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The Best Off-Road Electric Scooters (Review) in 2021

Best Choice The Best Off-Road Electric Scooters (Review) in 2021 Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter
Premium Pick Smart Self Balance Off-Road Electric Scooter Smart Self Balance Off-Road Electric Scooter
Best Value Razor Glow Off Road Electric Scooter Razor E100 Glow Off Road Electric Scooter

Modern electric scooters are awesome for whizzing through town, howling through the neighborhood, and blasting to nearby destinations. Thankfully, with modern batteries and motor technology, the performance of these scooters has improved while costs have begun to come down. This means the prospect of using a sleek and efficient scooter to get where you need to be is more practical than ever before, especially in urban areas and on campus. This practicality continues with scooters having a far flatter learning curve than electric longboards, making them ideal for those who need to get around but don’t have experience with extreme sports.

The Best Off-Road Electric Scooter

The Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter packs an incredible amount of features onto a small frame. This scooter will take you where you need to go with its 350W motor. You’ll travel up to 18 miles per hour, depending on passenger and cargo weight. This scooter has a 551WH battery, which will take you up to 40 miles on a single charge. The battery is easy to charge with the included cable and charges quickly in only 6 hours. 

This scooter has an incredibly smooth and safe ride. It features 10-inch self-healing tires that can handle any terrain in comfort. The tubeless pneumatic tires and anti-lock brakes make this scooter incredibly comfortable to ride. You’ll enjoy an automatic rear brake light and an LED headlight for added safety. The bright LED display makes it easy to keep track of your battery’s charge. The Bluetooth capability adds to your comfort. 

Key Features
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Solid 10-inch Tires
  • Maximum speed of 18.6 miles per hour
  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • Brand Segway

The Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter makes the perfect gift for the holiday’s hands down. Let’s be honest, once school is out, one of the best ways to engage kids is by letting them play outdoors. This kid-sized off-road electric scooter is designed with a complete steel frame and fork construction. The adequately durable and sturdy design of this scooter ensures maximum safety and longevity for kids and the scooter respectively. The acceleration runs up to 10 mph providing that extra speed to outrun the competition. Traveling at 10 miles per hour, this definitely provides the thrill it’s expected to deliver.

This fast and fun electric scooter goes the extra mile with its LED lighted deck that comes alive every time the throttle is twisted. This works beautifully when riding in the evening as the scooter’s glow can easily be seen. The twist grip powers the acceleration, allowing users to rev up the speed at clean-cut corners. The grip features a comfortable rubber handle soft enough on the hands for a long, fun ride.

Key Features
  • Blue LED lights on the deck
  • Twist-grip acceleration and hand-operated front brakes
  • Steel frame and fork construction
  • Up to 10 mph speed capacity
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13111231
  • Weight 32 pounds

Life as we know it is changing, almost everything is electronically powered and designed to make life easier. This has made riding out on more unconventional terrains with a scooter more possible. This next self-supporting electric scooter is one of the most reliable ways to transport around town. Get yourself to places on time with the easy-to-use Smart Self Balance Scooter Personal Transporter. The 19-inch heavy-duty, spiked tires will practically take you anywhere. The tires are built to powerfully glide along most terrains with ease. It is definitely a multi-purpose and versatile vehicle you could use to transport around town.

This off-road scooter can go up to 20 km per hour allowing users to feel the thrill of pleasure-riding. It features a long-lasting and reliable 72v Lithium battery certified by Samsung. Whether you’ll be riding on or off the road this powerful and capable vehicle will gladly take you there. With a 1000Wx2 motor, be assured to hit high steady speeds with a capable battery that lasts twice as long. Of course, users can enjoy low-speed riding if that’s what is preferred or it’s their first time handling such a vehicle. Another amazing feature is its capacity to balance on its own, the two large tires and standard design ensure this. Even when the user is off the scooter it will independently hold its own.

Key Features
  • Front handlebar bag
  • Runs up to 20 km per hour
  • 330lbs weight capacity
  • 72v Samsung certified lithium batteries
  • Brand far4Less
  • Weight 105 pounds

Gravity keeps everything in place but as humans, they will always be that urge to break the limits. The Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter understands this common urge. Extreme sports enthusiasts are constantly trying to break the boundaries and set new records. For the thrill of it and for the exhilarating feeling of being weightless, users look to the RX200. It is definitely not a regular commute scooter as the well-built all-steel frame and fork are specially made for rough terrains.

Off-road terrains have become the common playground for scooter riders and this scooter comes with heavy-duty alloy wheels that feature 60 PSI tires that were built for off-road tracks. The RX200 features an improved gear ratio for high-torque off-road riding. This is perfect for those riveting moves and new stunts users would like to try out. Regardless of how rough or unlevelled the ground is, this trailblazer accelerates through with a whopping 12 mph.

