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Published Oct. 29, 2019

A device that can emit current to replenish the power bank of your bike is known as a motorcycle battery charger. These devices help keep the strength and health of your batteries for as long as possible without any damage and issues. However, there are many models of these charges available, and some of them aren’t as durable and efficient as they’re meant to be, which can ultimately lead to a bad purchase. To help you choose the top products, we have a list of the best motorcycle battery chargers.

The Best Motorcycle Battery Maintainer

If you require something that’s more than just a trickle charger, the Battery Tender Junior Automatic Battery Charger is highly recommend as our overall best charging product. Besides being compact and lightweight in design, this system is fully automatic, which makes usage extremely easy for everybody in all locations, especially smaller spaces.

The Battery Tender Junior features LED systems that dispel solid-state colors. It also has a spark-proof design. Other features of this battery charger include its complete 4-step charging program, 12-foot output cord, and five-year warranty. We like this motorcycle battery maintainer because it is smart, affordable, and is well suited for use with lead-acid or sealed maintenance batteries.

Key Features
  • Compact and lightweight in design
  • 12-foot output cord
  • Five year warranty
  • LED systems that dispel solid-state colors
  • Brand Battery Tender
  • Model 021-0123
  • Weight 1.8 pounds

Automatically turns off, reducing harm to the motorcycle system.

Built-in safety timer

Solid build


No on-cover controls

Another good option is the Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger. This unit is put together with precision for optimum performance. It is a smart battery charger featuring a spark-proof system with a lead connection, and it comes with an 8-foot output cord.

The Foval motorcycle battery charger is small in size, so it’s easy to carry and you can store it anywhere you please without using a lot of space. It adapts to many ATVs, motorcycles, and cars because of its compete four-step charging program, which includes initialization, bulk charge, absorption, and float modes. The intuitive LED technologies employed in this system allows you to keep track of the unit’s health as well as charging feedback.

Key Features
  • Smart battery charger
  • Spark proof during lead connection
  • 2-year warranty
  • Complete 4-step charging program
  • Brand Foval
  • Model BC01B-1
  • Weight 10.6 ounces

A three-color LED indicator signals the level of the power bank

A fast-grip connection is easy to unplug.

Direct outlet connection (without mediators)


The alligator clamps are not fully insulated

Must be treated with caution

The NOCO Genius charger is so versatile that it also acts as a maintainer, so you don’t have to invest in two different devices. This battery charger meets all the requirements for durability, use, and safety.

The NOCO Genius battery charger is very convenient in use. It helps deliver an extended battery life as well as better battery maintenance with its unique features. Some of these features make the charger suitable for use with vehicles such as lawnmowers, snowmobiles, power wheels, and motorcycles. It also does a great job with all maintenance-free batteries, allowing them to charge fully without overcharging. The Noco Genius battery charger is backed strongly by the brand’s five-year warranty and has an endless supply of accessories for a better operation. 

Key Features
  • The most convenient charging unit
  • Completely recharge smaller capacity batteries
  • Works with all types of 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid batteries
  • Keep your battery fully charged without overcharge
  • Brand NOCO
  • Model G1100
  • Weight 1.56 pounds

Precise diagnostics of the power bank

Compact for easy storage and movement

The clamps feature built-in eyelets


The short power cord limits the space of use

The CTEK Battery Charger is a 4-step system that is made to operate automatically at all times. It is a unique product that features the company’s patented program, meant to charge and maintain your battery, ensuring that they retain their maximum battery life for a long time. This battery charger doesn’t exhibit any short-circuit proof or sparks, as it’s well protected to ensure that you and your vehicle stay safe and well protected always. Its operation is straightforward; thus it can be used by everyone.

In all climatic conditions, the CTEK battery charger will behave just fine, thanks to its water and dust resistance. Charging is also very straightforward, and there’s a reduced chance of overcharging. You can change this system while the vehicle is in use, and there’ll be no damage. This battery charger is a highly versatile motorbike trickle charger that comes in a compact design for more accessible storage and transport. It is well suited for all vintage vehicles, motorcycles, and lawnmowers daily. CTEK never compromises the safety of users; thus, all accessories associated with this charger are spark-free.

