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Motorcycle gadgets offer the opportunity to put your personal stamp on your ride. Do you prefer convenience? There’s everything from trickle chargers to compact tire pumps, each designed to make your motorcycle trip easier. Perhaps you want to focus on decking out the bike with some modern tech—a niche rich with innovation from dashboard cameras to Bluetooth hookups. Whatever your desire, the best motorcycle gadgets get the job done (with panache). We’ve tracked down the top ways for you to up your motorcycling game. Let’s dive in. 

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The Best Motorcycle Gadgets

The Sena SMH10-11 Bluetooth headset stands out amongst a sea of similar motorcycle gadgets for several reasons. This product makes hands-free communication possible thanks to its integrated button feature and Universal Intercom protocol. The stereo Bluetooth headset allows you to share your music and GPS instructions with fellow riders from 980 yards away. It also allows you to choose and save your preferred volume level for each audio source. This model produces crystal clear, loud audio that you can hear over the sound of your engine while riding and is compatible with many motorcycle helmets. It also includes a wire microphone, a boom microphone, a 3.5mm stereo audio jack cable and a USB power and data cable. The Sena SMH10-11 allows you to get in touch with four people at once thanks to its intercom function and offers up to 12 hours of talk time on a single charge.

Bear in mind that the battery lifespan will diminish faster if you are relying on it for music rather than making calls. Expect to recharge it more frequently, or opt for one of the battery tenders on this list, a convenient way to keep your devices charged on the road.

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Key Features
  • 3.0 Bluetooth headset with a universal microphone kit
  • Individual volume control for intercom, phone and music feature
  • Allows you to wirelessly connect to four people via intercom
  • Loud speakers deliver clear sound in presence of background noise
  • Compatible and easy to install in many motorcycle helmets
  • 980 yards working distance and 12 hours of talk time on a single charge
  • Brand Sena
  • Model SMH10D-11
  • Weight 2 pounds

The 081-0158 Battery Tender plug with USB charger is one of the best motorcycle accessories on the market. Compact and travel friendly, this gadget makes it possible to charge your iPhone or camera on the go. Getting stranded on the highway with a dead phone battery is a thing of the past thanks to this handy device. Compatible with many 12-volt motorcycle batteries, the Battery Tender quick disconnect plug has a maximum of 2.1 amps output and can be used with ATV and golf cart batteries. It also comes with a rubber flap that protects it from dust and other outdoor elements.

It’s worth a note that this USB charger is not compatible with all devices. It works great with Apple products and most GPS tech, but be sure the connection ports on your supplies are a match; otherwise, you will require an adapter.

Key Features
  • Portable and compatible with most 12V batteries
  • Can be used to charge iPads, cameras, and GPS devices
  • Includes protective flap that protects the connectors from damage
  • 2.1 amps output
  • Brand Battery Tender
  • Model 081-0158
  • Weight 0.64 ounces

The Garmin Tread Powersport GPS is a fantastic option for its ability to connect road warriors to one another. If your path takes you through any kind of mountainous terrain, cell service is always a wildcard. This VHF setup lets you relay communications between up to 20 people. The impressive radius is between ½ mile and 8 miles; but, even when hillsides block radios, it still connects to satellites. You can use BirdsEye images to keep you informed about your surroundings. Compatible with the Garmin Tread app, this GPS device lets you access all types of maps, forecasts, traffic reports, and trail information. Equipped with an up-to-date touchscreen and advanced weatherproofing, this premium gadget puts convenience within reach.

This model comes at a noticeably higher price point than similar models. Yes, it offers premium benefits, but unless you are travelling in a pack, this powersport GPS setup might be overdoing it.

Key Features
  • Includes VHF-compatible radio setup
  • Connects with up to 19 radios
  • Tread navigation uses satellite tracking
  • Advanced touchscreen with terrain-relevant maps
  • Brand Garmin
  • Model 010-02406-00
  • Weight N/A

The best way to improve your riding skills is to measure progress, something the SpeedAngle APEX Lap Timer can surely help with. It starts with innovative lap timing technology, built to measure everything from speed to lap time and G-forces. It can even track the angle of the rider up to 69 degrees with impressive accuracy. With available playback in three dimensions on Google Earth, you can track every aspect of your rides. Since it comes with video overlay, you can integrate your metrics using common software. Measuring everything from setup to sector time, lap time to predictive metrics, the crisp display makes it easy to use. Accurate to within one-thousandth of a second, when used regularly, this gadget can easily help you grow your motorcycling skillset.

