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The Best LED Replacement Bulbs for RV (Review) in 2021

Best Choice Kohree 12V LED RV Interior Lighting Kohree 12V LED RV Interior Lighting
Best Value Camco Replacement Auto RV Backup Light Bulb Camco Replacement Auto/RV Backup Light Bulb
Premium Pick GRB LED Replacement Light Bulbs for RV GRB LED Replacement Light Bulbs for RV

Lighting up your RV is one of the first things you do when you go camping. There are many ways of ensuring there is enough light inside and outside your RV, and one of the best is installing a quality LED replacement bulb. With so many options available, choosing the right one can be challenging. For this reason, we have put together this buying guide to help you select a top-quality and affordable LED replacement bulb.

Best LED Replacement Bulbs for RVs

This is one of the top LED replacement bulbs available. It is a dome light that comes as a pack of two for convenient RV lighting. The light is CE- and RoHS-approved and comes with heat-resistant and anti-corrosive features. The bulb has a power rating of six watts and an operating voltage of 12 volts. Additionally, its life expectancy is about 60,000 hours, which is more than ordinary halogen bulbs.

What makes this bulb a must-have is its low power consumption and energy-efficient design, yet it still produces a natural white light. Also, it comes with all the essential hardware that you may need as well as a user guide, making the installation easy for first-timers. It has lifetime customer service that gives you some peace of mind. Due to its natural white light color temperature, this RV LED light is suitable for travel trailers, motorhomes, cars, marine boats, and more.

Key Features
  • Power: 6 watts
  • Light color: natural white 
  • Voltage: 12-18V
  • Life expectancy: 60,000 hours
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Brand Kohree
  • Model FBA_HP230X2-HM
  • Weight 1.15 pounds

High life expectancy 

Easy to install 


Lifetime customer support 

CE- and RoHS-certified


Harshly bright


May not last very long

These are affordable LED bulbs you can use in your RV when you need a backup. The LED replacement bulbs come with a life expectancy of 1,000 hours and a voltage of 12.8 V. They consume less power (1.44 watts), thereby minimizing your energy expense.

The 10-pack bulb set comes in a simple and easy-to-install design. Therefore, you do not need any tools or a professional to help you install them. They do not overheat even when used for long periods and are perfect when you need a cool environment. The bulbs produce 21 candle power, which lights up your RV efficiently.

Key Features
  • Voltage:12.8 V
  • Power: 1.44 Watts
  • Life expectancy: 1,000 hours 
  • Number of bulbs: 10
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 54788
  • Weight 1.6 pounds


Easy to install 

Produces bright and warm light

Saves power 

Suitable for all types of RVs


Not durable 

Low life expectancy

Package only comes with 10 replacement bulbs

These are 800 lumens luminous flux LED replacement bulbs. The lights in this 20-pack set have a wattage consumption of 6.8 and come with the latest 2835 chips. They are highly compatible with lighting systems found in RVs.

These replacement bulbs are suitable for a variety of lighting applications, including tail lights, turn signal lights, brake lights, and side marker lights. They also come with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. The bulbs have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, so they will serve you for several years.

Key Features
  • Power: 6.8 Watts 
  • Voltage: 12 Volts (DV/AC)
  • Life expectancy: 50,000 hours
  • Number of bulbs: 20
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Brand GRB
  • Model 1156 1141 1003
  • Weight 6.4 pounds

Long lifespan

Responds 1,000 times faster than most conventional bulbs 


Saves on energy 

Easy to install



May not be suitable for a variety of RVs

Not waterproof

This set of 20 LED replacement bulbs are rated 12 V, which make them suitable for use in a variety of RVs. They produce a warm white light and come with a lifetime of 50,000 hours. 

These bulbs can be used for parking lights, plate lights, and brake lights. They are suitable for a range of vehicles, such as trucks, motorcycles, motorhomes, travel trailers, and cars. With 20 replacement bulbs in the kit, you have a variety of bulbs to install on your RV. They are a direct replacement and very easy to install. Additionally, they have very low power consumption and are long-lasting.

Key Features
  • Voltage:12 V
  • Lifespan: 50, 000 hours 
  • Bulbs: 20
  • Light color: warm white 
  • Bulb Type: SMD LED
  • Brand AUTOUS90
  • Model FBA_20Xt10-42-WM
  • Weight 1.28 ounces

Easy to install 


Long life expectancy 

Suitable for a variety of uses


Prone to flickering 

Not waterproof

If you are looking for the best small package around, this is one of the top options when it comes to LED replacement bulbs. The LED bulbs in this set can reach up to 24 volts, which makes them suitable for a variety of RVs. The bulbs come with a lifetime of 50,000 hours, a testament to their durability.