Key Features
  • Fully Automatic
  • Unique 4 step charging system
  • short-circuit-proof
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Brand CTEK
  • Model 56-158
  • Weight 1.1 pounds

Special mode for a motorcycle battery treatment.

Allows for manual movement by the user

The shut trunk allows for an easy connection.


Plastic clamps have questionable quality

Meet the Motorpower MP00205A, a fully automatic battery charging unit designed for two significant uses; charging and maintaining the health of your battery. It is put together by a leading manufacturer of vehicle accessories; thus, it features all the vital elements required for excellent operation. This battery charger is smart and extremely durable. The introduction of technology makes all this possible and much more. It welcomes AGM and gel cells with ease and is also suitable for your children’s toys, marine, and lawn machine batteries.

The Motorpower battery maintainer plus can be plugged and left charging for as long as possible, without overcharge. It stops charging as soon as the battery is full, thanks to the microprocessor-controlled program, which monitors the entire charging process. A unit is also an energy-saving machine since it delivers zero output when left in standby mode. 

Key Features
  • Fully automatic
  • Compact, smart & durable
  • Multi-level safety protection & battery rescue
  • SAE quick release adapters
  • Model MP00205A
  • Weight 12 ounces

Charges most 12V batteries faster compared to other models

The charging process prevents overcharge or short circuits.

It is straightforward to connect the charger


Perfect for novices

Lack of control over the charging process

Out of all brands that manufacture accessories and equipment for vehicles and household appliances, the Black + Decker team is the greatest. This company is made up of only the best personnel in the field of science and engineering. They have undertaken several studies and researches that enable them to keep their products abreast of the evolving market to keep their customer base grew steadily. Their latest addition to their list of endless products is the Black + Decker Automatic Charger and Maintainer.

This is a battery maintainer that comes with cable clamps for a better operation. It helps to maintain the batteries with 12 volts and 6 volts, such as the wet, gel, and AGM batteries. The O-ring terminals and battery clips included in your package are meant to be used for secure connection of the charger to your vehicle as and when you need a charger. To protect the system from an overcharge or short circuits and reverse polarity, the Black + Decker system features a built-in circuit protection system. We recommend this unit for everyone who wishes the best for their vehicle.

Key Features
  • Comes with cable clamps
  • 6V/12V
  • Charges and maintains GEL and WET batteries
  • Secure connection to the vehicle battery
  • Model BM3B
  • Weight 1.3 pounds

The LED readout is easy to understand

The compact size allows for convenient usage.

Charges 12V batteries faster compared to other models with a smaller output.



Not ideal for experienced users

Another battery charger and maintainer were more than willing to recommend to vehicle owners is the DieHard Smart Battery Charger. This system has defied all the odds and become one of the most sought after products in the market today. Built to last, it features the best materials which keep it sturdy and extremely robust for a long time. It operates with a built-in microprocessor and is fully automatic; thus, you don’t need any manual application. The charging processes are five for this system, unlike the others that use the unique 4-step process. 

With the DieHard Battery Charger, you’re at liberty to charge whenever and wherever you please, without any issues. It features an LED that acts as an indicator by flashing when the charger cannot operate. To make this Harley Davidson battery maintainer better for hard to reach motorcycle batteries, manufacturers have invaded a quick connect harness system, which many other models do not have. We recommend using this battery charger for your lawnmowers, automobiles, and all other vehicles as it does an excellent job.

Key Features
  • An LED indicator will flash if clamps are reversed
  • Battery maintaining to prevent overcharging
  • Versatile quick-connect harness
  • Quick-connect harness install
  • Brand DieHard
  • Model 71219
  • Weight 1.45 pounds

It is an affordable option

Built to last with its fully sealed outer case

It provides you with diagnostic information even when in maintenance mode.