Keep in mind that this is not a waterproof device. Sure, you aren’t likely to go racing in the rain, but it’s worth noting that it is merely water-resistant. Store it indoors and prevent damage from moisture to keep it working for longer.

Key Features
  • Includes Google Earth replay in 3D
  • Video overlay lets you track data anywhere
  • Advanced tracking for location, speed, lean, and more
  • Brand SpeedAngle
  • Model APEX
  • Weight N/A

Keeping your tires in pristine condition involves checking their pressure and making the necessary adjustments when needed. The AstroAI tire pressure gauge is an affordable device with many great features. Both accurate and efficient, the number one Amazon Bestseller is battery powered with four settings and an 8.3 x 4 inches LCD display. The digital screen is backlit and so is the nozzle, allowing you to check the tire pressure levels in the absence of natural or artificial light. The compact design offers you a wide range of readings in PSI, Bar, KPA as well as Kg/cm². You can easily select your preferred range or turn the device off using the same button. Moreover, the slim design makes it easy to stow away the pressure gauge inside your tank bag or under your seat.

Now, bear in mind that this is a gauge, not a compressor. Basically, it lets you see the pressure but has no power to change it. It’s ideal as a preventative, but on the road, it won’t be as convenient as something that can also pump the tire back to full.

Key Features
  • Digital backlit screen offers four settings
  • Measurement ranges: 0-150PSI / 0-10Bar / 0-10Kgf/cm² or 0-1000KPA
  • Portable and lightweight design with non-slip exterior
  • Operated using a single on/off button
  • Nozzle is compatible with Schrader valve stems
  • Includes 3V lithium battery
  • Brand AstroAI
  • Model ATG150
  • Weight 1.76 ounces

Looking for a way to stay in touch with your fellow riders while remaining focused on the road? Check out the Cardo Pack Talk JBL Headset for its ability to integrate into any helmet. Operating with advanced wireless technology, it uses 4.1 Bluetooth for the best possible performance. Using the leapfrog approach, the communications headset prevents communication issues. It’s especially useful when travelling as a group through rough terrain, and if you can’t reach one member, the set will bump the call to the next available person. It works just as well as a stereo, coming built with advanced hardware. The headset offers a clean sound that seamlessly combines the bass and treble so you can make the most out of your road trip. A high-end gadget with a ton of uses, this communication gear is a great pick.

One note is that the proprietary DMC-Dynamic Meshwork Communication (the wireless overlay between the devices) is only patent-pending. It in no way detracts from the merit of the device, rather it highlights the fact that it might not be the only one of its type.

Key Features
  • Uses up-to-date 4.1 Bluetooth
  • Rated as IP67 water- and dust-resistance
  • Connects with FM radio
  • Advanced voice recognition abilities
  • Brand Cardo
  • Model 1595133
  • Weight N/A

Giving you the opportunity to inflate tires on the road, the Double Tough Mini Tire Inflator is a standout option for a few reasons. First off, it’s compact enough to fit pretty much anywhere. Unlike inflators that rely on a compressor, this uses pre-packaged carbon dioxide to give access to air anywhere you go. It is compatible with both 12- and 16-gram cartridges, though the pack comes with two with the kit. Insulated to prevent your fingers from getting cold, it offers enough air to restore minor pressure issues. Compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves, you can use it on pretty much any tire. Complete with a valve for air control, this miniature tire inflator is great for longer roadtrips.

Keep in mind that, though this is great for quick top-ups, it may not be sufficient for all flat tires. Ideal for emergencies, keeping a couple extra cartridges on hand can make a big difference when travelling new areas.

Key Features
  • Includes air control knob
  • Cartridge sleeve is insulated
  • Works with Schrader and Presta valves
  • Comes with two cartridges
  • Fits 12- and 16-gram cartridges
  • Brand Double Tough
  • Model YPC02-102TN
  • Weight N/A

Complete with DOT and ECE certification, the Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Helmet is a terrific option for those biking in hot environments. Not only is it crafted out of lightweight polycarbonate, but the helmet also includes advanced ventilation. By promoting airflow, it keeps the driver cool while in motion. However, because of the padded collar, there is no extra noise or vibration. Equipped with contoured cheek pads that work together with the breath deflector to prevent condensation, this helmet focuses on comfort. Coming with a five-year warranty, this helmet includes anti-fog, ultraviolet protection, and anti-scratch features. The sleek appearance and high functionality makes this a fantastic addition to any cyclist’s gear.

