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Have you ever been confronted with the possibility of having ‘too many choices?’ With massive online retailers dominating global markets, the number of possibilities for mechanic gloves can be overwhelming. You’d love to go down to the shops to talk to an expert but just don’t have the time in your already packed schedule. Does this sound too familiar? Don’t worry – we’ve compiled a list of our top mechanic gloves with specialized features that will increase both your productivity and safety in the workplace.

The Best Mechanic Gloves

It’s obvious that these Handyman Gloves are handy to have. They are dynamically styled by the padded knuckles that will protect your hands on any job, and the synthetic leather padded palms grant increased comfort and strength. Convenience is exemplified by the elasticated cuffs which allow the gloves to go on and off at a moment’s notice.

Want to stay connected while working? The touchscreen fingertips are ideal for keeping in contact with your friends and family on the job while keeping your hands warm at the same time. They’re even multi-functional and designed for all sorts of occupations, such as carpentry, automotive, basic utility and plumbing.  

Key Features
  • Touch Screen Fingertips allow easy use of mobile phones and other electronic devices
  • Comfortable with a breathable and light fabric
  • Very well padded for protection against burns
  • Stretch-Fit thumb panel helps for a better overall fit
  • Velcro Wrist Strap allows the gloves to stay on while working
  • Brand CLC Work Gear
  • Model 125M
  • Weight 3.04 oz

It’s always good to get back to basics, and having revolutionized the hand protection industry, the Original is unparalleled in its commitment to dexterity. This is exemplified by its single-layer palm and the reinforced thumb and index finger. Our favorite feature is the Thermoplastic Rubber closure, which ensures that the gloves fit snugly around the wearer’s hands.

These gloves allow the wearer’s hands to breath well all year round. If you want to look fashionable on the job, you can’t go wrong with the Original and its attractive matte-black finish. And if you think this is all just too good to be true, just look at how cheap they are!

Key Features
  • Advantageous glove storage provided by nylon web loop
  • Snug fit allows for admirable breathability
  • Attractive with an understated and uniform-black finish
  • Thick enough to protect your hands yet still provides a stellar grip
  • Provides ample dexterity by reinforced thumb and index finger and single layered palm
  • Brand Mechanix Wear
  • Model MG-55-010
  • Weight 3.04 oz

Nitrile coated gloves are certainly having their moment, and how can we complain about gloves like these on the market? These disposable mechanic gloves are ideal for automotive, chemical resistance and sanitation trades with their superb puncture and abrasion resistance. Expect to receive a generous 100 gloves per box, a number which should certainly last a long time and in our opinion is well worth the money.

The beaded cuff will prevent the gloves from falling off when you’re clocked in. Additionally, the six-millimeter thickness is the closest feel a worker will get to work with their bare hands with a high level of protection. What’s more, they’re ideal for a job in which you must repel liquids and chemicals. Go ahead and join the Nitrile craze today.

Key Features
  • Beaded cuffs allow for easy on and off
  • A six-millimeter thickness ensures maximum grip
  • Well worth the money with 100 Nitrile gloves per box
  • Textured Grip excellent for handling small, delicate objects
  • Optimal puncture and abrasion resistance
  • Brand SAS Safety
  • Model 66519
  • Weight 1.75 lbs

The aim of the game is all in the name when it comes to these gloves! The grip is their main concern – and it’s maintained from the textured rubber fabric which provides an excellent grasp on textured and porous materials. Many critics have stated that these gloves are too bulky but don’t worry… you won’t be working with what feels like mittens on! We would suggest not purchasing these gloves to use for shooting but for other tasks such as heavy lifting and riding, you will be able to grip things and certainly won’t be needing to take them off to complete small, delicate tasks.

The heavy-duty reinforcements at the palm and fingertips protect from all kinds of wear and tear, while also remaining flexible and responsive. Likewise, the padding on the knuckles will protect you against any impact. Be tactical when it comes to selecting your gloves and buy these today.

Key Features
  • Guarded knuckles protect against impact and abrasion
  • Knitted back panel provides a four-way stretch construction to ensure a snug and secure fit
  • Heavy duty reinforcements at the palm and fingertips provide excellent flash and slash protection
  • Shape protected by flash design when working in wet or oily environments
  • Brand 5.11
  • Model ACKAM100
  • Weight 2 lbs

Our family favorite Mechanix is back with one of our front-runners – the M-Pact Fingerless glove. You’ll never get butterfingers with these on, as this iconic fingerless design is incredible when working on a task which requires maximum dexterity. Now, we know what you’re thinking, won’t these fingerless gloves leave your fingers exposed to injury? Don’t worry – the Thermoplastic Rubber knuckle guard and finger protection have you covered! Likewise, the XRB palm padding is excellent for absorbing any impact and vibration.