Difficult to use

Instructions are a bit confusing

Symbols on the charger differ greatly from the manual illustrations

The BatteryMinder Battery Charger and Maintainer is designed for use on boats, RVs, trucks, cars, and motorcycles. It is automatic, so it doesn’t require any manual assistance. 

This battery maintainer features an ambient temperature sensor, which helps to adjust your battery’s voltage accurately to keep your battery as healthy and operational as possible, no matter the conditions it’s exposed to. You can maintain up to six different cells as long as they’re connected in parallel. It features an ambient temperature sensor, a fused ring terminal, a quick connector, and more.

Key Features
  • Designed for motorcycles, ATV, boat, RV, etc
  • Six batteries at a time
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • FCC certified
  • Brand BatteryMINDer
  • Model Wireless Charger
  • Weight 1.9 pounds

The product is protected against reverse polarity and short circuits.

Keeps the battery in good shape without overcharging it.

Product is straightforward to store


Plastic shell may not survive shocks or drops

LST has launched its latest battery charger, and it is taking the market by storm. Make way for the LES Trickle Battery Charger; an automatic system put together to act as both a charger and maintainer. Over the years, LST has sought to become the sole manufacturer of the best battery chargers in the world, they’re getting closer to this title, with help from their newly designed battery charger unit. This is a battery maintainer plus that supports operations with gel, ATV, and AGM cells. It protects your battery against short circuits, reverse polarity, and over current, which can be detrimental to your battery. There are four steps to charging your battery when using the LEST Trickle, and all these steps are controlled. Enjoy the one-year warranty attached to this unit or make use of the refund option if you’re not satisfied with the service.

Key Features
  • Battery and vehicle type
  • Safety guarantee
  • 4-Stage automatic charging
  • Intuitive LED Indicator
  • Model EPA1020-0612
  • Weight 8.8 ounces

Powerful enough to charge small power banks.

LED lights indicate the main stages.

Built-in system ensures fast outlet connection.


Insufficient length of connection cable

Not flexible for large spaces

The Battery Tender is a great battery charger, according to the numerous reviews we perused online. It is a battery charger that is fully automatic to take the stress off owners and vehicle users. This system is designed by professionals to charge all batteries fully while maintaining them at a proper voltage for safety. It is fast and charges your batteries efficiently faster than any other 3-amp charger on the market. Out of all available models on the market, we will recommend this unit because it can be used in hard to reach areas with ease. It is also very safe for operations, and it has a whopping ten-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Fast and efficient
  • Convenient
  • Reverse polarity protection to ensure user safety
  • The package includes Battery Tender ring terminals and alligator clips
  • Brand Battery Tender
  • Model 021-0128
  • Weight 2 pounds

Four batteries can be charged at once with no damages.

Spark-proof connectors help provide extra security for the users

This model works excellently with all AGM batteries found in ATVs, jet-skis, and farm equipment.


Can’t be used in harsh weather such as rain

Connectors have no weather seal on them

BMK’s Smart Battery Charger has a lot to offer all vehicle users, thanks to its robust and highly innovative build. It is the best compact battery charger, which also acts as a maintainer to help you save money for other activities. It features detachable alligator clips that help make its operations more accessible and makes use of waterproof elements that protect it against all forms of potential damage. This charger can be used for a wide range of batteries, used for cars, boats, and lawnmowers. It is so innovative; it can detect the damage in any cell before it being charged. We love that this battery operates for up to 72 hours, without any issues, and that it can be employed anywhere.

Key Features
  • Portable Battery Maintainer
  • Detachable Alligator Rings Clips
  • Fast Charging
  • Waterproof
  • Model EPA1205
  • Weight 1.45 pounds

LED indicators are straightforward to read.

The microprocessor which helps maintain precise charging and maintenance.

This product is guaranteed to help the system operate under normal parameters for longer.