Bear in mind, however, that this helmet doesn’t include a communicator compartment as previous models did. While this drops the price, since the helmet is lower-tech than much of the competition, it also means you can’t add in Bluetooth.

Key Features
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Made out of polycarbonate shell
  • Includes advanced ventilation
  • Padded collar to reduce ambient noise
  • Brand Bell Helmets
  • Model 1183407
  • Weight N/A

The Nelson Rigg CL-GPS-ST is a three in one solution for keeping your hand-held devices secure and in one place. Using a GPS while traveling via motorbike requires a practical and stable pouch that allows you to access maps and follow directions via the screen. This design comes with a 6-inch-wide GPS pocket with a transparent cover. The pocket can accommodate different GPS sizes and is touch screen friendly as well. There is an additional pocket with a width of 3.5 inches and a height of 6 inches ideal for many smart phones. The little extra zippered compartment is ideal for small accessories such as headphones and garage keys. This design features strap mounts that are used to connect all three compartments to the motorcycle tank. The straps have a protective base that stops the entire unit from moving or sliding out of place. The base also prevents the pouches from scratching the tank.

There are a few aspects of this set that don’t hold up under scrutiny, namely the material used on the cover. Yes, it is transparent, but it is also not as hardy as some denser materials. If its attachment to the pouch is compromised, the entire setup will quickly follow suit.

Key Features
  • Strap mount style GPS, phone and audio accessories holder
  • 6 W x 1.5 D x 4.5 inchesH GPS pocket
  • 3.5"W x 1"D x 6"H phone pocket
  • 2.75"W x 1"D x 6"H audio accessories pocket
  • Two clear pockets and one zippered compartment
  • Clear pouch ideal for touch screen devices
  • Made of premium durable ballistic nylon
  • Brand Nelson-Rigg
  • Model CL-GPS-ST
  • Weight 10.4 ounces

The PowerTye cargo net is durable and practical. The stretchy fabric allows you to secure your gym bag and other cargo before hitting the road. This handy accessory can also be used daily to transport groceries and other items. The six ABS hooks can be easily adjusted depending on the size of the item. This design is made with 2 x 2-inch mesh to prevent cargo big and small from escaping or falling off. This product is also thick enough for frequent use no matter the weather and can be easily attached to the back of your motorbike.

Bear in mind that, though it is 2 x 2 inches without stretching, this changes when you put cargo in the net. Stick to medium to large items in order to prevent them from slipping through the cracks in the stretched mesh.

Key Features
  • Made of durable 2 x2-inch mesh that is 4.4mm thick
  • Includes six ABS hooks that are easy to adjust
  • Smaller sub hooks used to tighten net around cargo
  • Designed to minimize scratching when strapped to bike
  • Brand Powertye
  • Model 50152
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

The final gadget on our list is the universal socket tool set from DIA-GRIP. This handy product is made of chromoly steel and is incredibly easy to use. You can take this set of three with you on the road and use it to make repairs on your motorbike and unscrew all kinds of nuts and bolts. This Amazon’s Choice set has a universal design and is small enough to be carried around in your motorcycle storage compartment. The different components can be assembled in a matter of seconds, allowing you to make the necessary repairs without delay. This product is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and arrives in a stylish black box. Fans of DIY projects and professionals as well as weekend warriors can also make sure of this premium and practical gadget.

Note that chromoly steel (a linguistic blend of chromium and molybdenum) is not as popular as it once was. Recently, the molybdenum has been either replaced or reinforced with vanadium. Does it make the set slightly dated? Yes. Will the sockets be able to perform to necessary standards? Absolutely.

Key Features
  • Made of chromoly steel with 54 pins for maximum durability
  • Universal grip wrench compatible with wide range of nuts and bolts
  • Suitable for making indoor and outdoor repairs including on bikes and cars
  • Travel friendly design – lightweight, compact and easy to store
  • Ideal for professional and DIY projects in addition to roadside repairs
  • Arrives in a sleek black box that doubles as a stylish gift box
  • Brand DIA-GRIP
  • Model DGYL-2
  • Weight 15.2 ounces

If you’re looking for a gadget that makes the road a safer place, the Stop & Go T-Handle Tubeless Tire Repair Kit is a convenient way to make on-the-go repairs. Meant to address punctures or tears from sharp objects, this plug kit is a great option. It comes with 20 4-inch inserts, each reinforced with rubber. The set comes with a retractable blade and enough rubber cement to make several fixes. Including repair instructions, it goes one step further than a mere mushroom plug. Patching large damage, when used in conjunction with an inflator, this repair kit can make a massive difference. Complete with a canvas tote, the kit is both easy to carry around and user-friendly.

