surprise that scores of 4×4 enthusiasts bring one along on every adventure. With so much at stake, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing a jack that fits your needs. Since using an off road jack also comes with certain risks, it’s wise to do your research and choose a great-quality model to minimize risk. With all this in mind, we’ve scoured the off-roading world for the top best off road jacks available. We also outline some key features to consider when making this useful investment, so you can rest assured that the jack you end up with is exactly what you need.

The Best Off Road Jack

When someone says “Hi-Lift jack”, they’re usually referring to this exact product. Hi-Lift has certainly earned this reputation – its jack is constructed from the highest quality stamped steel and features an anti-corrosion zinc coating as standard. Its simple gear and lever system allows the user to winch up vehicles no matter the terrain, letting you work your way out of numerous tight spots whenever you hit the trails.

The jack’s two piece handle and socket system is highly reliable, making it a great option which will last and last. Hi-Lift’s equipment is always safety conscious too, equipped with a shear bold that prevents it from being used to lift weights of more than 7,000 pounds.

Key Features
  • Hi-Lift off road jack, constructed from stamped steel
  • Reliable two piece handle and socket system
  • Safety mechanism prevents the user from lifting loads which are too heavy
  • Brand Hi-Lift
  • Model HLJHL484
  • Weight 28 pounds

Hi-Lift brand has over 100 years’ experience producing quality products

High quality materials

An inexpensive but versatile solution to numerous off road issues

In-built weight limit helps to prevent misuse and injury

Simple, reliable mechanism


This type of jack is not recommended for changing tires

Using a Hi-Lift jack can be dangerous if adequate precautions are not taken

Cooke’s hefty off road floor jack is designed with off road racing in mind and is capable of hoisting up to two tons of vehicle in no time at all. Unlike jacks designed for use on the road, Cooke’s can handle virtually any surface, be it mud, gravel, or even sand. Each jack comes with its own mounting bracket to you lift your vehicle more quickly when every second counts.

The 4×4 jack also features a rubber grip pad, offering a secure hold, and high clearance from the road, as well as a full-length steel skid plate to stop the jack from sinking into mud or sand. Its composite wheels, sealed ball bearings, and large steel handles all add up to make this an easy-to-use and durable solution to your off road needs.

Key Features
  • Versatile jack is suitable for use both on and off road, as well as in the garage
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Rubber grip pad and large mounting surface make for a safe and secure lift
  • Features composite wheels and sealed ball bearings
  • Brand COOKE

Made to professional off road racing standards

Quick and easy to use

Offers a secure lift for any job, including a tire change

Comes with a two year warranty

Durable design holds up well against the elements


The most expensive jack on our list

Very weighty – especially compared to the other options here

Despite careful design, wheels are more likely to become stuck in mud and sand than a flat base

Strongway’s hydraulic double lift model is a cleverly designed dual-stage hydraulic cylinder that can lift large loads with a surprisingly small footprint – making it highly portable and great for off-road applications. Constructed from high-grade steel, this jack is capable of lifting up to two tons.

The jack also features a durable, lead-free paint finish, rendering it resistant to rust, oil, grease, and dirt. This hardy finish also makes the jack easy to clean and maintain. Because of its large-diameter design, relatively low oil pressure is needed to raise the load, which acts to reduce wear and tear and extend the jack’s lifetime. Users find its low profile useful for jacking a wide variety of vehicles and love its long-lasting design.

Key Features
  • Hydraulic bottle lift suitable for use on and off the road
  • Capable of lifting up to two tons safely
  • Constructed from durable high-grade steel
  • Brand Strongway
  • Model CECOMINOD073702

Great value for money at under $50

Compact design makes this jack ideal for on-the-go use

High-grade steel construction and tough paint finish

Designed with durability in mind

Low profile renders it compatible with most vehicles


Not as easy to use as some other options on this list; the handle does not initially have a lot of travel

Provides less lift than some other options because of its small size

Slow to use

Limited lifting capacity compared to other options on the market

Alltrade’s All-in-one jack is aptly named. Its patented design brings together a bottle jack with a jack stand, resulting in a solid unit that is capable of lifting up to three tons. Engineered to be compact, this jack can fit comfortably in your vehicle without getting in the way, proving useful for recovery and repair both on and off the road.

Thanks to its sturdy safety bar, the jack is capable of holding both regular and unibody cars firmly in place with no slip – even at maximum height. Meanwhile, its wide and flat base allow excellent stability even on off road surfaces. Customers report that this wide base, along with a locking pin system, helps give them piece of mind when using this jack to work on their vehicles.