These LUYED light bulbs are multifunctional, which means that you can use them for reverse lights, tail lights, and turn lights. The bulbs come with a built-in IC driver for improved efficiency. They also have a supporting range of DC9-30v, which makes them suitable for trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Additionally, they come in a plug-and-play design, making them easy to install and use.

Key Features
  • Voltage:12-24 Volts 
  • Power: 3.5 watts per bulb
  • Bulbs: 5
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours 
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Brand LUYED
  • Model LY-10033
  • Weight 0.32 pounds

Long lifespan

Easy to fit

Ensures consistent brightness


Suitable for a variety of uses


Not bright enough

High voltage makes them only suitable for specific types of RVs

Tend to flicker

The SRRB LED bulbs come in a pack of four replacement bulbs that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These replacement bulbs function on a voltage rating of between 12-24 volts, which makes them ideal for use in a variety of RVs. Each bulb has 51 individual LED chip sets that create a 360-degree viewing angle for reduced hot spots and a wider lighting area.

They produce 3000-4000K natural white color light, which is enough to light your travel trailer, motorhome, or RV. Each of the replacement bulbs uses four watts, thus consuming little energy and consequently saving your battery. They are easy to install and come with a one-year limited warranty.

Key Features
  • Voltage: 12-24 Volts 
  • Power: 4 watts per bulb 
  • 3000-4000K natural light 
  • Lifespan: 30,000 hours 
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Brand SRRB
  • Model T10-2835-51LED
  • Weight 2.2 pounds

More powerful than incandescent bulbs 

Wider lighting area

Consume less energy

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage


Only four replacement bulbs included 

Low life expectancy

Produce less heat

Best LED Replacement Bulbs for RVs Buying Guide

Not every type of LED bulb is suitable for your RV. When buying quality and affordable bulbs, you want to ensure you make the right choice. Picking the best LED bulb may be challenging, especially if you are a first-time buyer. For this reason, many RV owners must do a bit of research before buying a replacement light.

In this section, we give you the answers to some common questions you may have when buying an LED bulb. We also provide some tips and factors that you should consider before buying replacement bulbs for your RV.

Benefits of LED Replacement Bulbs for RVs

LED replacement bulbs are a must-have for any RV. The main advantage of having an LED replacement light bulb, especially those with a broader lighting angle, is that you can light up your entire RV. Apart from acting as a source of light, LED bulbs can also heat up your interior and make your RV more comfortable in the winter. Some bulbs are also weatherproof, which means you can use them in any environment.

The long lifespan of LED bulbs also makes them a necessity. A typical LED replacement bulb for an RV will have a life expectancy of between 1,000 and 50,000 hours, which makes them economical and durable.

Some LED replacement bulbs provide not only illumination, but also warm light. Therefore, apart from lighting your RV, they make it feel cozy. This means that you will not feel cold at night or during the winter since you can rely on the lights to provide some much-needed warmth.

LED replacement bulbs are an affordable way to decorate your RV. Some provide a very attractive light that can make the interior look appealing. Additionally, the lights have a variety of other uses, such as parking lights, plate lights, brake lights, and so on.


  • They illuminate your RV efficiently.
  • They add beauty to your RV.
  • They warm your interior.
  • They have a variety of uses.

Different types of rv led replacement bulbs on white background

Types of LED Replacement Bulbs for RVs

There are many different varieties of LED replacement bulbs, and you’re sure to find the one that you need even if you’re on a fixed budget. You should be aware of the different types of LED bulbs available, so you know what one you require. LED replacement bulbs are grouped based on their functionality, price, or where they are positioned. Below are some of the different types of LED replacement bulbs.

  • LED Strip Replacement Bulbs

LED strip replacement bulbs are some of the most flexible and convenient light sources you can use in your RV. These bulbs can fit anywhere you want, both indoors and outdoors. You can put them inside the kitchen cabinets or close to the door. They can light up nearly every part of the RV, including those areas that cannot be reached by incandescent bulbs.

On the flip side, installing these strip bulbs may be a bit tricky. This is because these lights may not operate correctly when connected directly to the main power supply due to their low voltage requirements. It, therefore, means they require a transformer or an adapter for proper functioning.

  • LED Ceiling Replacement Bulbs 

These are the most common LED replacement bulbs. They come in a variety of designs, finishes, and sizes and can be based on your RV’s interior design. These LED light bulbs give your RV’s ceiling a certain sense of décor and style.

They have minimal embellishments and take up very little space in your RV. You can fit them in any space, including over tables, countertops, and desks. They give you the opportunity to add some flavor and style to your RV. LED ceiling lights are very bright and more durable compared to strip lights. They come in a simple design that makes them easy to install.