The good features don’t stop just there. Comfort is the main concern for workers in any field and the form-fitting Trek-Dry material won’t let you down on those cold, rainy days when we’d rather be curled up back home with a warm drink. We highly recommend these gloves for hobbies like shooting, when the grip is key to success. If you’re aiming for a new PR, purchase these today.

Key Features
  • The first knuckle protection is provided by EVA foam padding,
  • Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) to protect both knuckles and fingers
  • Fingerless design allows the handling of the smallest of items without fear of slippage
  • A credible durability from padding on the palm of the glove which is securely stitched into place
  • XRD palm padding will absorb and protect from any impact received 
  • Brand Mechanix Wear
  • Model MFL-05-500
  • Weight 4 oz

RevHead’s blood red macho mechanic gloves are geared towards a typical ‘man’s man’, yet the company is an expert at making safety look cool. These gloves are designed for mechanics and car enthusiasts alike and aim to ‘stop the cycle of madness’ or injuries received when working.

We thank the leather padded knuckles for this. Slippery hands are avoided thanks to the comfortable lycra fiber mesh that allows optimum breathability for your hands when slogging away on the job. Also, there’s no need to worry about them falling off – the custom-made wrist straps will hold your gloves nicely into place. As Rev-Heads preaches, rebuild and redefine what it means to be a car owner today by investing in these bad boys.  

Key Features
  • Leather padded knuckles added for ultimate protection
  • A flexible and secure custom-made wrist strap holds gloves securely into place
  • Sizing is ideal and comfortable for large hands
  • Never have slippery hands again thanks to the comfortable lycra fiber mesh
  • Leather grip on the inside of the hand helps grip tools and increase productivity
  • Brand RevHeads
  • Model RH-001
  • Weight 3.2 oz

These gloves with their tough material, tight stitching, and commitment to comfort are every workman’s dream. Rumor has it that these gloves are invincible, with many customers swearing that they’d pay triple the price for mechanic gloves of this quality. They are perfect for working with heavy equipment, as the PVP palm patch provides 10/10 shock absorption. The palm padding will also protect workers from blisters when working long days.

These heavy-duty beauties are made of quality, long-lasting synthetic leather which provides added durability. Vgo’s Heavy Duty gloves even have a touchscreen compatible design on the index and thumb fingertips. Invest in these gloves at a bargain before Vgo realizes how irresistible they are. 

Key Features
  • Remarkable abrasion and shock absorption provided by PVP palm patch with EVA padding
  • Additional protection granted by Thermoplastic Rubber and finger guards
  • Reinforced Synthetic leather fingertips ensure endurance over time
  • Thumb and index fingertips are designed to be compatible with a touchscreen
  • Sought-after heavy-duty work gloves for trades such as shipbuilding, construction, and DIY
  • Brand Vgo
  • Model SL8849P3-G-XL
  • Weight 1.05 lbs

Last but certainly not least, here they are – Mechanix’s Wear M-Pact Glove. In 2011, the company partnered up with D30 – experts in impact protection and shock absorption – to produce a model of glove well ahead of its time. By absorbing and dissipating high-impact energy through the palm due to D30 palm padding, Mechanix’s model takes shock absorption to the next level.

So, what more do these gloves have to offer? Thermoplastic Rubber impact protection on the closure and knuckles ensure your safety. The form-fitting Trek Dry material keeps wearer’s hands cool and comfortable. Their ability to withstand wear and tear is ensured by the Armortex palm reinforcement. And to top it all off, their overall design is incredibly appealing. What we should really be asking is what don’t they offer.

Key Features
  • Breathability ensured by TrekDry
  • Thermoplastic Rubber on both the closure and knuckles certifying protection
  • D30 absorbs high-impact energy through the palm
  • Touchscreen made from synthetic leather makes for a long-lasting pair of gloves
  • Armortex palm reinforcement gives extra durability
  • Brand Mechanix Wear
  • Model MPT-58-011
  • Weight 5 oz

Best Mechanic Gloves Buying Guide & FAQ

Features to Look for When Buying Mechanic Gloves

We’ve certainly come a long way since the days when a pair of uncomfortable leather or rubber mechanic gloves were the only viable options. Depending on your work environment, there are so many features to think about when searching for your new pair. Here are our top three to consider:

  • Cut Resistance

Any good mechanic lives by the motto of ‘Safety First’. This is why having a glove which will protect you from injuries is so important. Before any purchase, make sure that the gloves you’re looking at have cut protection all over, as several mechanic glove styles limit the area of cut-resistance to the palm only.

  • Breathability

When your hands are trapped in a pair of suffocating gloves all day many workers give into temptation and take them off, which therefore results in their injury. Be prepared in advance and assure that the gloves you’re looking at will adjust to both sweltering hot days and freezing winter nights.