Key Features
  • All-in-one design combines a jack stand and bottle jack in one handy unit
  • Capable of lifting up to three tons
  • Compact, portable design
  • Sturdy construction and wide, flat base make it great for use on trickier surfaces
  • Brand Alltrade
  • Model 640912
  • Weight 22.1 pounds

Inexpensive option

Suitable for use with both regular and unibody vehicles

Locking pin system and safety bar make for a safe, secure hold

Wide, flat base makes the jack a good option for off roaders


Some customers find it tricky to lower the jack

Its relative height makes it difficult to fit under lower riding vehicles

A few customers have discovered an oil leak issue, so check the product carefully before use 

Hi-Lift herald their X-Treme jack as their top-of-the-range option. Its all-cast design gives it market-leading strength and rigidity, while its unique gold zinc coating protects the jack from corrosion – clearly, this product is designed to last.

As well as being durable, Hi-Lift’s jack is versatile. Each one is accompanied by an attachment which can be used as a winch, clamp, or spreader, and includes 7/8 inch holes for secure shackle attachment and a 3/8 inch chain slot for secure winching. Whether you need to push, pull, winch, or clamp a vehicle, this light-weight yet sturdy option will stand you in good stead both on and off the trails. Capable of lifting up to three tons, customers report finding new uses for this handy jack every day – from getting a vehicle out of the mud, to repairing a porch! It’s also great for general use as an off road farm jack.

Key Features
  • Hi-Jack’s top-of-the-range model
  • All-cast design
  • Gold zinc coating prevents corrosion
  • Highly versatile – each jack comes with a multi-use attachment
  • Brand Hi-Lift
  • Model XT-605
  • Weight 1.44 ounces

Highly durable, all-cast design

Gold zinc coating protects against corrosion

Versatile – useful for several applications, on and off vehicles

Light-weight for easy portability

Top attachment allows for winching, clamping, and spreading


Not recommended for tire changes

Risky to use if adequate precautions are not taken

More challenging to manoeuvre than other styles of jack

With a lifting capacity of 12 tons, Torin’s bottle jack is a sturdy option for lifting larger vehicles on the go. Its wide base makes it easy to use on a wide variety of surfaces on-road, off-road, and in the garage. With a lifting range of 9.06” to 18.11” and an adjustable screw top extension, this jack offers users excellent versatility for handling a wide variety of jobs.

Constructed from a drop forged steel alloy, Torin’s Big Red bottle jack is extremely tough and durable. Thanks to the quality of its welding, there’s no need to worry about leaks either – wherever you travel. Because the jack can operate at any temperature between 4- and 105-degrees Fahrenheit, it will be equally at home come rain or shine. Users love the fact that this jack is small enough to fit under the axle of most pickups and trucks and are impressed at its lifting power despite its small size.

Key Features
  • Bottle jack with a lifting capacity of 12 tons
  • Wide base facilitates use on a variety of surfaces
  • Lifting range of 9.06” to 18.11”
  • Can operate in a wide range of temperatures
  • Brand Torin
  • Model T91203B
  • Weight 18 pounds

Excellent value for money at under $30

Small and portable

Capable of lifting up to 12 tons

Wide base for maximum stability

Constructed from high quality drop forged steel alloy

Leak resistant design


Some customers find it challenging to lose

Detachable handle is great for storage, but some customers find it makes the jack more difficult to use

Storing it outside results in rusting

ARB’s X-jack was designed with difficult conditions specifically in mind. Whether you need to lift your vehicle on mud, snow, or sand, the jack’s wide footprint will provide ample support, and resist sinking in. Its wide bottom, and triangular feet offer a grip which will keep things firmly grounded.

This jack boasts a unique design, which lifts vehicles through inflation. It consists of a reinforced fabric bag, which is inflated by attaching a hose to your vehicle’s exhaust, although some customers have found it easier to use an air compressor or tire pump. This system means it can be worked into place even when the vehicle has very little ground clearance, which can be a real issue when driving off road. The jack inflates in only two or three minutes, allowing you to get back on the road as quickly as possible. The unusual, inflatable design is reinforced through three fabric layers and a hard core insert, giving it great strength and stability.

Key Features
  • Unique, inflatable jeep off road jack
  • Designed to lift vehicles, even on camber
  • Triple layer design for maximum durability
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Capable of lifting almost 2 tons
  • Brand ARB
  • Model 72X10
  • Weight 18 pounds

Unique inflatable design collapses down for easy storage and great portability

Very wide footprint makes it ideal for use on mud, snow, sand, and other challenging driving surfaces

Perfect for lifting vehicles when there is very little ground clearance

Inflates in just two or three minutes

Reinforced for added strength and durability

Offers a high lift


Only single exhaust vehicles will provide adequate pressure to inflate the jack quickly

When using the jack, you need to be careful to avoid anything sharp, or high temperatures to avoid the risk of getting a puncture

The exhaust inflation hose is not long enough for use with all vehicles

Risky to use on surfaces that are not level

This base is a must-have when it comes to hi lift jack accessories – it’s a simple but effective device which mitigates jack sinkage on softer surfaces. The Hi Lift jack mount is equipped with serrated teeth on one of its side, to give the best possible grip, while its rugged design is built to last. The teeth have the additional function of scraping away loose dirt and gravel, to provide an improved surface for jacking. The base is versatile too, being compatible with all Hi-Lift jacks.