  • LED Dome Replacement Bulbs

These are the other common types of LED bulbs. They are inexpensive and come with different designs. You can readily and easily find a replacement dome LED. Also, these LED bulbs are flexible and compatible with most RVs. Some of them have a very long life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, which makes them very durable.

The downside of these types of LED bulbs is that most of them are not easy to install. You might require some tools and an electrician to help you do the job, which might be costly.

What to Consider When Buying LED Replacement Bulbs for RVs

Choosing a quality LED replacement bulb for your RV can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. In this section, we discuss the important features you need to consider when selecting a reputable product. Read through to find out what you should be looking for when choosing a top-quality LED replacement bulb.

  • Life Expectancy

The lifespan of an LED replacement bulb is a major factor when buying a quality light bulb. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED replacement bulbs come with a much higher life expectancy. A standard LED replacement bulb can work up to 60,000 hours, which means that it can serve you for over five years.

When buying an LED replacement bulb, you must find out the bulb’s lifespan and whether it provides any value. Check a product’s key specifications to find out if its life expectancy is specified. LED replacement bulbs with a higher life expectancy are the best because you won’t have to buy bulbs as regularly which will save you money over time.

  • Purpose

Another question you need to ask yourself when buying a quality LED bulb for your RV is the reason why you need it in the first place. There are LED replacement bulbs suitable for either outdoor or indoor lighting. If you need LED replacement bulbs for the whole RV, then you should select a package with several replacement bulbs (at least five).

The more replacement bulbs in the kit, the more you can light up your RV. Also, you should come up with a list of the different types of lights that you will need and how many will fit your RV.

  • Bulb Light Color

LED replacement bulbs have different light colors. For example, you may get blue light, white light, yellow light, or even red light. Consider the color rendering index (CRI) and the color temperature. The higher the CRI of a bulb, the better it reveals the actual color of the object it illuminates.

Color temperature refers to the visible light from a bulb and is measured in Kelvins. Usually, the color at the bottom of the Kelvin scale (red and yellow) are considered warm colors, while those at the top of the scale (blue and white) are cool colors. If your LED replacement bulb is purely for illumination, you may want to consider a color temperature of about 4000 to 6000K, but if you need your light for warmth, then about 1000 to 2000K would be a better choice.

Tips for Buying and Using LED Replacement Bulbs for RVs

Whenever you are buying quality and affordable LED RV lights, you should consider the key specifications and features of the product. There are varieties and brands of quality RV lights that differ slightly on what they provide. Look at the color temperatures of the bulb. If you are looking for a more clear and clean light, then go for LED light bulbs with a Kelvin rating of 3000 to 4000K.

Also, check the price of the bulbs to see if they fit your budget. When buying a quality bulb, you should look for those that are not too cheap. Be prepared to spend a few dollars on a high-quality LED bulb. Always buy replacement bulbs that come with a manufacturer’s warranty if you want some peace of mind. An LED bulb with at least a one-year warranty is a good indication of quality.

Lastly, when using your LED bulb light, install it using the instructions provided in the manual. Make sure to turn off your power supply before you can install the bulbs. Also, remove the old bulbs before you remove the entire fixture. Disconnect the wires and connect the light fixture wiring before you switch on the power source.

  • Check the price of the bulb to ensure it’s within your budget.
  • Check the color temperature rating, life expectancy, voltage, how it is powered (either AC or DC), and the number of replacement bulbs included.
  • Always disconnect the power source before you start installing the bulbs.

RV facing the sunset with led replacement lights turned on

Best LED Replacement Bulbs for RV FAQs

When looking for a quality LED replacement bulb, there are several questions that you must ask yourself before making a purchase. These questions help you determine the best bulb to buy. They ensure you buy the bulb that suits your particular usage. In this section, we answer some of the most common questions about replacement bulbs.

Q. What is the best LED replacement bulb for my RV?

A: Plenty of LED replacement bulb brands exist. Choosing the best one for your RV will depend on the reason you need them. In this review, we highlight some of the best LED replacement lights on the market

Q: How do I install an LED replacement bulb?

A: The best LED replacement bulbs come with a user guide for installation. Read the instruction booklet to find out how to install the bulb.

Q: Why should I buy an LED replacement bulb?

A: You need a quality LED replacement bulb to light up your RV whenever you are camping and an old bulb stops working. A quality LED replacement bulb will last longer than a halogen bulb.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best LED replacement bulb for RVs is the Kohree 12V LED RV Interior Lighting. These bulbs have a longer life expectancy compared to most of the LED replacement bulbs within their range. Also, they are relatively affordable and come with a one-year limited warranty. The bulbs also come in a simple design, which makes their installation easy.