  • Impact Protection

When working in a hazardous environment, there is every possibility that a heavy tool will slip right on your hand at a moments notice. That’s why the gloves you choose must be anti-impact so that you’re protecting yourself from any instant pain and more importantly, long-term injuries. Look out for gloves which contain either Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) or D30 for maximum protection.

Work Glove Coatings: What’s the Difference?

Before you begin the selection process between the different work glove coatings available, you must first be familiar with your work environment, the type of products you’ll be dealing with and the variety of tasks you’ll be completing in order to determine the type of protection required.

Palm coatings offer you comfort as well as safety: here are several listed below which will be sure to enhance your productivity in your chosen vocation:


  • Highly puncture resistant
  • Provides a strong grip when in contact with lubricants such as oil
  • Nitrile gloves are water resistant
  • If you’re allergic to latex, Nitrile gloves are the best alternative
  • They perform well in a range of temperatures but are not flame-resistant
  • Can be a little more expensive in comparison to other types of palm coated gloves

Foam Nitrile

  • Foamed nitrile coatings compel the gloves to act like a sponge when coming into contact with liquids
  • Strong grip, when used in damp or oily environments as much of the moisture, is absorbed by the gloves

Latex Coating

  • Designed to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to tear
  • Avoid when tampering with organic solvents such as gasoline
  • Around 10% of the population is allergic to latex so if you’re prone to allergies, avoid this coating

PU (Polyurethane) Coating

  • Exemplary abrasion resistance
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Gloves with PU Coatings are not designed to withstand extreme temperatures

Best Mechanic Gloves FAQ:

Q:  What are mechanic gloves?

  The name sums itself up – mechanic gloves are gloves for mechanics which protect workers from all sorts of potential hazards. An average person uses their hands for all kinds of daily tasks – whether that’s doing the laundry, making dinner or playing the piano. Therefore, it’s so important to protect them as much as we can when in the workplace.

Q:  Are mechanic gloves heat resistant?

  All mechanic gloves are heat resistant up to a certain point but if you’re working with open flames, it is important for your safety that you specifically research the reaction of different gloves towards high temperatures. Top brands such as Kevlar provide heat resistant gloves which can endure temperatures up to 800 degrees. If you’re going to start anywhere, the European EN 388 and ASTM standards provide us with a baseline for fire and flame resistance – although don’t just rely upon these standards when making your final decision.

Q:  How do I wash my mechanic gloves?

  The different ways in which you wash mechanic gloves entirely depends upon the glove coating and the options you have available. Most common materials of mechanic gloves such as synthetic leather, cotton, and nitrile gloves are cleaned by machine washing the gloves in cold water combined with a mild laundry detergent. If you don’t own a washing machine, wash the gloves in a sink using mild laundry detergent, or dishwashing soap if you’re feeling adventurous. Our top tip is not to use any kind of bleach or solvents whilst washing your gloves, as these oxidizing agents may corrode away the gloves and cause them to become discolored. After the gloves have been washed, air dries them so as to maintain proper sizing and avoid the material shrinking. It’s important not to expose the gloves to any source of heat other than direct sunlight. Another bit of advice is to try not to overwash your gloves: although please wash them before they start decaying in front of your eyes! Likewise, wash leather gloves periodically to remove salt and mineral build-up from perspiration. The washing process with cowhide or goatskin leather and pigskin gloves differs slightly. Clean them with oil-based saddle soap to remove all stains on the body of the gloves and to restore moisture. Whilst doing this, make sure to use as little water as possible so the soap can really do its job. If you’re really in the mood to get stuck in, use a shoe brush for maximum scrubbing.

Q:  How do I find my glove size?

  There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a new pair of gloves only to discover that when they arrive, you can barely squeeze your hands into them. To avoid this, make sure you plan in advance by measuring. Firstly, measure the widest area of your hand, just below the knuckles, in inches with a tape measure. This should be from the base of your first finger and across. Then, measure the length of your hand from the base of your palm to the top of your middle finger. All reputable brands should have a size chart available to look at before purchase; determine your glove size by rounding up to the nearest half inch. If the width of your hand doesn’t match up to the same glove size as your hand’s length, then go with the largest to ensure you’ll be comfortable in the workplace. If the gloves arrive and still don’t fit properly then keep on trying to find the right pair; having gloves which aren’t well-fitted causes hand fatigue and can easily lead to a workplace injury.

Our Top Pick

So, out of the incredible selection we’ve handpicked for you today, what gloves would we purchase for ourselves? It would have to be product number one, the Handyman. With their comfortable design made from Clarino synthetic leather and concealed internal stitching, they’ll be sure to stick around for years to come. Your productivity will be boosted thanks to the lycra panels and padded palms these gloves have to offer. Worried about protection? They’ve got you covered with padded knuckles and their external lining will protect you against burns without them being too bulky. The wrist adjustment works well for keeping out debris. Last but not least, they are smartphone compatible. We could go on and on but for now, let’s see what the gloves have to say for themselves.


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