Best Matchbox Cars

Diecast cars — or sometimes simply referred to as “matchbox cars” — are part of a nearly 70-year long tradition of playing and learning. Experts of play theory have long known that kids learn a whole lot while they play, whether it is related to conflict negotiation or developing their spatial ability. Matchbox cars are no exception. They offer visual, tactile, and creative stimulation for kids as young as three and up to age eight or nine. Recently, however, there has also been a marked resurgence of interest in collecting matchbox cars among adults aged 18 to 30. The ability of nostalgia to inspire should not be underestimated. As is true for children, adults benefit from playing in much the same way. Playing as an adult has been shown to improve both mental agility and boost creativity. Really, matchbox cars are a classic toy that is timeless, whether you’re learning hand-eye coordination or you are a dedicated collector.

The best overall diecast matchbox car pack is the Hot Wheels 5-Pack. These matchbox car packs include five cars that can start any collection on the right foot. These cars are the classic 1:64 scale matchbox cars that customers have come to know and love. The packs usually have a theme that tie each of the five cars together. You should note that some of the vehicles included will not fit on the standard tracks. Also, the sets are randomly selected, so you may receive a different set than is pictured. On one hand, this random selection is exciting and provides an opportunity for a true surprise. One way to get around this issue is by purchasing multiple sets, which will give any collection more variability. Any duplicates can be used to trade with friends for other models.

The best car for older children is the Hot Wheels id Tesla Model S single pack. Electric vehicles are making big waves in the auto industry, and matchbox cars are keeping up with this trend. The Tesla Model S and other vehicles in the Hot Wheels id collection of toy cars include an NFC chip giving each a unique identity. This chip allows this Tesla model toy car to connect to a kid-safe application platform to track the performance of the vehicle. While you do not need a physical track to have fun with this car, you will need a smartphone in order to scan the chip and download the app. The name recognition alone will garner points for anyone choosing to give this matchbox car as a gift.

The best value matchbox car set is the Prextex 100 Pc Die Cast Toy Cars because it comes with 100 pieces in total. These die-cast metal and plastic toy cars will make an exciting addition to any collection or work great as party favors given the quantity and price point. There are 48 racing cars, 46 regular vehicles, two rescue helicopters, two fighter jets, and two military tankers. There are multiple of the same make and design of the cars, which makes these great party favors. However, even if all 100 cars go to the same person, the sheer quantity of cars packs a big wow-factor. No one will care there are only about 10 different varieties. The wheels work and the cars fit on a regular-sized track. This set is suitable for children ages three and up

The best themed set of matchbox cars is the JOYIN 11 in 1 Die-cast Construction Truck Vehicle Set, because it can transform any corner of the house into a construction zone. This set has one carrier truck that fits the other vehicles inside and includes a helicopter, a wheel loader, dump truck, bulldozer, excavator, concrete mixer, backhoe, and road roller. This set is ideal for toddlers and can help develop the hand-eye coordination we mentioned above. This set is made of toxin-free materials, which means they can even serve as cake toppers for construction-themed gatherings. One thing to note about this set is the fact that there are small parts that can come off of the vehicles, which may be a hazard for children under the age of three.

The best car set for storage is the Play22 Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier, because what’s better than a toy car? A toy car that carries other toy cars inside. The big rig measures 20 x 7.2 x 3.5 inches and fits size die-cast racing cars along with fun construction cones and other accessories. There is room for 28 cars — 14 on either side of the rig. Frankly, that is great storage capacity. This toy truck will provide a fun take on toy storage and will make clean up part of playtime. There is a detachable and rotatable cab for handling the curves life throws at you. It even has a handle making it easy to transport with the cars inside. This toy is best for children ages 2.6 to 10 years.