Key Features
  • Up to 12 mph speed
  • Soft rubber grips
  • heavy-duty alloy wheels
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13112401
  • Weight 45.8 pounds

As a brand, Hiboy offers a wide range of quality electric scooters to make one’s commute breeze by. The range includes scooters focused on range, power, and affordability, and all of these offerings are solidly built and more than capable of handling the rigors of the commute and daily life. But the Hiboy MAX doesn’t focus on any particular thing, as its purpose as the range topper is to provide it all. It packs 350 Watts of electron spewing power, will cruise up to 17 miles and will clock speeds in excess of 18 miles per hour. Getting where you need to go is something the Hiboy does effortlessly.

The scooter’s eight and a half-inch tall solid tires romp over urban terrain without much issue, aided by a straightforward front suspension system. While the Hiboy MAX delivers quality and sturdy construction, elegance is not really its strong suit. The folding mechanism requires enormous force to actuate, to the point where many riders might not even have the strength to make it fold and unfold. By the same token, other top-of-the-line scooters have dual suspension systems, with the rear wheel’s motion also being damped for the sake of rider comfort. The Hiboy MAX lacks this feature, which is far from a deal breaker for most, but important for those who see comfort as paramount in a high end electric scooter.

For a dependable and powerful scooter that will whisk you far into the distance with barely a whirr, the Hiboy MAX is a great option. For most, its quirks are made up for by its reliability and performance, which get the job done regardless of the situation.

Key Features
  • Dual headlight
  • Long range
  • Front suspension
  • Double braking system
  • Brand Hiboy
  • Weight 3 pounds

Razor has a dedicated fanbase and widespread name recognition for a reason. Many of their products have brought joy to a huge number of people throughout their childhood, with a wide selection of outdoor toys and entry level extreme sports equipment. That’s the thing though, most of their renown comes from toys. Not things that could hold up to a daily commute for years at a time. But the E Prime III is no toy. This is a sturdy professional grade vehicle at the top of Razor’s budget-conscious electric commuter scooter range, providing power and style in spades. 

Razor has built the E Prime III to sit in three perfect middle grounds — cost and performance, weight and power, and features and simplicity. While the 250 Watt motor may be less powerful than others, the 36 Volt Lithium-Ion battery provides it with long lasting power, allowing the total package to last longer than many other scooters while being significantly cheaper. The Razor features no suspension system, but the front tire is pneumatic, effectively becoming an entire front suspension package with just a single part. That said, doing without things like more powerful motors and the suspension does hamper this Razor in certain situations, like climbing hills and romping over cracked pavement. In those situations, a more feature rich and expensive scooter would provide better performance.

Key Features
  • Speed of 18 mph
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • 36-volt battery
  • 8-inch pneumatic front tire
  • Brand Razor
  • Model E Prime III
  • Weight 24.2 pounds

Hurtle is the perfect name for this brand of scooter because that is exactly what it allows its riders to do. Reviewers over 200 pounds have easily reached the scooter’s claimed top speed of 19 miles per hour, cementing this folding electric scooter as one of the faster ones on the market, regardless of who’s on board. While this scooter falls squarely in the middle of the commuter-capable scooter price range, it offers several features that are normally seen only in high end models. These features include LED lights on every side for safety and visibility, a surprisingly high-tech anti-lock braking system to keep the tires from skidding under heavy braking, and a downloadable phone app that connects to the scooter to provide extra information like the trip length.

Among the many features of the Hurtle scooter is a front suspension system, but unfortunately, this doesn’t really provide high levels of comfort. But even though traversing rough pavement is a jarring experience with this scooter, it is adept at going uphill. The scooter can climb up to a 15-degree angle with startling ease, making it perfect for whooshing through city streets and sidewalks regardless of elevation change.

Key Features
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Side marker lights
  • LED head and tail lights
  • Downloadable app connection
  • Brand Hurtle
  • Weight 39.7 pounds

For those who don’t need a full-fledged electric scooter to commute, but would just like one for play, the Razor E200 sits in the perfect middle ground. Cheaper than commuter electric scooters, but more capable than the toy electric scooters for small children. The E200 features a full size deck, so everyone above age 13 can take full advantage of this inexpensive scooter’s 200 Watt motor. 

It should be reiterated that this isn’t a commuter scooter, and while it is capable, it is still designed to be a high end toy instead of a true vehicle. It lacks the speed, power, and range of more expensive and capable electric scooters. That said, if fun is all you need, then this one will provide that in spades. With a maximum range of 8 miles, this scooter doesn’t need to have commuter capability to have serious fun. For speeding through the neighborhood this scooter offers everything one would need, especially for young teens.

Key Features
  • 200-watt motor
  • All-steel frame
  • 8-inch tires
  • Brand Razor
  • Weight 43 pounds

The Hover-1 Rally makes getting around a snap, even when you need to cross some treacherous urban terrain to get where you need to be. Large solid 6.5 inch tires allied with very high ground clearance for an electric scooter allow the rider to blitz through and over obstacles that would stop other scooters in their tracks. In addition to the high level of capability, the Rally brings high style, with an ultra modern single vertical LED headlight seamlessly integrated into the front of the scooter. An LCD screen provides critical information like speed and battery level. 