Desulfator feature is challenging to use efficiently

This battery charger’s system has all the necessary design features that guarantee optimum charging without the risk of an overcharge or short circuiting. This bike battery charger is a smart and fast charger and features a fully automatic high frequency for all kinds of batteries. It features a winter charging mode, which helps sustain the life of your battery on colder days with ease. This battery charger is easy to carry around because it features a handy, compact design. 

Key Features
  • Automatic with Winter Mode
  • Smart Fast Charger
  • Safety Protection
  • Advanced LCD Display
  • Brand Ampeak
  • Model CGUFB2015
  • Weight 3.75 pounds

The entire process is automated

The price tallies with its high performance.

The unit continues to work correctly even after being dropped a couple of times.


Batteries will take a while to charge fully

The Suaoki Car Battery Charger offers a fully automatic operation to all vehicle owners and all battery types. This motorcycle battery charger is both a charger and maintainer used all across the globe for the optimum performance of your batteries. It is safer to use because of its ability to detect the type of cell being charged. Also, this system features an 8-stage pre-programmed charging process that reduces the feat of overcharging while maintaining optimal charging. Besides its built and durable construction, this battery charger visibly displays all the charging current, voltage, charging mode, and many other elements that are required for efficient operations.

Key Features
  • Fully automatic battery maintainer
  • For car, truck, motorcycle
  • Backlit LCD
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • Brand SUAOKI
  • Model DDDPUT25-01
  • Weight 1.28 pounds


LCD reflects the official status of the current feeding

It features easy to use controls


Inconvenience when hooking the charger up

For all your cars, automobiles, lawnmowers, boats, and other automobiles that use batteries, we’re recommending this Mroinge Automotive Trickle Maintainer for you. This is a motorcycle battery maintainer system that operates automatically. It delivers a secure connection to your vehicle’s battery and motorcycles thanks to its big battery clips and O-ring terminals. With its extensive cord length, we’re confident you will love to employ the system everywhere. It features the typical four-step charging process, which keeps your batteries charged without overcharging and also allows you to make use of it in small spaces that to its compact design. Enjoy the best customer service that comes with this unit and appreciate its charge style functionality, which is specialized in many ways than one.

Key Features
  • Smart automatic charger
  • Suitable for various vehicles
  • Extensive cord length of 12ft
  • Spark proof during lead connection
  • Brand Mroinge
  • Model MBC010
  • Weight 5.6 ounces

12-feet cable feels thick for the proper link.

Light blinking for an indication of particulars

Handy quick-connect harness


Small, only partly insulated clamps

Last on our list of recommendations is the best motorcycle battery charger, the Schumacher Automatic Battery Charger, another exceptional charging unit developed with accuracy and precision to ensure that your batteries are well taken care of. This unit is like many modern models in the market. It operates automatically and features a precise charging process without the risk of overcharging. It sends out low portions of electricity, which ensures that your batteries aren’t damaged in any way during the charging process. Once the battery is fully charged, energy feeding is stopped by the Schumacher model.

Key Features
  • Microprocessor-controlled to automatically adjust the amperage rate for charging and maintenance
  • Multi-stage load for safety, and battery life
  • Reverse hook-up protection
  • Designed for engine starting, and rugged use
  • Brand Schumacher
  • Model FR01237
  • Weight 10.47 pounds

A 100-amp jump-starter feature is great for emergencies.

The reverse hook-up protection is excellent for amateurs

The compact size of this option makes it very easy to store


Small print makes it difficult to read the notifications.

Motorcycle Battery Charger Buying Guide

Features to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Battery Maintainer 

There are some vital design features that every potential buyer must consider before their selection of the best battery charger. Making the decision can be tough, but with this list as a guide, you’re assured of finding nothing short of perfection.

  • Charging Modes

It is better if your battery charger offers multiple charging modes. This is the entire point of having a battery maintainer in the first place. Any battery charger or maintainer you purchase should provide you with more excellent value for your money through its operations. If you opt for a trickle charge, you’re going to be given a system that reduces the overall power supplied to your battery after a full charge.