As well as being tough, this jack mount is convenient to carry and use. A drilled hole in the centre of the base allows it to be stored with ease on the jack bar, while the light weight design won’t slow you down.

Overall, the Hi Lift jack base gives you the strength and stability required to get your car out of a tight spot with confidence.

Key Features
  • Off road jack base, compatible with all Hi-Lift jack products
  • Used to provide the best possible surface for raising a vehicle
  • Light weight and easy to store
  • A really useful addition to your Hi-Lift jack
  • Brand Hi-Lift
  • Model ORB
  • Weight 2.9 pounds

Offers improved safety and stability while using a Hi-Lift jack

Light-weight and easy to store

Durable design

Serrated teeth on one edge help to create the best possible lifting surface


Only compatible with Hi-Lift branded jacks

More expensive than using a Hi-Lift jack in isolation

Bolt and wing nut to mount on the jack not included

Best Off Road Jack Buying Guide

Whatever type of off road jack you want, we hope our list has given you some idea of what’s on the market right now. With so many jacks to choose from, though, deciding which will best meet your needs can be a challenging business. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a handy guide, outlining what you should bear in mind when picking out an off road jack to take to the trails with.

off road car jack

Things to Consider When Buying an Off Road Jack

When buying your own off road, jack, the single most important thing to bear in mind is safety. This means ensuring that it’s equipped to handle everything your intended usage might throw at it! Because this can be such an important decision, we’ve put together a brief guide, as an overview of what you should consider when investing in this useful and versatile tool.

The Vehicle you Drive

The first thing to consider when choosing your jack is what type of vehicle you’ll be using it with – for instance, the best off-road jack for 4-runners may not be the same as the best off-road jack for other makes and models. Before your purchase, you should check these three key points:

  • The jack can comfortably lift the vehicle’s weight – ideally, choose an option that gives you some leeway, since you never know what you might be carrying
  • The jack can easily fit under your vehicle
  • The jack can be comfortably stored inside the vehicle

The Type of Road Surface

It might sound obvious, but it bears repeating. The kind of environment in which you plan to use the jack will have a significant impact on which type you choose:

  • Hi-Lift

The traditional Hi-Lift jack is arguably the most versatile when it comes to road surface compatibility. Because it’s such a simple mechanism, with a wide flat base, the jack can find leverage in most situations – unlike the wheeled jacks you’d find in a garage. Use a Hi-Lift jack on mud, snow, sand, or gravel. It can also take camber in its stride.

  • Floor Jack

Floor jacks will generally provide the steadiest hold – but only on the right surfaces. Although the floor jack on this list (number two) has wheels designed to work through mud, snow, and sand, they are nonetheless challenging to manoeuvre. Additionally, this type of jack works best on flat surfaces.

  • Bottle/Hydraulic Jack

How well a bottle jack adapts to different surfaces varies, depending on the type of base it has. Look for a wide, grippy base for off road purposes. Bottle jacks are better used on flat surfaces.

  • Inflatable

Inflatable jacks are great for helping you out of uneven or cambered surfaces, be it mud, snow, or sand. However, because punctures would be a serious issue, their main limitation is the fact that they must be kept away from sharp debris and very hot temperatures.


As mentioned earlier, Hi-Lift jacks aren’t recommended for changing tires, or performing other car maintenance. Their main function is to get you out of tight spots on difficult surfaces. If you need to carry out this kind of maintenance on the go, we recommend investing in a good hydraulic or floor jack. For those who venture onto muddy or sandy surfaces, we recommend a Hi-Lift. On the other hand, if you tend to stick to rough tracks a hydraulic or floor jack is likely the best option.

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Our Top Pick

With over a century of supporting off road exploits, we believe that Hi-Lift offer the best off road jack for trucks on the market right now.

Their simple yet effective device is durable and sturdy, made from the highest quality stamped steel, with an anti-corrosion coating to boot. Their jacks are incredibly versatile and long lasting, suitable for all sorts of applications. This jack in particular, for us, has struck the balance between cost and usefulness perfectly, making it excellent value for money. Easy to use, and light enough to carry in the back of your truck, this is one piece of kit you won’t want to hit the trails without.


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