Bear in mind that the kit will address most moderate tears, but it isn’t magic. For the best results, be sure to stick to the instructions when using the kit.

Key Features
  • Comes with instructions for use
  • Includes T-handle tool and rubber cement
  • All parts come in a canvas tote
  • Great at repairing punctures
  • Brand Stop & Go
  • Model 1020
  • Weight 11 ounces

Keeping your motorcycle safe and secure while traveling is incredibly important. Therefore, you need to invest in a durable and dependable lock like the Kryptonite 000884 yellow disc lock. This product has a dual reinforced cylinder shaped like a disc and a stapler style disc. You can also prevent your motorcycle from accidentally rolling down a hill by simply attaching the lock to the front disc and securing it in place using one of two stainless steel keys found in the package. Kryptonite has a key replacement program that allows you to ask for additional keys if the original pair were misplaced or stolen. The lock comes with a flashy orange cable that reminds you to remove the lock before leaving the parking lot.

It warrants a mention that, yes this will lock your bike in place, but its chief advantage is as a deterrent while on the road. Kryptonite locks are keyed alike, so anyone else with this same lock also has a key to your lock. Consider this aspect when assessing whether the lock is right for your situation.

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Key Features
  • Waterproof stapler style lock with a 5.5mm pin diameter
  • Durable dual reinforced disc style cylinder
  • Keeps motorcycle in place and prevents ride-away theft
  • Includes hard-to-miss orange cable as a reminder to remove lock
  • Includes two keys made of stainless steel that can be replaced
  • Brand Kryptonite
  • Model 000884
  • Weight 1.1 pounds

It’s easy to remember to lock your motorcycle, but what about your helmet? The Kuryakyn Universal Helmet Lock is a great way to avoid carrying your helmet everywhere you go. Park, lock the helmet to the bike, and you are set to go. Coming in two sizes, this chrome helmet lock fits just about every motorcycle on the market. As long as there is a section of tubing over 2 ¾ inches long, one of these locks will get the job done. Provided the diameter doesn’t exceed an inch-and-a-half, this lock will do the trick. It takes a bit of effort to mount it onto your ride, but the screws and base come with the set. Including two keys (just in case one gets misplaced), it‘s an ideal way to protect your helmet.

Bear in mind that, though secure, the locking tech is not extremely advanced. It relies on a few pins and is keyed alike according to the model. Yes, it adds security, but the protection has its limits.

Key Features
  • Comes with lock and keys
  • Available in both small and large sizes
  • Finished with chrome
  • Fits between ⅞ inch and 1 1/2 inches
  • Brand Kuryakyn
  • Model 4220
  • Weight N/A

This Coleman creation caters to avid riders who need their keys and other belongings within reach. This affordable accessory can be easily attached to the fuel tank using durable and scratch-resistant magnets. The bag will remain in the same secure position while you speed down the highway. You can keep essentials like phones and maps in the transparent map pocket and save the expandable cargo compartment for other items like gloves, wallets, and other everyday essentials. This Coleman product is made of 1680D polyester fabric and a non-slip bottom that will not damage your tank in any way.

It’s worth noting that magnets are reliable, but far from infallible. These should provide a good hold, but don’t weigh it down too much. Stick to the basic devices (phone, wallet, keys) to keep it in fighting form.

Key Features
  • Attaches to tank using scratch resistant magnets
  • Made of 1680D polyester with non-slip base
  • Top transparent pocket for maps and phone
  • Spacious zippered compartment can be expanded
  • Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 5.1 inches
  • Brand Coleman
  • Model 2000012654
  • Weight 0.16 ounces

Our Top Pick

Finding the best motorcycle gadgets is all about identifying your personal riding style. The Battery Tender Quick Disconnect Plug is our top choice for keeping devices ready at all times. If you prefer a high-tech twist, the Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, our Premium Pick, is a clear winner. It’s all about tracking down the right gadget for the adventure ahead.


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