  • Connectors

Another vital feature is the availability of connectors. If your battery charger isn’t compatible with your battery, it will not offer you an excellent service. Pay attention to how the maintainer clips onto your battery, especially when there are different types of terminals. Since some battery maintainers have shorter cords, you might have to deal with more significant issues like the availability of outlet options.

  • Reverse polarity protection

The reverse polarity can help save your battery from encountering severe damage. It is a simple feature that keeps you alerted when cables have been disconnected to the terminals or vice versa. This feature is vital because it keeps your power supply and electrical circuits safe from the battery’s power.

  • Amps and Volts

The voltage of your battery needs to match that of the charger you select whenever you’re searching for a charger. This will allow your charger to operate at its peak always, without breaking down.

Installation of the motorbike battery

Benefits of Motorcycle Battery Maintainers

– Motorcycle battery maintainers ensure that your battery is kept healthy for a very long time. They do this by cutting off energy as soon as your battery finished charging.

– Another benefit of the battery maintainer is how it reduces the risk of decreased power output and temperature monitoring.

– The use of a motorcycle battery maintainer is essential because it helps you save money, which may have been spent on constant battery replacements.

Types of Motorcycle Battery Chargers

  • Regular battery charger

The most common charger in the market, this unit charges at the same rate once plugged in your battery until it is unplugged. Using it regularly, however, can cause some form of damage to your battery.

  • Trickle Charger

Another charging unit is the Trickle charger, which is more modern and newer on the market. It uses the latest technology; thus, it reduces the wastage of energy, which will prevent your battery from experiencing damage.

  • Float Charger

The float charger is the same as the battery maintainer and battery maintainer. It charges your battery until its full, and after that, it shuts down to prevent an overcharge. This is the battery charger that helps you to save more power while eliminating the risk of fires associated with continuous charging.

Best Motorcycle Battery Charger FAQ:

Q: What is a battery maintainer, and how does it work?

A battery maintainer is a machine that helps you to charge your automotive safely, reducing the occurrence of fires, overcharging, short circuits, and many more. There are three significant types of battery maintainer, and each one helps with a specific purpose. Battery maintainer are great for all vehicles, from cars to boats and even lawnmowers.

Q: What size battery maintainer do I need?

The battery maintainer size for your charger should be considered because this will determine the performance of your charging unit. Think about the cell when considering the best size battery maintainer for your motorcycle battery. As much as possible, you should ensure that the voltage of your battery matches that of the charger to avoid any damages. For example, if your cells operate with 12 volts, you should go in for a charger that accommodates 12 volts of power. Installation of the motorbike battery

Q: How do I use a motorcycle battery charger?

The first step to using a motorcycle battery charger is to disconnect your battery from the bike. This can be done via the negative or ground side being removed first. Next, you should attach the positive side of the trickle charger to your battery before turning on the charger and allowing it to sit. When the charging process is finished, you can then reconnect your battery. The method of using a battery charger is straightforward and is often included in the manufacturer’s manual.

Q: Can I use a car battery charger on a motorcycle?

A car charger can be used in charging your motorcycle’s battery. Still, it might cause some form of damage because it accommodates a specific power and voltage amount, which might be less or more than that of the battery of your motorcycle. As much as possible, you should invest in a motorcycle battery maintainer to avoid any issues.

Our Top Pick

Our favorite product from this article will be the Battery Tender Junior Battery charger, an automatic unit that operates without any form of manual assistance. It is the best system for cell and gel batteries found in vehicles such as automobiles, boats, cycles, and even lawnmowers. This battery charger features a durable LED that features two solid color lights that allow you to change as and when you please. We will recommend it to every vehicle owner who wishes to improve and maintain the strength of the battery of your vehicle.  The Battery Tender Junior features a five-year warranty that displays the brand’s confidence in their machine.