The downsides to the Rally appear to be its short range, and the occasional appearance of manufacturing defects that leave the scooters dead on arrival when first delivered. That said, most are delivered in sterling condition and perform exactly as advertised. That performance includes a seven-mile maximum range, depending on riding style, a 264-pound maximum load, and a 12 mile per hour top speed. The scooter charges in less than six and a half hours, and weighs a slim 25 pounds. This is not a long range scooter, but it does offer respectable power and load carrying capacity.

Key Features
  • Stylish design
  • 6.5-inch tires and front shock absorber
  • 300-watt brushless motor
  • Lightweight
  • Brand Hover-1
  • Weight 25.1 pounds

Too many electric scooters need to be built when they are delivered. This might not sound too hard, but when terrible instructions and questionable build quality are factored in, having to build the scooter you need to ride to work that afternoon can become a daunting task one would really just pass up. The Gotrax XR is quick and easy to set up, and then away you go, cruising along at up to 15.5 miles per hour for up to 17 miles per charge. The 300 Watt motor provides the perfect balance between tire-spinning torque and electron-sipping efficiency, all while keeping the total weight of the scooter below 28 pounds. 

While the downsides of other scooters often involve their basic ability to get you where you need to be, the Gotrax XR’s primary downside is more of a pet peeve. The advanced anti-lock brakes can sometimes be hard to modulate effectively, either providing little braking force or a huge amount of stopping power, but not much in-between.

Key Features
  • LG battery
  • Dual braking system
  • 17-mile maximum range
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Brand Gotrax
  • Model XR

Best Off-Road Electric Scooter Buying Guide

If you’re looking at buying a new electric scooter, it is best to have viable information to help you make the right pick.


Things to Consider When Buying an Off-Road Electric Scooter

There are many scooters manufactured by different brands in the market. However, the above listed 10 stood out to us for these reasons:


When we were selecting our top 10 electric scooters, the products had to be popular, loved by the users, and well-rated. While going through various customer reviews and feedbacks, we found that these phenomenal scooters had good customer feedback.


This list represents price ranges that we believe would work for every budget. Not everyone is on the same payroll, so it is, therefore, necessary to have affordable and pocket-friendly options available to everyone.


We selected products from viable and reputable brands such as Razor, EVO, and NANROBOT. These brands have gone the extra mile to ensure productive, high-performance, and durable electric scooters.

Pros and Cons of Off-Road Scooters


One of the major advantages of electric scooters is that they are:

  • Easy to Use

What is required to get them running is a complete charge time, that’s all. They are also very useful, especially when you want a quiet but quick ride to work, shop, off-road ride and so on. Scooters can be used by both kids and adults alike. They are quite easy to operate, however, when trying extreme stunts, such tricks should be left for the experts.

  • Reliable Economical Option

While you would normally have to fuel, repair, maintain, and manage a car or bike you just have to charge the scooter battery. This definitely saves costs in the long run and you could still safely go places.

However, on the flip side:


  • Safety

Users have a major safety issue to deal with. While no one can ensure their safety regardless of what type of vehicle they drive, scooters may be less safe. With no headlamps, tail lights, adequate brake systems and the likes, users have to employ additional safety measures such as wearing helmets. It is advisable to look out for scooters with LED glow lights.

  • Low resale value

Additionally, when selling a scooter you may probably end up losing big time. Unlike cars and motorbikes which can still resell for reasonable prices, a used scooter has low resale value.

Best Off-Road Electric Scooter FAQ:

Q: Are off road electric scooters safe?

A: Most Manufactures employ extra safety measures to ensure their scooters are safe. Some even go as far as testing them to ascertain they are strong and durable enough to go on off-side roads. They include features such as disc brakes, LED lights, shock absorbers, and the likes to ensure experienced riders are not at risk. It is probably better to start with a hoverboard if you’re an amateur rider. For electric scooters that ride on bumpy and uneven terrains users will however have to take extra safety precautions. To safely avoid accidents make sure to read reviews and confirm specifications before purchasing an electric scooter.

Q: Are electric scooters waterproof?

A: Not all scooters are waterproof. And even for the ones that are, it is best not to stay out in the rain.

Q: Can electric scooters go up hills?

A: Scooters with good Torque power will definitely go up hills. However regular commute scooters with low horsepower may not be able to achieve this feat.

Q: How far can an electric scooter go on one charge?

A: This depends on the scooter. Various scooters have different charge periods and run-times. Most scooters are able to go up to 45 mph after a complete charge of up to 8-10 hours.

Electric Scooter

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick for electric scooters has to be the Segway Ninebot MAX, on its superior performance alone. While many other electric scooters struggle to provide a dozen miles of range and the speed of a moderate jog, the Ninebot MAX can go for forty miles on one charge, and power all the way up to 18 miles per hour. The spec sheet really does speak for itself, backed up by the scooter’s actual shockingly good performance.


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